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Reading Recovery Books


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Ted's Letter Shook, Rebecca E. 8 76 JER
Teeny Tiny Bennett, Jill 16 250+ J398.22
Teeny Tiny Woman Seuling, Barbara 14 369 J398.2
Ten Apples up on Top LeSieg, Theo 17 250+ JER
Ten Bears in My Bed, a Goodnight Countdown Mack, Stan 11 252 J398.8
Ten Black Dots Crews, Donald 12 JE
Ten Monsters in a Bed Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 5 JER
Ten Sleepy Sheep Keller, Holly 12 JE
Termites Bach, Mary 15 143 JER BACH
That's Me! Partridge, Juliet 4 33 JER
There Are Mice in Our Classroom Wilson, Lorraine 16 95 KIT jER
There Was A Mouse Blanchard, Patricia 8 77 JER BLANC
There's a Dog in the Yard Wilson, Lorraine 16 119 KIT jER
There's a Hippopotamus Under My Bed Thaler, Mike 17 250+ J
There's a Monster in the Tree Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 4 JER
There's a Nightmare in My Closet Mayer, Mercer 16 153 JE
There's an Alligator Under My Bed Mayer, Mercer 17 250+ JE
There's Something in My Attic Mayer, Mercer 17 258 JE
Things I Like Browne, Anthony 5 JE
Things I Like to Do Schubert, Barbara 4 63 JER
This Game Shook, Andria 2 63 JER
This Old Man Adams, Pam 9 JE
Three Bears Hillert, Margaret 6 JER
Three Bears Galdone, Paul 17 873 J398.24
Three Billy Goats Gruff Stevens, Janet 19 478 J398.24
Three Billy Goats Gruff Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen 16 549 J398
Three Cheers for Hippo Stadler, John 12 90 JE
Three Fat Cats Lindi, Nkululeko 5 29 JER
Three Little Pigs Hillert, Margaret 6 J398
Three Little Pigs Galdone, Paul 20 J398
Three Spotty Monsters Partridge, Juliet 5 42 JER
Thumbprint Critters Tatler, Sarah 6 J741.2
Tidy Titch Hutchins, Pat 16 231 JE
Tiger Dave Boucher, Carter 12 33 JER BOUCH
Tiger Is a Scaredy Cat Phillips, Joan 9 220 JER
Titch Hutchins, Pat 12 121 JE
Tom and Pippo Read a Story Oxenbury, Helen 13 JE
Tom and Pippo See the Moon Oxenbury, Helen 13 JE
Too Many Balloons Matthias, Catherine 6 182 JER
Too Many Nuts Herbst, Cheryl 14 132 JER HERBS
Toot, Toot Wildsmith, Brian 3 JE
Treasures Shane, Susan 23 263 JER SHANE
Tree Stump Forbes, Chris 2 JER
Trek, The Jonas, Ann 16 158 JE
Tricky Rabbit Hamilton, Martha 22 198 JER HAMIL
Trunk, The Wildsmith, Brian 1 JE
Turtle Nest Schaefer, Lola 13 85 JER SCHAE
Two Babies Gillham, Bill 3 22 JER
Two Bear Cubs Jonas, Ann 13 JE
Two Fables of Aesop Hamilton, Martha 16 411 JER HAMIL
Tyler Toad and the Thunder Crowe, Robert 20 250+ JE
Tyrannosaurus the Terrible Hobhouse, Sarah 19 182 JER
Uncle Elephant Lobel, Arnold 20 250+ JER
Under My Sombrero Schraff, Anne 9 79 JER SCHRA
Under the Sky Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 3 JER
Up Went the Goat Gregorich, Barbara 4 JER
Very Busy Spider, The Carle, Eric 16 263 JE
Very Hot Day, A Partridge, Juliet 3 28 JER
Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Carle, Eric 18 237 JE
Wake Me in Spring Preller, James 18 301 JER
Walk, Robot, Walk Mayer, Mercer 1 JE
Walking by the Rio Warren, Adrian 18 118 JER WARRE
Walking Home Alone Baker, Ginger 16 327 JER BAKER
Walking in the Jungle Brown, Richard & Kate Ruttle 4 49 JER
Watch Out, Word Bird! Moncure, Jane Belk 9 JER
Water Water Everywhere Schmid, Hal 5 61 JER SCHMI
Watermelon Cox, Rhonda 12 61 JER COX
