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Reading Recovery Books


7 Beveridge, Donna Henry 77 JER BEVER
7 Bishop, Nic Katydids 20 JER BISHOP
7 Blanchard, Patricia My Bug Box 98 JER BLANC
7 Boland, Janice The Strongest Animal 58 JER BOLAN
7 Cogan, Karen My Little Brother Ben 35 JER COGAN
7 Coulton, Mia Danny and Abby are Friends 109 JER COULT
7 Cowley, Joy Apples for the Teacher 203 JER COWLE
7 Cowley, Joy Big Noodle, The 110 JER COWLEY
7 Cowley, Joy Crabby Cat at School 142 JER COWLE
7 Cowley, Joy In the Pool 158 JER COWLE
7 Cowley, Joy News 40 JER COWLEY
7 Cowley, Joy Robot Bedtime 121 JER COWLE
7 Cowley, Joy Robot Went Shopping 121 JER COWLE
7 Cowley, Joy Sunflower 55 JER COWLEY
7 Crews, Donald Flying JE
7 Fehlner, Paul Dog and Cat 62 JER
7 Fleming, Sarah Make a Paper Hat J745.54
7 Fleming, Sarah The Weather Forecast J551.63
7 Hawley, Bill A Wiggly, Jiggly, Joggly Tooth 61 JER
7 Jackson, Marjorie Mai-Li's Surprise 63 JER JACKS
7 Krauss, Ruth Happy Egg 210 JE
7 Latta, Richard Drawbridge 29 JER LATTA
7 Lewison, Wendy Cheyette Buzz, Said the Bee 162 JER
7 Min, Laura Mrs. Sato's Hens 51 JER
7 Moncure, Jane Belk No! No! Word Bird JER
7 Munton, Gill How Crayons Are Made J741.23
7 Neasi, Barbara J. Just Like Me 138 JER
7 Petrie, Catherine Hot Rod Harry 66 JER
7 Poulet, Virginia Blue Bug's Book of Colors 49 JE
7 Shaw, Charles It Looked Like Spilt Milk 172 JE
7 Shook, Rebecca E. Bill's Trip 77 JER
7 Shook, Rebecca E. Fox's Box 72 JER
7 Shook, Rebecca E. Lumpy Rug 86 JER
7 Shook, Rebecca E. Mike's Bike 82 JER
7 Shook, Rebecca E. Pete's Peacock 89 JER
7 Wildsmith, Brian If I Were You 77 JE
8 Berenstain, Stan & Jan Inside, Outside, Upside Down JER
8 Blanchard, Patricia There Was A Mouse 77 JER BLANC
8 Budgell, Gill My Vacation Week J910.2
8 Christelow, Eileen Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed 200 JE
8 Coulton, Mia Danny Gets Fit 177 JER COULT
8 Coulton, Mia Halloween Danny 51 JER COULT
8 Cowley, Joy Anna's First Day 138 JER COWLE
8 Cowley, Joy Crabby Cat's Phone Call 139 JER COWLEY
8 Cowley, Joy Our Tree 53 JER COWLEY
8 Cowley, Joy Pug's Walk 84 JER COWLE
8 Cowley, Joy Señor Armadillo's Cold 80 JER COWLEY
8 Cowley, Joy Señor Armadillo's Very Fine Truck 145 JER COWLEY
8 Cox, Rhonda Chickens 23 JER COX
8 Cox, Rhonda I Ride the Waves 61 JER COX
8 Cox, Rhonda Powwow 29 JER COX
8 Cummings, Pat Jimmy Lee Did It JE
8 Eastman, P.D. Go, Dog, Go! JER
8 Fleagle, Gail Play Ball 30 JER FLEAG
8 Fleming, Sarah Do the Lolly Trick J793.8
8 Fleming, Sarah Do the Loops Trick J793.8
8 Fleming, Sarah The Moons of Jupiter J523.45
8 Galloway,Ginger Jasper 107 JER GALLO
8 Greene, Carol Hi, Clouds JER
8 Hajdusiewicz, Babs Bell Bed Rest 34 JER
8 Hamsa, Bobbie Animal Babies 114 JER
8 Hill, Eric Where's Spot? 65 JE
8 Inkpen, Mick Kipper's Birthday 64 JE
8 Jonas, Ann Where Can It Be? 83 JE
8 Kowalczyk, Carolyn Purple is Part of a Rainbow 131 JER
8 Kraus, Robert Herman the Helper 94 JE
8 Langstaff, John Oh a Hunting We Will Go 346 J784.4
