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Reading Recovery Books


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Hajdusiewicz, Babs Bell Bed Rest 8 34 JER
Hajdusiewicz, Babs Bell Gobble! Gobble! Munch! 11 64 JER
Hajdusiewicz, Babs Bell My Faces 11 62 JER
Hamilton, Martha How Fox Became Red 21 163 JER HAMIL
Hamilton, Martha Tricky Rabbit 22 198 JER HAMIL
Hamilton, Martha Two Fables of Aesop 16 411 JER HAMIL
Hamilton, Martha Why Animals Never Got Fire 12 237 JER HAMIL
Hamsa, Bobbie Animal Babies 8 114 JER
Hamsa, Bobbie Dirty Larry 6 53 JER
Hamsa, Bobbie Fast Draw Freddie 5 50 JER
Hardin, Suzanne Dogs at School 10 94 JER HARDI
Hardin, Suzanne Dogs Love to Play Ball 13 151 JER HARDI
Hardin, Suzanne No Dogs Allowed 10 73 JER HARDI
Hargreaves, Roger Mr. Noisy 4 90 JE
Hassanein, Amany Goha and His Donkey 13 114 JER HASSA
Hassanein, Amany Little Puffer Fish 14 133 JER HASSA
Hawley, Bill A Wiggly, Jiggly, Joggly Tooth 7 61 JER
Hayes, Sarah Eat Up, Gemma 16 463 JE
Heilbroner, Joan Robert the Rose Horse 16 JER
Helmso, Candy Freedom Quilt 16 300 JER HELMS
Helmso, Candy Jump the Broom 15 119 JER HELMS
Henkes, Kevin Shhhh 9 66 JE
Herbst, Cheryl Too Many Nuts 14 132 JER HERBS
Hill, Eric Spot's Birthday Party 16 97 JE
Hill, Eric Spot's First Christmas 17 JE
Hill, Eric Spot's First Walk 11 63 JE
Hill, Eric Where's Spot? 8 65 JE
Hill, Merle Roddy Kitty goes Splash 12 122 JER HILL
Hillert, Margaret Golden Goose 13 JER
Hillert, Margaret House for Little Red 9 JER
Hillert, Margaret Magic Nutcracker 13 JER
Hillert, Margaret Three Bears 6 JER
Hillert, Margaret Three Little Pigs 6 J398
Hillert, Margaret What Am I? 9 JER
Hoban, Tana Count and See 1 JE
Hobhouse, Sarah Brachiosaurus in the River 19 200 JER
Hobhouse, Sarah Dinosaurs on the Motorway 19 231 JER
Hobhouse, Sarah Pterodactyl at the Airport 19 185 JER
Hobhouse, Sarah Tyrannosaurus the Terrible 19 182 JER
Hoff, Syd Albert the Albatross 16 191 JER
Hoff, Syd Horse in Harry's Room 17 425 JER
Hoff, Syd Little Chief 18 250+ JER
Hoff, Syd Who Will Be My Friends? 9 205 JER
Holl, Adelaide Rain Puddle 18 J
Hooper, Meredith Animals in the Ark 6 J590
Hurd, Edith Thacher Johnny Lion's Book 17 250+ JER
Hurd, Edith Thacher Johnny Lion's Rubber Boots 10 JER
Hurd, Edith Thacher Stop, Stop 20 250+ JER
Hutchins, Pat Clocks and More Clocks 17 374 JE
Hutchins, Pat Don't Forget the Bacon 20 174 JE
Hutchins, Pat Good-Night Owl 16 196 JE
Hutchins, Pat Happy Birthday Sam 16 213 JE
Hutchins, Pat One Eyed Jake 20 547 JE
Hutchins, Pat One Hunter 1 43 JE
Hutchins, Pat Rosie's Walk 9 32 JE
Hutchins, Pat Surprise Party 19 333 JE
Hutchins, Pat The Doorbell Rang 17 283 JE
Hutchins, Pat The Wind Blew 20 169 JE
Hutchins, Pat Tidy Titch 16 231 JE
Hutchins, Pat Titch 12 121 JE
Hutchins, Pat What Game Shall We Play? 14 306 JE
Hutchins, Pat You'll Soon Grow into Them, Titch 14 191 JE
Inkpen, Mick Kipper's Birthday 8 64 JE
Isadora, Rachel Max 17 234 JE
Jackson, Marjorie Armadillo 16 134 JER JACKS
Jackson, Marjorie Beach Feet 11 68 JER JACKS
Jackson, Marjorie Dragon Feet 15 153 JER JACKS
Jackson, Marjorie Mai-Li's Surprise 7 63 JER JACKS
Jackson, Marjorie Shintaro's Umbrellas 16 101 JER JACKS
