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Reading Recovery Books


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Rice, Hugh Dragonflies 11 53 JER RICE
Rice, Hugh Flip Flop 12 70 JER RICE
Rice, Hugh Log Garfish 20 114 JER RICE
Rice, Hugh Mother Octopus 18 119 JER RICE
SacrÚ, Marie-JosÚ The Dandelion 8 99 JE
Sadler, Marilyn It's Not Easy Being a Bunny 16 JER
Scelsa, Greg Down on the Farm 4 JER
Schaefer, Lola Baron: Rescue Dog 16 120 JER SCHAE
Schaefer, Lola The Red-Tailed Hawk 19 199 JER SCHAE
Schaefer, Lola Turtle Nest 13 85 JER SCHAE
Schlachter, Rita The Bear's Tale 13 163 JER SCHLA
Schmid, Hal Water Water Everywhere 5 61 JER SCHMI
Schraff, Anne Under My Sombrero 9 79 JER SCHRA
Schubert, Barbara I Get Tired 2 37 JER
Schubert, Barbara Things I Like to Do 4 63 JER
Sendak, Maurice Alligators All Around 15 59 JE
Sendak, Maurice Chicken Soup with Rice 20 310 JE
Sendak, Maurice Seven Little Monsters 13 55 JE
Sendak, Maurice Where the Wild Things Are 17 339 JE
Serfozo, Mary Who Wants One? 15 JE
Seuling, Barbara Teeny Tiny Woman 14 369 J398.2
Seuss, Dr. Cat in the Hat 18 0 JER
Seuss, Dr. Foot Book 8 JER
Seuss, Dr. Great Day for Up 15 180 JER
Seuss, Dr. Green Eggs & Ham 15 0 JER
Seuss, Dr. Hop on Pop 15 0 JER
Seuss, Dr. I Can Read with My Eyes Shut 15 292 JER
Shahan, Sherry The Changing Caterpillar 15 51 JER SHAHA
Shahan, Sherry The Hungry Sea Star 14 69 JER SHAHA
Shane, Susan Treasures 23 263 JER SHANE
Sharp, Paul Paul the Pitcher 6 86 JER
Shaw, Charles It Looked Like Spilt Milk 7 172 JE
Shaw, Nancy Sheep in a Jeep 11 83 JE
Shook, Andria This Game 2 63 JER
Shook, Lindsey I Can See 1 40 JER
Shook, Rebecca E. Bill's Trip 7 77 JER
Shook, Rebecca E. Fox's Box 7 72 JER
Shook, Rebecca E. It's Broken 8 88 JER
Shook, Rebecca E. Lumpy Rug 7 86 JER
Shook, Rebecca E. Mike's Bike 7 82 JER
Shook, Rebecca E. Music Students 8 83 JER
Shook, Rebecca E. Pete's Peacock 7 89 JER
Shook, Rebecca E. Playing Games 8 89 JER
Shook, Rebecca E. Ted's Letter 8 76 JER
Shulevitz, Uri One Monday Morning 12 180 JE
Silvano, Wendi Pancakes for Breakfast 13 99 JER SILVA
Silverman, Buffy Bat's Night Out 19 172 JER SILVE
Simon, Linda Moon 15 38 J811 SIMON
Slaughter, Robert The Sparrows 11 60 J598.883 SLAUG
Slobodkina, Esphyr Caps for Sale 20 675 JE
Smith, Beryl Big and Little 2 40 JER
Smith, Beryl Here Is... 2 49 JER
Smith, Beryl My Room 1 28 JER
Smith, Rebecca Crabbing Time 15 76 JER SMITH
Snow, Pegeen Eat Your Peas, Louise 8 83 JER
Stadler, John Hooray for Snail 10 102 JE
Stadler, John Three Cheers for Hippo 12 90 JE
Stamper, Judith Bauer Little Red Hen 15 0 JER
Steptoe, John Baby Says 3 26 JE
Stevens, Janet Three Billy Goats Gruff 19 478 J398.24
Stinson, Kathy Big or Little? 16 JE
Stinson, Kathy Red Is Best 15 JE
Stobbs, William Gregory's Dog 3 JE
Swartz, Daniel I Can Wash 4 66 JER
Swartz, Daniel What Is Blue? 3 31 JER
Swartz, Daniel Where I Live 2 36 JER
Swartz, Jan My House 1 40 JER
Swartz, Jan What Is Red? 2 27 JER
Swartz, Stanley L. Look at This 2 57 JER
Swartz, Stanley L. You 1 20 JER
Tafuri, Nancy Have You Seen My Duckling? 2 JE
Tafuri, Nancy Spots, Feathers and Curly Tails 4 J636
Tafuri, Nancy The Ball Bounced 5 33 JE
Tatler, Sarah Farm Day 5 JER
Tatler, Sarah Thumbprint Critters 6 J741.2
Tatler, Sarah We Can Share It! 13 JER
Taylor, Judy My Cat 14 79 JE
Taylor, Judy My Dog 12 72 JE
Teeters, Peggy The Cat with no Tail 14 137 JER TEETE
Thaler, Mike There's a Hippopotamus Under My Bed 17 0 J
The Reading Recovery« Council of North America can be found online at

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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