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Reading Recovery Books


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
George Shrinks Joyce, William 13 114 JE
Gingerbread Boy, The Galdone, Paul 20 250+ J398.2
Glerp, The McPhail, David 18 JE
Go and Hush the Baby Byars, Betsy 19 250+ J
Go Away, Dog Nodset, Joan 15 250+ JER
Go, Dog, Go! Eastman, P.D. 8 JER
Goha and His Donkey Hassanein, Amany 13 114 JER HASSA
Going for a Ride Llewellyn, Claire 6 J590
Going for a Walk De Regniers, Beatrice Schenk 10 JE
Gone Fishing Long, Erlene 12 180 JE
Good Bad Cat, The Antle, Nancy 6 JER
Goodbye, Goose Clark, Patricia 19 246 JER CLARK
Goodnight Moon Brown, Margaret Wise 14 130 JE
Good-Night Owl Hutchins, Pat 16 196 JE
Great Day for Up Seuss, Dr. 15 180 JER
Great Grumbler & the Wonder Tree, The Mahy, Margaret 20 755 JER
Greedy Cat Cowley, Joy 11 166 JER
Green Eggs & Ham Seuss, Dr. 15 250+ JER
Gregory's Dog Stobbs, William 3 JE
Halloween Danny Coulton, Mia 8 51 JER COULT
Halloween Mask for Monster Mueller, Virginia 4 JE
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb Perkins, Al 17 250+ JER
Happy Birthday Sam Hutchins, Pat 16 213 JE
Happy Birthday, Moon Asch, Frank 20 345 JE
Happy Egg Krauss, Ruth 7 210 JE
Harold & the Purple Crayon Johnson, Crockett 17 660 JE
Harry Takes a Bath Ziefert, Harriet 10 132 JER
Hattie and the Fox Fox, Mem 15 321 JE
He Bear, She Bear Berenstain, Stan & Jan 17 JER
Henny Penny Galdone, Paul 16 582 J398.24
Henry Beveridge, Donna 7 77 JER BEVER
Henry Runs Away Beveridge, Donna 10 150 JER BEVER
Herman the Helper Kraus, Robert 8 94 JE
Hi, Clouds Greene, Carol 8 JER
Hide and Seek Prater, John 6 50 JER
Hide and Seek Word Bird Moncure, Jane Belk 9 JER
Hill of Fire Lewis, Thomas P. 20 250+ JER
Hooray for Snail Stadler, John 10 102 JE
Hop and Stop Blanchard, Patricia 6 35 JER BLANC
Hop on Pop Seuss, Dr. 15 250+ JER
Horse in Harry's Room Hoff, Syd 17 425 JER
Hot Dogs Wilson, Lorraine 4 84 KIT jER
Hot Rod Harry Petrie, Catherine 7 66 JER
House for Little Red Hillert, Margaret 9 JER
How Many Bugs in a Box? Carter, David 6 126 JE
How to Make a Mudpie Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 3 JER
How's the Weather? Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 1 JER
Humpty Dumpty Peppe, Rodney 5 J398
I Am Thankful Klein, Adria 2 42 JER
I Can Winter, Susan 2 54 JE
I Can Draw Klein, Adria 4 75 JER
I Can Read Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 1 JER
I Can Read with My Eyes Shut Seuss, Dr. 15 292 JER
I Can Ride Ormerod, Jan 3 19 JER
I Can't Sleep Graves, Kimberlee 4 JER
I Get Tired Schubert, Barbara 2 37 JER
I Know a Lady Zolotow, Charlotte 20 221 JE
I Love Cats Matthias, Catherine 8 116 JER
I Meowed Boland, Janice 6 59 JER BOLAN
I See Colors Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 1 JER
I Want a Pet Gregorich, Barbara 4 46 JER
I Was So Mad Mayer, Mercer 18 232 JE
I Went to the Beach Morgan, Lori 4 25 JER MORGA
I Went Walking Williams, Sue 4 105 JE
I Wish I Was Sick, Too! Brandenberg, Franz 12 JE
Ice Is-- Whee! Greene, Carol 6 59 JER
If I Were You Wildsmith, Brian 7 77 JE
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Numeroff, Laura Joffe 18 291 JE
In Grandma Rita's Garden Olsen, Lyle 15 191 JER OLSEN
In the Pool Cowley, Joy 7 158 JER COWLE
Indian Two Feet and His Horse Friskey, Margaret 15 JE
Inside, Outside, Upside Down Berenstain, Stan & Jan 8 JER
Is It Alive? Graves, Kimberlee 3 JER
Is This My Dinner? Black, Irma Simonton 16 J
Is This You? Krauss, Ruth 10 250+ JE
Island, The Wildsmith, Brian 6 24 JE
It Looked Like Spilt Milk Shaw, Charles 7 172 JE
It's Not Easy Being a Bunny Sadler, Marilyn 16 JER
Jamberry Degen, Bruce 18 111 JE
Jason's Bus Ride Ziefert, Harriet 12 117 JER
Jasper Galloway,Ginger 8 107 JER GALLO
Jimmy Lee Did It Cummings, Pat 8 JE
Johnny Lion's Book Hurd, Edith Thacher 17 250+ JER
Johnny Lion's Rubber Boots Hurd, Edith Thacher 10 JER
Joshua James Likes Trucks Petrie, Catherine 4 50 JER
Jungle Parade: A Signing Game Vaughan, Marcia 5 J419
Just a Mess Mayer, Mercer 15 206 JE
Just for You Mayer, Mercer 11 160 JE
Just Grandma and Me Mayer, Mercer 15 186 JE
Just Like Daddy Asch, Frank 9 93 JE
Just Like Everyone Else Kuskin, Karla 16 JE
Just Like Me Neasi, Barbara J. 7 138 JER
Just Me and My Babysitter Mayer, Mercer 11 182 JE
Just Me and My Dad Mayer, Mercer 16 161 JE
Just Me and My Puppy Mayer, Mercer 16 190 JE
The Reading RecoveryŽ Council of North America can be found online at

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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