Johnson, Crockett Harold & the Purple Crayon 17 660 JE
Johnson, Crockett Picture for Harold's Room 14 550 JER
Jonas, Ann Now We Can Go 3 JE
Jonas, Ann Reflections 15 JE
Jonas, Ann The Quilt 16 165 JE
Jonas, Ann The Trek 16 158 JE
Jonas, Ann Two Bear Cubs 13 JE
Jonas, Ann When You Were a Baby 11 104 JE
Jonas, Ann Where Can It Be? 8 83 JE
Jones, Carol Old MacDonald Had a Farm 6 J781.62
Joyce, William George Shrinks 13 114 JE
Kalan, Robert Rain 4 56 JE
Keats, Ezra Jack Whistle for Willie 20 380 JE
Keeler, Renee Our Pumpkin 4 JER
Keller, Holly Ten Sleepy Sheep 12 JE
Kent, Jack Fat Cat 16 558 J398.2
Klein, Adria I Am Thankful 2 42 JER
Klein, Adria I Can Draw 4 75 JER
Klein, Adria The Sandwich 4 68 JER
Klein, Adria What Can I Read? 1 28 JER
Kovalski, Mary Ann Wheels on the Bus 16 362 JE
Kowalczyk, Carolyn Purple is Part of a Rainbow 8 131 JER
Kraus, Robert Boris Bad Enough 12 JE
Kraus, Robert Come Out and Play Little Mouse 14 198 JE
Kraus, Robert Herman the Helper 8 94 JE
Kraus, Robert Leo the Late Bloomer 16 164 JE
Kraus, Robert Milton the Early Riser 17 148 JE
Kraus, Robert Owliver 14 JE
Kraus, Robert Where Are You Going Little Mouse? 14 148 JE
Kraus, Robert Whose Mouse Are You? 13 98 JE
Krauskopf, Sharma Moonbeam Cow 18 228 JER KRAUS
Krauss, Ruth Happy Egg 7 210 JE
Krauss, Ruth Is This You? 10 250+ JE
Kuchalla, Susan What Is a Reptile 20 183 J597.9
Kuharski, Janice Mama's Llamas 18 159 JER KUHAR
Kuharski, Janice Raven's Gift 17 160 JER KUHAR
Kuskin, Karla Just Like Everyone Else 16 JE
Kwitz, Mary DeBall Little Chick's Friend, Duckling 15 572 JER
Langstaff, John Oh a Hunting We Will Go 8 346 J784.4
Latta, Richard Drawbridge 7 29 JER LATTA
Latta, Richard The Old Train 10 68 JER LATTA
Lattimer, Jule-Ann The Little Book of Street Rods 13 79 JER LATTI
Laurence, Glenda Paul 10 54 JER
Lear, Edward Owl and the Pussycat 18 215 J821
Lemieux, Margo Wolf Song 17 130 JER LEMIE
LeSieg, Theo Ten Apples up on Top 17 250+ JER
Lewis, Thomas P. Hill of Fire 20 250+ JER
Lewison, Wendy Cheyette Buzz, Said the Bee 7 162 JER
Lewison, Wendy Cheyette Mud 5 JER
Lillegard, Dee Potatoes on Tuesday 4 JER
Lillegard, Dee Where Is It? 5 64 JER
Lindgren, Barbro Sam's Ball 6 64 JE
Lindgren, Barbro Sam's Cookie 6 52 JE
Lindgren, Barbro Sam's Teddy Bear 6 60 JE
Lindgren, Barbro Sam's Wagon 6 83 JE
Lindi, Nkululeko Three Fat Cats 5 29 JER
Lionni, Leo Little Blue and Little Yellow 18 250+ JE
Littledale, Freya Magic Fish 20 870 JE
Livesey, Claire Our Polliwogs 14 91 JER LIVES
Llewellyn, Claire An Owl at School 6 J598.97
Llewellyn, Claire Cats and Kittens 5 J636.8
Llewellyn, Claire Going for a Ride 6 J590
Llewellyn, Claire Shadow Play 6 J791.53
Lobel, Arnold Frog & Toad Are Friends 19 250+ JER
Lobel, Arnold Frog & Toad Together 19 250+ JER
Lobel, Arnold Mouse Soup 17 250+ JER
Lobel, Arnold Mouse Tales 17 250+ JER
Lobel, Arnold Owl at Home 18 250+ JER
Lobel, Arnold Uncle Elephant 20 250+ JER
Long, Erlene Gone Fishing 12 180 JE
Lopshire, Robert Put Me in the Zoo 14 508 JER
The Reading RecoveryŽ Council of North America can be found online at

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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