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Reading Recovery Books


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Macdonald, Miriam Boots for Toots 4 41 JER
Macdonald, Miriam Fun with Mo and Toots 3 41 JER
Mace, Ann Looking for Bears 13 80 JER MACE
Mack, Stan Ten Bears in My Bed, a Goodnight Countdown 11 252 J398.8
Mahy, Margaret The Great Grumbler & the Wonder Tree 20 755 JER
Maris, Ron Are You There, Bear? 9 JER
Maris, Ron My Book 1 17 JE
Marshall, Edward Fox and His Friends 18 417 JER
Martin, Bill Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 4 185 JE
Matthias, Catherine I Love Cats 8 116 JER
Matthias, Catherine Out the Door 8 150 JER
Matthias, Catherine Too Many Balloons 6 182 JER
Mayer, Mayer All by Myself 8 157 JE
Mayer, Mercer I Was So Mad 18 232 JE
Mayer, Mercer Just a Mess 15 206 JE
Mayer, Mercer Just for You 11 160 JE
Mayer, Mercer Just Grandma and Me 15 186 JE
Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Babysitter 11 182 JE
Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Dad 16 161 JE
Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Puppy 16 190 JE
Mayer, Mercer Me Too 18 136 JE
Mayer, Mercer There's a Nightmare in My Closet 16 153 JE
Mayer, Mercer There's an Alligator Under My Bed 17 250+ JE
Mayer, Mercer There's Something in My Attic 17 258 JE
Mayer, Mercer Walk, Robot, Walk 1 JE
Mayer, Mercer When I Get Bigger 18 205 JE
McDaniel, Becky Katie Couldn't 10 176 JER
McDaniel, Becky Katie Did It 13 105 JER
McGovern, Ann Stone Soup 17 932 J398.21
McKissack, Pat Messy Bessey 15 63 JER
McLenighan, Valjean What You See Is What You Get 16 176 JER
McLeod, Emilie Bear's Bicycle 16 185 JE MCLEO
McMillan, Bruce Growing Colors 1 J535.6
McPhail, David Bear's Toothache 13 JE
McPhail, David Fix-it 15 171 JE
McPhail, David Glerp, The 18 JE
Merrow, Judy So Many Strawberries 11 75 JER MERRO
Min, Laura Mrs. Sato's Hens 7 51 JER
Minarik, Else Holmelund Cat and Dog 11 71 JE
Minarik, Else Holmelund Father Bear Comes Home 19 331 JER
Minarik, Else Holmelund Kiss for Little Bear 16 299 JER
Minarik, Else Holmelund Little Bear 18 250+ JER
Mitchell, Marianne Coo Coo Caroo 12 79 JER MITCH
Mitton, Tony Hello, Frog! 4 19 JER
Mitton, Tony My Balloon 5 JER
Mitton, Tony My Carpet 6 JER
Mitton, Tony My Submarine 6 JER
Mitton, Tony Planet Ocky: Ham and Jam 6 49 JER
Mitton, Tony Planet Ocky: Jump and Bump 6 49 JER
Mitton, Tony The Cat and the Fish 5 JER
Moeller, Kathleen Gecko's Story 12 61 JER MOELL
Moeller, Kathleen Hoketichee and the Manatee 15 113 JER MOELL
Moeller, Kathleen The Birds at My Barn 20 220 JER MOELL
Moncure, Jane Belk Hide and Seek Word Bird 9 JER
Moncure, Jane Belk No! No! Word Bird 7 JER
Moncure, Jane Belk Stop! Go! Word Bird 6 JER
Moncure, Jane Belk Watch Out, Word Bird! 9 JER
Moncure, Jane Belk Word Bird Builds a City 10 156 JER
Moncure, Jane Belk Word Bird's Shapes 10 194 JER
Mora, Pat Agua Agua Agua: An Aesop's Fable 13 JER
Morgan, Lori I Went to the Beach 4 25 JER MORGA
Morris, Ann Machines 3 JER
Morse, Steven Cool 20 137 JER MORSE
Moss, Miriam Am I a Cat? 5 JER
Moss, Miriam Can I Have Some? 6 JER
Moss, Miriam One Day It Was Wet 6 JER
Moyes, Lesley Saturday Morning 11 180 JER
