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Reading Recovery Books


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
4 Artell, Mike Big Long Animal Song JER
4 Boland, Janice The Fox 24 JER BOLAN
4 Brown, Richard I Went to School This Morning 52 JER
4 Brown, Richard Looking for Dragons 31 JER
4 Brown, Richard & Kate Ruttle Walking in the Jungle 49 JER
4 Butler, Andrea Recycling Dump J363.7
4 Cachemaille, Christine Sam's Mask 71 JER
4 Cox, Rhonda Pigs Peek 28 JER COX
4 Eberts, Marjorie Pancakes, Crackers, and Pizza JER
4 Finney, Amy Bedtime 24 JER FINNE
4 Gillham, Bill Guess Who I Am? 38 JER
4 Gillham, Bill What's in the Box? 25 JER
4 Gillham, Bill Where's Woolly? 42 JER
4 Graves, Kimberlee I Can't Sleep JER
4 Graves, Kimberlee Where Are You Going? JER
4 Gregorich, Barbara Fox on the Box 36 JER
4 Gregorich, Barbara I Want a Pet 46 JER
4 Gregorich, Barbara Up Went the Goat JER
4 Hargreaves, Roger Mr. Noisy 90 JE
4 Kalan, Robert Rain 56 JE
4 Keeler, Renee Our Pumpkin JER
4 Klein, Adria I Can Draw 75 JER
4 Klein, Adria The Sandwich 68 JER
4 Lillegard, Dee Potatoes on Tuesday JER
4 Macdonald, Miriam Boots for Toots 41 JER
4 Martin, Bill Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 185 JE
4 Mitton, Tony Hello, Frog! 19 JER
4 Morgan, Lori I Went to the Beach 25 JER MORGA
4 Mueller, Virginia Halloween Mask for Monster JE
4 Mueller, Virginia Playhouse for Monster JE
4 Partridge, Juliet That's Me! 33 JER
4 Partridge, Juliet The Picnic 36 JER
4 Peek, Merle Roll Over! 201 JE
4 Petrie, Catherine Joshua James Likes Trucks 50 JER
4 Scelsa, Greg Down on the Farm JER
4 Schubert, Barbara Things I Like to Do 63 JER
4 Swartz, Daniel I Can Wash 66 JER
4 Tafuri, Nancy Spots, Feathers and Curly Tails J636
4 Viljoen, Graeme Eggs 30 JER
4 Violet, Claire Alley Cat 30 JER VIOLE
4 Wildsmith, Brian My Dream JE
4 Williams, Rozanne Lanczak Mr. Noisy JER
4 Williams, Rozanne Lanczak There's a Monster in the Tree JER
4 Williams, Rozanne Lanczak What Do You See? JER
4 Williams, Sue I Went Walking 105 JE
4 Wilson, Lorraine Hot Dogs 84 KIT jER
5 Barrows, Will A Car Followed Us 54 JER BARRO
5 Berenstain, Stan & Jan Bears in the Night 108 J
5 Bishop, Nic Strange Plants 30 JER BISHO
5 Boland, Janice Breakfast with John 29 JER BOLAN
5 Bradman, Tony In My Den 77 JER
5 Brown, Richard Jumping 37 JER
5 Browne, Anthony Things I Like JE
5 Budgell, Gill Make Colors J752
5 Buffington, Veronica Who Cried for Pie? 86 J372.4
5 Crawford, Thomas A Bath for a Beagle 102 J
5 Davidson, Rosemary One Teddy All Alone 34 JER
5 Hamsa, Bobbie Fast Draw Freddie 50 JER
5 Lewison, Wendy Cheyette Mud JER
5 Lillegard, Dee Where Is It? 64 JER
5 Lindi, Nkululeko Three Fat Cats 29 JER
5 Llewellyn, Claire Cats and Kittens J636.8
5 Mitton, Tony My Balloon JER
5 Mitton, Tony The Cat and the Fish JER
5 Moss, Miriam Am I a Cat? JER
5 Mueller, Virginia Monster and the Baby JE
5 Mueller, Virginia Monster Can't Sleep JE
5 Munton, Gill Make a Banana Treat J641.5
5 Partridge, Juliet Four Scary Monsters 48 JER
5 Partridge, Juliet Three Spotty Monsters 42 JER
5 Patton, Mary Off to Grandma's House JER
5 Peppe, Rodney Humpty Dumpty J398
5 Prater, John The Bike Race 63 JER
5 Schmid, Hal Water Water Everywhere 61 JER SCHMI
5 Tafuri, Nancy The Ball Bounced 33 JE
5 Tatler, Sarah Farm Day JER
