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Reading Recovery Books


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Rain Kalan, Robert 4 56 JE
Rain Puddle Holl, Adelaide 18 J
Rainbow of My Own Freeman, Don 16 268 JE
Raven's Gift Kuharski, Janice 17 160 JER KUHAR
Red Is Best Stinson, Kathy 15 JE
Red-Tailed Hawk, The Schaefer, Lola 19 199 JER SCHAE
Reflections Jonas, Ann 15 JE
Rescue, The Collins, Rae 19 176 JER
Robert the Rose Horse Heilbroner, Joan 16 JER
Robot Bedtime Cowley, Joy 7 121 JER COWLE
Robot Went Shopping Cowley, Joy 7 121 JER COWLE
Roll Over! Peek, Merle 4 201 JE
Roll Over! Gerstein, Mordicai 10 220 JE
Rosie's Walk Hutchins, Pat 9 32 JE
Sam and the Firefly Eastman, P.D. 18 JER
Sam's Ball Lindgren, Barbro 6 64 JE
Sam's Cookie Lindgren, Barbro 6 52 JE
Sam's Teddy Bear Lindgren, Barbro 6 60 JE
Sam's Wagon Lindgren, Barbro 6 83 JE
Saturday Morning Moyes, Lesley 11 180 JER
School Bus Crews, Donald 6 51 JE
Secret Valentine Damon, Laura 12 223 JER
Señor Armadillo's Letter Cowley, Joy 9 156 JER COWLEY
Señor Armadillo's Shoes Cowley, Joy 9 188 JER COWLE
Seven Little Monsters Sendak, Maurice 13 55 JE
Shadow Play Llewellyn, Claire 6 J791.53
Sheep in a Jeep Shaw, Nancy 11 83 JE
Shhhh Henkes, Kevin 9 66 JE
Shine, Sun! Greene, Carol 10 JER
Shintaro's Umbrellas Jackson, Marjorie 16 101 JER JACKS
Six Foolish Fishermen Elkin, Benjamin 19 715 JE
Skate with Me Ormerod, Jan 3 18 JER
Snow Joe Greene, Carol 6 JER
So Many Strawberries Merrow, Judy 11 75 JER MERRO
Solar-Powered Sam Caldwell, V.M. 6 148 JER CALDW
Sparrows, The Slaughter, Robert 11 60 J598.883 SLAUG
Spiders Everywhere Baker, Betty 9 36 JER BAKER
Spiders, Spiders Everywhere Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 6 JER
Splash! Ormerod, Jan 3 22 JER
Spooky Riddles Brown, Marc 15 JER
Spot's Birthday Party Hill, Eric 16 97 JE
Spot's First Christmas Hill, Eric 17 JE
Spot's First Walk Hill, Eric 11 63 JE
Spots, Feathers and Curly Tails Tafuri, Nancy 4 J636
Stone Soup McGovern, Ann 17 932 J398.21
Stop! Go! Word Bird Moncure, Jane Belk 6 JER
Stop, Stop Hurd, Edith Thacher 20 250+ JER
Story of Chicken Licken Ormerod, Jan 16 250+ J398.24
Strange Plants Bishop, Nic 5 30 JER BISHO
Strongest Animal, The Boland, Janice 7 58 JER BOLAN
Suaguaro Ecton, Anne 6 44 JER ECTON
Sunflower Cowley, Joy 7 55 JER COWLEY
Sunshine Ormerod, Jan 1 JE
Super-Duper Sandwich, The Myers, Bernice 15 202 JER MYERS
Surprise Party Hutchins, Pat 19 333 JE
The Reading Recovery® Council of North America can be found online at

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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