Mueller, Virginia Halloween Mask for Monster 4 JE
Mueller, Virginia Monster and the Baby 5 JE
Mueller, Virginia Monster Can't Sleep 5 JE
Mueller, Virginia Playhouse for Monster 4 JE
Munoz, Birdie L. My Clothes 3 16 JER
Munoz, Birdie L. The Bear 2 17 JER
Munoz, Birdie L. What's That? 3 27 JER
Munton, Gill How Crayons Are Made 7 J741.23
Munton, Gill I Went Swimming 6 J797.2
Munton, Gill Make a Banana Treat 5 J641.5
Murphy, Jill What Next Baby Bear? 19 313 JE
Myers, Bernice The Super-Duper Sandwich 15 202 JER MYERS
Neasi, Barbara J. Just Like Me 7 138 JER
Nims, Bonnie Where Is the Bear? 18 250+ JE
Nodset, Joan Go Away, Dog 15 250+ JER
Nodset, Joan Who Took the Farmer's Hat? 15 340 JE
Numeroff, Laura Joffe If You Give a Mouse a Cookie 18 291 JE
O'Brien, Claudia My Mom's Apron 19 216 JER OBRIE
Olsen, Lyle In Grandma Rita's Garden 15 191 JER OLSEN
Oppenheim, Joanne Have You Seen Birds? 13 J598
Oppenheim, Joanne You Can't Catch Me 19 250+ JE
Ormerod, Jan I Can Ride 3 19 JER
Ormerod, Jan I Can Skate 3 19 JER
Ormerod, Jan I Like Playing 3 21 JER
Ormerod, Jan In the Pool 3 22 JER
Ormerod, Jan Play with Me 3 21 JER
Ormerod, Jan Ride with Me 3 18 JER
Ormerod, Jan Skate with Me 3 18 JER
Ormerod, Jan Splash! 3 22 JER
Ormerod, Jan Story of Chicken Licken 16 250+ J398.24
Ormerod, Jan Sunshine 1 JE
Oxenbury, Helen Tom and Pippo Read a Story 13 JE
Oxenbury, Helen Tom and Pippo See the Moon 13 JE
Parker, Daisy Misty Sleeps 8 56 JER PARKE
Partridge, Juliet A Very Hot Day 3 28 JER
Partridge, Juliet Five Green Monsters 6 41 JER
Partridge, Juliet Four Scary Monsters 5 48 JER
Partridge, Juliet That's Me! 4 33 JER
Partridge, Juliet The Picnic 4 36 JER
Partridge, Juliet Three Spotty Monsters 5 42 JER
Patton, Mary Off to Grandma's House 5 JER
Peek, Merle Mary Wore Her Red Dress and Henry Wore His Green Sneakers 6 170 JE
Peek, Merle Roll Over! 4 201 JE
Peppe, Rodney Humpty Dumpty 5 J398
Perkins, Al Ear Book 8 JER
Perkins, Al Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb 17 250+ JER
Perkins, Al Nose Book 8 JER
Peters, Sharon Animals at Night 15 215 J591.5
Peters, Sharon Fun at Camp 13 178 JER
Peters, Sharon Ready, Get Set, Go! 11 137 JER
Petrie, Catherine Hot Rod Harry 7 66 JER
Petrie, Catherine Joshua James Likes Trucks 4 50 JER
Phillips, Joan My New Boy 10 JER
Phillips, Joan Tiger Is a Scaredy Cat 9 220 JER
Podoshen, Lois Grandpa's Candy Store 9 65 JER PODOS
Podoshen, Lois Paco's Garden 12 120 JER PODOS
Podoshen, Lois The Artist 9 83 JER PODOS
Podoshen, Lois The Birthday Bird 10 82 JER PODOS
Poulet, Virginia Blue Bug and the Bullies 6 18 JE
Poulet, Virginia Blue Bug Goes to School 6 57 JE
Poulet, Virginia Blue Bug Goes to the Library 10 J027
Poulet, Virginia Blue Bug's Book of Colors 7 49 JE
Poulet, Virginia Blue Bug's Vegetable Garden 6 27 JE
Prater, John Hide and Seek 6 50 JER
Prater, John The Bike Race 5 63 JER
Prater, John What Can We Make? 6 59 JER
Preller, James Wake Me in Spring 18 301 JER

Arranged by author:  A-D | E-G | H-L | M-P | R-T | U-Z

The Reading RecoveryŽ Council of North America can be found online at

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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