Way Down South Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 3 JER
We Are Best Friends Aliki 14 629 JE
We Can Share It! Tatler, Sarah 13 JER
Weather Forecast, The Fleming, Sarah 7 J551.63
What a Dog! Gordon, Sharon 9 134 JER
What a Tale Wildsmith, Brian 3 JE
What Am I? Hillert, Margaret 9 JE
What Can I Read? Klein, Adria 1 28 JER
What Can We Make? Prater, John 6 59 JER
What Did Robot Want? Cowley, Joy 9 166 JER COWLEY
What Do You See? Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 4 JER
What For? Gillham, Bill 3 30 JER
What Game Shall We Play? Hutchins, Pat 14 306 JE
What Is a Reptile Kuchalla, Susan 20 183 J597.9
What Is Blue? Swartz, Daniel 3 31 JER
What Is Red? Swartz, Jan 2 27 JER
What Next Baby Bear? Murphy, Jill 19 313 JE
What You See Is What You Get McLenighan, Valjean 16 176 JER
What's in the Box? Gillham, Bill 4 25 JER
What's That? Munoz, Birdie L. 3 27 JER
What's Under the Ocean? Craig, Janet 13 J551.46
Wheels on the Bus Kovalski, Mary Ann 16 362 JE
When I Get Bigger Mayer, Mercer 18 205 JE
When You Were a Baby Jonas, Ann 11 104 JE
Where Are You Going Little Mouse? Kraus, Robert 14 148 JE
Where Are You Going? Graves, Kimberlee 4 JER
Where Can It Be? Jonas, Ann 8 83 JE
Where Do Monsters Live? Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 2 JER
Where I Live Swartz, Daniel 2 36 JER
Where Is It? Lillegard, Dee 5 64 JER
Where Is Miss Pool? Cowley, Joy 6 55 JER
Where Is the Bear? Nims, Bonnie 18 250+ JE
Where the Wild Things Are Sendak, Maurice 17 339 JE
Where's Al? Barton, Byron 6 JE
Where's My Daddy? Watanabe, Shigeo 9 JE
Where's Spot? Hill, Eric 8 65 JE
Where's the Halloween Treat? Ziefert, Harriet 3 102 UNCAT
Where's the Puppy? Christian, Cheryl 6 J BOARDBK
Where's Woolly? Gillham, Bill 4 42 JER
Where's Your Tooth? Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 3 JER
Whistle for Willie Keats, Ezra Jack 20 380 JE
Who Cleans the Museum Brochu, Lisa 14 84 JER BROCH
Who Cried for Pie? Buffington, Veronica 5 86 J372.4
Who Lives Here? Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 3 JER
Who Sank the Boat? Allen, Pamela 20 219 JE
Who Took the Farmer's Hat? Nodset, Joan 15 340 JE
Who Wants One? Serfozo, Mary 15 JE
Who Will Be My Friends? Hoff, Syd 9 205 JER
Who Will Help? Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 3 JER
Who's Hiding? Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 3 JER
Whose Forest Is It? Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 2 JER
Whose List Is This? Butler, Andrea 3 JER
Whose Mouse Are You? Kraus, Robert 13 98 JE
Whose Shoes? Wildsmith, Brian 1 JE
Why Animals Never Got Fire Hamilton, Martha 12 237 JER HAMIL
Why Can't I Fly? Gelman, Rita 12 449 JER
Wiggly, Jiggly, Joggly Tooth, A Hawley, Bill 7 61 JER
Wind Blew, The Hutchins, Pat 20 169 JE
Wolf Song Lemieux, Margo 17 130 JER LEMIE
Word Bird Builds a City Moncure, Jane Belk 10 156 JER
Word Bird's Shapes Moncure, Jane Belk 10 194 JER
You Swartz, Stanley L. 1 20 JER
You Can't Catch Me Oppenheim, Joanne 19 250+ JE
You Go Away Corey, Dorothy 6 J306.874
You'll Soon Grow into Them, Titch Hutchins, Pat 14 191 JE
Yummy, Yummy Grey, Judith 9 JER
Zippers Boland, Janice 3 21 JER BOLAN
Zoo Looking Fox, Mem 12 136 JE
The Reading Recovery® Council of North America can be found online at

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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