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Reading Recovery Books


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
15 Bach, Mary Termites 143 JER BACH
15 Barton, Byron Airport 116 J387.7
15 Baxter, Nicola Little Red Hen 250+ J398.2
15 Boland, Janice Mrs. Murphy's Crows 122 JER BOLAN
15 Brown, Marc Spooky Riddles JER
15 Eastman, P.D. Are You My Mother? 250+ JER
15 Eastman, P.D. Big Dog, Little Dog 265 JE
15 Fox, Mem Hattie and the Fox 321 JE
15 Friskey, Margaret Indian Two Feet and His Horse JE
15 Guilfoile, Elizabeth Nobody Listens to Andrew 370 JE
15 Helmso, Candy Jump the Broom 119 JER HELMS
15 Jackson, Marjorie Dragon Feet 153 JER JACKS
15 Jonas, Ann Reflections JE
15 Kwitz, Mary DeBall Little Chick's Friend, Duckling 572 JER
15 Mayer, Mercer Just a Mess 206 JE
15 Mayer, Mercer Just Grandma and Me 186 JE
15 McKissack, Pat Messy Bessey 63 JER
15 McPhail, David Fix-it 171 JE
15 Moeller, Kathleen Hoketichee and the Manatee 113 JER MOELL
15 Myers, Bernice The Super-Duper Sandwich 202 JER MYERS
15 Nodset, Joan Go Away, Dog 250+ JER
15 Nodset, Joan Who Took the Farmer's Hat? 340 JE
15 Olsen, Lyle In Grandma Rita's Garden 191 JER OLSEN
15 Peters, Sharon Animals at Night 215 J591.5
15 Sendak, Maurice Alligators All Around 59 JE
15 Serfozo, Mary Who Wants One? JE
15 Seuss, Dr. Great Day for Up 180 JER
15 Seuss, Dr. Green Eggs & Ham 250+ JER
15 Seuss, Dr. Hop on Pop 250+ JER
15 Seuss, Dr. I Can Read with My Eyes Shut 292 JER
15 Shahan, Sherry The Changing Caterpillar 51 JER SHAHA
15 Simon, Linda Moon 38 J811 SIMON
15 Smith, Rebecca Crabbing Time 76 JER SMITH
15 Stamper, Judith Bauer Little Red Hen 250+ JER
15 Stinson, Kathy Red Is Best JE
15 Wilson, Lorraine Maria 72 KIT JER
15 Wood, Don & Audrey Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and Big Hungry Bear JE
15 Wood, Don & Audrey The Napping House 268 JE
16 Allen, Pamela Bertie and the Bear 250+ JE
16 Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen Three Billy Goats Gruff 549 J398
16 Baker, Ginger Walking Home Alone 327 JER BAKER
16 Bennett, Jill Teeny Tiny 250+ J398.22
16 Berenstain, Stan & Jan Bike Lesson 250+ JER
16 Black, Irma Simonton Is This My Dinner? J
16 Cabral, Len Anansi's Narrow Waist 157 JER
16 Carle, Eric The Very Busy Spider 263 JE
16 Cook, Bernadine Little Fish That Got Away 250+ J
16 Cook, Lisa The Author on My Street 260 JER COOK
16 Cunningham, Alvin At the Lake 176 JER CUNNI
16 Fine, John Diving for Treasure 284 JER FINE
16 Freeman, Don Rainbow of My Own 268 JE
16 Galdone, Paul Henny Penny 582 J398.24
16 Galdone, Paul Little Tuppen 250+ JE
16 Hamilton, Martha Two Fables of Aesop 411 JER HAMIL
16 Hayes, Sarah Eat Up, Gemma 463 JE
16 Heilbroner, Joan Robert the Rose Horse JER
16 Helmso, Candy Freedom Quilt 300 JER HELMS
16 Hill, Eric Spot's Birthday Party 97 JE
16 Hoff, Syd Albert the Albatross 191 JER
16 Hutchins, Pat Good-Night Owl 196 JE
16 Hutchins, Pat Happy Birthday Sam 213 JE
16 Hutchins, Pat Tidy Titch 231 JE
16 Jackson, Marjorie Armadillo 134 JER JACKS