5 Vaughan, Marcia Jungle Parade: A Signing Game J419
5 Wildsmith, Brian All Fall Down! 46 JER
5 Wildsmith, Brian Giddy Up JE
5 Williams, Rozanne Lanczak Cinderella Dressed in Yellow JER
5 Williams, Rozanne Lanczak Ten Monsters in a Bed JER
6 Antle, Nancy The Good Bad Cat JER
6 Barton, Byron Where's Al? JE
6 Berenstain, Stan & Jan Bears on Wheels 89 JER
6 Blanchard, Patricia Hop and Stop 35 JER BLANC
6 Boland, Janice I Meowed 59 JER BOLAN
6 Boland, Janice The Pond 54 JER BOLAN
6 Boss, Kittie Cat Tails 40 JER BOSS
6 Bradman, Tony Let's Pretend 59 JER
6 Bradman, Tony My Kite 64 JER
6 Brown, Richard Afloat in a Boat 41 JER
6 Caldwell, V.M. Solar-Powered Sam 148 JER CALDW
6 Carter, David How Many Bugs in a Box? 126 JE
6 Christensen, Nancy Good Night Little Kitten JER
6 Christian, Cheryl Where's the Puppy? J BOARDBK
6 Corey, Dorothy You Go Away J306.874
6 Cowley, Joy Friends 98 JER
6 Cowley, Joy Our Teacher Miss Pool 62 JER
6 Cowley, Joy Where Is Miss Pool? 55 JER
6 Cox, Rhonda At the Horse Show 24 JER COX
6 Crews, Donald School Bus 51 JE
6 Ecton, Anne Suaguaro 44 JER ECTON
6 Fleming, Sarah I Broke My Arm J362.1
6 Fleming, Sarah I Made a Map J526
6 Fleming, Sarah My Dog's Check-Up J636.7
6 Fleming, Sarah Pictures in the Stars J523.8
6 Gillham, Bill Dirty Dog 38 JER
6 Gillham, Bill My Dog's Party 37 JER
6 Gillham, Bill My Pet 44 JER
6 Ginsburg, Mirra The Chick and the Duckling 112 JE
6 Gordon, Sharon Play Ball, Kate! JER
6 Greene, Carol Ice Is-- Whee! 59 JER
6 Greene, Carol Snow Joe JER
6 Greydanus, Rose Freddie the Frog 132 JER
6 Hamsa, Bobbie Dirty Larry 53 JER
6 Hillert, Margaret Three Bears JER
6 Hillert, Margaret Three Little Pigs J398
6 Hooper, Meredith Animals in the Ark J590
6 Jones, Carol Old MacDonald Had a Farm J781.62
6 Lindgren, Barbro Sam's Ball 64 JE
6 Lindgren, Barbro Sam's Cookie 52 JE
6 Lindgren, Barbro Sam's Teddy Bear 60 JE
6 Lindgren, Barbro Sam's Wagon 83 JE
6 Llewellyn, Claire An Owl at School J598.97
6 Llewellyn, Claire Going for a Ride J590
6 Llewellyn, Claire Shadow Play J791.53
6 Matthias, Catherine Too Many Balloons 182 JER
6 Mitton, Tony My Carpet JER
6 Mitton, Tony My Submarine JER
6 Mitton, Tony Planet Ocky: Ham and Jam 49 JER
6 Mitton, Tony Planet Ocky: Jump and Bump 49 JER
6 Moncure, Jane Belk Stop! Go! Word Bird JER
6 Moss, Miriam Can I Have Some? JER
6 Moss, Miriam One Day It Was Wet JER
6 Munton, Gill I Went Swimming J797.2
6 Partridge, Juliet Five Green Monsters 41 JER
6 Peek, Merle Mary Wore Her Red Dress and Henry Wore His Green Sneakers 170 JE
6 Poulet, Virginia Blue Bug and the Bullies 18 JE
6 Poulet, Virginia Blue Bug Goes to School 57 JE
6 Poulet, Virginia Blue Bug's Vegetable Garden 27 JE
6 Prater, John Hide and Seek 50 JER
6 Prater, John What Can We Make? 59 JER
6 Sharp, Paul Paul the Pitcher 86 JER
6 Tatler, Sarah Thumbprint Critters J741.2
6 Wildsmith, Brian The Island 24 JE
6 Williams, Rozanne Lanczak Scaredy Cat Runs Away JER
6 Williams, Rozanne Lanczak Spiders, Spiders Everywhere JER
6 Williams, Rozanne Lanczak The Bugs Go Marching JER
6 Wood, Leslie Bump, Bump, Bump JE
6 Wylie, Joanne & David Funny Fish Story 152 JER
The Reading RecoveryŽ Council of North America can be found online at

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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