8 Matthias, Catherine I Love Cats 116 JER
8 Matthias, Catherine Out the Door 150 JER
8 Mayer, Mayer All by Myself 157 JE
8 Parker, Daisy Misty Sleeps 56 JER PARKE
8 Perkins, Al Ear Book JER
8 Perkins, Al Nose Book JER
8 Sacré, Marie-José The Dandelion 99 JE
8 Seuss, Dr. Foot Book JER
8 Shook, Rebecca E. It's Broken 88 JER
8 Shook, Rebecca E. Music Students 83 JER
8 Shook, Rebecca E. Playing Games 89 JER
8 Shook, Rebecca E. Ted's Letter 76 JER
8 Snow, Pegeen Eat Your Peas, Louise 83 JER
8 Wylie, Joanne & David A More or Less Fish Story JER
9 Adams, Pam This Old Man JE
9 Asch, Frank Just Like Daddy 93 JE
9 Baker, Betty Spiders Everywhere 36 JER BAKER
9 Campbell, Rod Dear Zoo 115 JE
9 Campbell, Rod Oh Dear! JE
9 Cowley, Joy Señor Armadillo's Letter 156 JER COWLEY
9 Cowley, Joy Señor Armadillo's Shoes 188 JER COWLE
9 Cowley, Joy What Did Robot Want? 166 JER COWLEY
9 Ford, Carolyn Nothing in the Mailbox 73 JER FORD
9 Galdone, Paul Cat Goes Fiddle-I-fee 333 J398.8
9 Gangas, Patricia Cats Everywhere 51 JER GANGA
9 Gordon, Sharon What a Dog! 134 JER
9 Grey, Judith Yummy, Yummy JER
9 Henkes, Kevin Shhhh 66 JE
9 Hillert, Margaret House for Little Red JER
9 Hillert, Margaret What Am I? JER
9 Hoff, Syd Who Will Be My Friends? 205 JER
9 Hutchins, Pat Rosie's Walk 32 JE
9 Maris, Ron Are You There, Bear? JER
9 Moncure, Jane Belk Hide and Seek Word Bird JER
9 Moncure, Jane Belk Watch Out, Word Bird! JER
9 Phillips, Joan Tiger Is a Scaredy Cat 220 JER
9 Podoshen, Lois Grandpa's Candy Store 65 JER PODOS
9 Podoshen, Lois The Artist 83 JER PODOS
9 Schraff, Anne Under My Sombrero 79 JER SCHRA
9 Watanabe, Shigeo Where's My Daddy? JE
9 Westcott, Nadine The Lady with the Alligator Purse J398.8
10 Beveridge, Donna Henry Runs Away 150 JER BEVER
10 Brown, Ruth Dark, Dark Tale 115 JE
10 Charles, Donald Calico Cat at the Zoo JE
10 Cowley, Joy Butterfly 84 JER COWLEY
10 Cowley, Joy Mr. Bun's Stew 73 JER COWLEY
10 De Regniers, Beatrice Schenk Going for a Walk JE
10 Gerstein, Mordicai Roll Over! 220 JE
10 Ginsburg, Mirra Across the Stream 94 JE
10 Greene, Carol Shine, Sun! JER
10 Greydanus, Rose Animals at the Zoo 158 JER
10 Hardin, Suzanne Dogs at School 94 JER HARDI
10 Hardin, Suzanne No Dogs Allowed 73 JER HARDI
10 Hurd, Edith Thacher Johnny Lion's Rubber Boots JER
10 Krauss, Ruth Is This You? 0 JE
10 Latta, Richard The Old Train 68 JER LATTA
10 Laurence, Glenda Paul 54 JER
10 McDaniel, Becky Katie Couldn't 176 JER
10 Moncure, Jane Belk Word Bird Builds a City 156 JER
10 Moncure, Jane Belk Word Bird's Shapes 194 JER
10 Phillips, Joan My New Boy JER
10 Podoshen, Lois The Birthday Bird 82 JER PODOS
10 Poulet, Virginia Blue Bug Goes to the Library J027
10 Stadler, John Hooray for Snail 102 JE
10 Ward, Cindy Cookie's Week 84 JE
10 Ziefert, Harriet Harry Takes a Bath 132 JER
The Reading Recovery® Council of North America can be found online at

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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