16 Jackson, Marjorie Shintaro's Umbrellas 101 JER JACKS
16 Jonas, Ann The Quilt 165 JE
16 Jonas, Ann The Trek 158 JE
16 Kent, Jack Fat Cat 558 J398.2
16 Kovalski, Mary Ann Wheels on the Bus 362 JE
16 Kraus, Robert Leo the Late Bloomer 164 JE
16 Kuskin, Karla Just Like Everyone Else JE
16 Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Dad 161 JE
16 Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Puppy 190 JE
16 Mayer, Mercer There's a Nightmare in My Closet 153 JE
16 McLenighan, Valjean What You See Is What You Get 176 J372.4
16 McLeod, Emilie Bear's Bicycle 185 JE MCLEO
16 Minarik, Else Holmelund Kiss for Little Bear 299 JER
16 Ormerod, Jan Story of Chicken Licken 250+ J398.24
16 Sadler, Marilyn It's Not Easy Being a Bunny JER
16 Schaefer, Lola Baron: Rescue Dog 120 JER SCHAE
16 Stinson, Kathy Big or Little? JE
16 Wegryn, Sheila The Little Frogs of Puerto Rico 143 JER WEGRY
16 Wells, Rosemary Noisy Nora 203 JE
16 Westra, Elizabeth Alexander and the Stallion 434 JER WESTR
16 Wilson, Lorraine Day I Split My Pants 209 KIT JER
16 Wilson, Lorraine There Are Mice in Our Classroom 95 KIT JER
16 Wilson, Lorraine There's a Dog in the Yard 119 KIT JER
16 Zirin, David My Name is Erica Montoya de la Cruz 804 JER ZIRIN
17 Ackerman, Peter My Favorite Bear 144 JER ACKER
17 Ahlberg, Allan & Janet Funnybones Series 250+ JE
17 Asch, Frank The Last Puppy 244 JE
17 Berenstain, Stan & Jan He Bear, She Bear JER
17 Bonsall, Crosby And I Mean It, Stanley 184 JER
17 Bornstein, Ruth Little Gorilla 167 JE
17 Brown, Margaret Wise Little Fireman 250+ JE
17 Cowley, Joy Number One 170 JER
17 Flack, Marjorie Ask Mr. Bear 613 JE
17 Galdone, Paul Three Bears 873 J398.24
17 Grainger, Jan Matthew Likes to Read 144 JER
17 Hill, Eric Spot's First Christmas JE
17 Hoff, Syd Horse in Harry's Room 425 JER
17 Hurd, Edith Thacher Johnny Lion's Book 250+ JER
17 Hutchins, Pat Clocks and More Clocks 374 JE
17 Hutchins, Pat The Doorbell Rang 283 JE
17 Isadora, Rachel Max 234 JE
17 Johnson, Crockett Harold & the Purple Crayon 660 JE
17 Kraus, Robert Milton the Early Riser 148 JE
17 Kuharski, Janice Raven's Gift 160 JER KUHAR
17 Lemieux, Margo Wolf Song 130 JER LEMIE
17 LeSieg, Theo Ten Apples up on Top 250+ JER
17 Lobel, Arnold Mouse Soup 250+ JER
17 Lobel, Arnold Mouse Tales 250+ JER
17 Mayer, Mercer There's an Alligator Under My Bed 250+ JE
17 Mayer, Mercer There's Something in My Attic 258 JE
17 McGovern, Ann Stone Soup 932 J398.21
17 Perkins, Al Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb 250+ JER
17 Sendak, Maurice Where the Wild Things Are 339 JE
17 Thaler, Mike There's a Hippopotamus Under My Bed 250+ J
17 Udry, Janice May Let's Be Enemies 250+ JE
17 Vipont, Elfrida Elephant and the Bad Baby 889 JE
17 Williams, Linda D. Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything 712 JE
The Reading Recovery® Council of North America can be found online at

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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