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Reading Recovery Books


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Across the Stream Ginsburg, Mirra 10 94 JE
Airport Barton, Byron 15 116 J387.7
Albert the Albatross Hoff, Syd 16 191 JER
All by Myself Mayer, Mayer 8 157 JE
All Through the Week with Cat and Dog Williams, Rozanne Lanczak 3 JER
Alley Cat Violet, Claire 4 30 JER VIOLE
Alligator Shoes Dorros, Arthur 11 122 JE
Alligators All Around Sendak, Maurice 15 59 JE
Anansi's Narrow Waist Cabral, Len 16 157 JER
And I Mean It, Stanley Bonsall, Crosby 17 184 JER
And the Teacher Got Mad Wilson, Lorraine 14 109 Kit jER WILSON
Animal Babies Hamsa, Bobbie 8 114 JER
Animals at Night Peters, Sharon 15 215 J591.5
Animals at the Zoo Greydanus, Rose 10 158 JER
Anna's First Day Cowley, Joy 8 138 JER COWLE
Apples for the Teacher Cowley, Joy 7 203 JER COWLE
Are You My Mother? Eastman, P.D. 15 0 JER
Are You There, Bear? Maris, Ron 9 JER
Art Lesson, The dePaola, Tomie 20 246 JE
Artist, The Podoshen, Lois 9 83 JER PODOS
Ask Mr. Bear Flack, Marjorie 17 613 JE
Author on My Street, The Cook, Lisa 16 260 JER COOK
Baby Says Steptoe, John 3 26 JE
Ball Bounced, The Tafuri, Nancy 5 33 JE
Baron: Rescue Dog Schaefer, Lola 16 120 JER SCHAE
Bath for a Beagle, A Crawford, Thomas 5 102 J
Bat's Night Out Silverman, Buffy 19 172 JER SILVE
Bear Shadow Asch, Frank 18 489 JE
Bear's Bicycle McLeod, Emilie 16 185 JE MCLEO
Bears in the Night Berenstain, Stan & Jan 5 108 J
Bears on Wheels Berenstain, Stan & Jan 6 89 JER
Bear's Tale, The Schlachter, Rita 13 163 JER SCHLA
Bedtime Finney, Amy 4 24 JER FINNE
Bedtime Story Fox, Mem 18 335 JE
Bertie and the Bear Allen, Pamela 16 0 JE
Best Nest Eastman, P.D. 18 0 JER
Big and Little Smith, Beryl 2 40 JER
Big Dog, Little Dog Eastman, P.D. 15 265 JE
Big Fat Worm, The Van Laan, Nancy 12 0 JE
Big Noodle, The Cowley, Joy 7 110 JER COWLEY
Big or Little? Stinson, Kathy 16 JE
Big Sneeze, The Brown, Ruth 19 131 JE
Bike Lesson Berenstain, Stan & Jan 16 0 JER
Bike Race, The Prater, John 5 63 JER
Birds at My Barn, The Moeller, Kathleen 20 220 JER MOELL
Birthday Bird, The Podoshen, Lois 10 82 JER PODOS
Biscuit Capucilli, Alyssa 12 131 JER
Blackboard Bear Alexander, Martha 18 117 JE
Blue Bug and the Bullies Poulet, Virginia 6 18 JE
Blue Bug Goes to School Poulet, Virginia 6 57 JE
Blue Bug Goes to the Library Poulet, Virginia 10 JE
Blue Bug's Book of Colors Poulet, Virginia 7 49 JER
Blue Bug's Vegetable Garden Poulet, Virginia 6 27 JE
Boots for Toots Macdonald, Miriam 4 41 JER
Boris Bad Enough Kraus, Robert 12 JE
Brachiosaurus in the River Hobhouse, Sarah 19 200 JER
Bremen Town Musicians Gross, Ruth Belov 18 863 J398.2
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Martin, Bill 4 185 JE
Building a House Barton, Byron 14 83 J690
Bump, Bump, Bump Wood, Leslie 6 JE
Butterfly Cowley, Joy 10 84 JER COWLEY
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Barton, Byron 13 162 JE
Buzz, Said the Bee Lewison, Wendy Cheyette 7 162 JER
The Reading RecoveryŽ Council of North America can be found online at

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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