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Reading Recovery Books


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Eastman, P.D. Are You My Mother? 15 250+ JER
Eastman, P.D. Best Nest 18 250+ JER
Eastman, P.D. Big Dog, Little Dog 15 265 JE
Eastman, P.D. Go, Dog, Go! 8 JER
Eastman, P.D. Sam and the Firefly 18 250+ JER
Eberts, Marjorie Pancakes, Crackers, and Pizza 4 JER
Ecton, Anne Suaguaro 6 44 JER ECTON
Elkin, Benjamin Six Foolish Fishermen 19 715 JE
Emberley, Barbara & Ed Drummer Hoff 18 173 JE
Farley, Walter Little Black, a Pony 18 250+ JER
Fehlner, Paul Dog and Cat 7 62 JER
Fine, John Diving for Treasure 16 284 JER FINE
Finney, Amy Bedtime 4 24 JER FINNE
Flack, Marjorie Ask Mr. Bear 17 613 JE
Fleagle, Gail Play Ball 8 30 JER FLEAG
Fleming, Sarah Do the Lolly Trick 8 J793.8
Fleming, Sarah Do the Loops Trick 8 J793.8
Fleming, Sarah I Broke My Arm 6 J362.1
Fleming, Sarah I Made a Map 6 J526
Fleming, Sarah Make a Paper Hat 7 J745.54
Fleming, Sarah The Moons of Jupiter 8 J523.45
Fleming, Sarah My Dog's Check-Up 6 J636.7
Fleming, Sarah Pictures in the Stars 6 J523.8
Fleming, Sarah The Weather Forecast 7 J551.63
Forbes, Chris Tree Stump 2 JER
Ford, Carolyn Nothing in the Mailbox 9 73 JER FORD
Fox, Mem Bedtime Story 18 335 JE
Fox, Mem Hattie and the Fox 15 321 JE
Fox, Mem Zoo Looking 12 136 JE
Freeman, Don Rainbow of My Own 16 268 JE
Friskey, Margaret Indian Two Feet and His Horse 15 JE
Galdone, Paul Cat Goes Fiddle-I-fee 9 333 J398.8
Galdone, Paul The Gingerbread Boy 20 250+ J398.2
Galdone, Paul Henny Penny 16 582 J398.24
Galdone, Paul Little Red Hen 18 558 J398
Galdone, Paul Little Tuppen 16 250+ JE
Galdone, Paul Over in the Meadow 20 375 J398.8
Galdone, Paul Three Bears 17 873 J398.24
Galdone, Paul Three Little Pigs 20 J398
Galloway,Ginger Jasper 8 107 JER GALLO
Gangas, Patricia Cats Everywhere 9 51 JER GANGA
Gelman, Rita Cats and Mice 14 51 JE
Gelman, Rita More Spaghetti, I Say! 11 340 JER
Gelman, Rita Why Can't I Fly? 12 449 JER
Gerstein, Mordicai Roll Over! 10 220 JE
Gillham, Bill Dirty Dog 6 38 JER
Gillham, Bill Guess Who I Am? 4 38 JER
Gillham, Bill My Dog's Party 6 37 JER
Gillham, Bill My Pet 6 44 JER
Gillham, Bill Two Babies 3 22 JER
Gillham, Bill What For? 3 30 JER
Gillham, Bill What's in the Box? 4 25 JER
Gillham, Bill Where's Woolly? 4 42 JER
Ginsburg, Mirra Across the Stream 10 94 JE
Ginsburg, Mirra The Chick and the Duckling 6 112 JE
Glazer, Tom On Top of Spaghetti 11 105 J782.42
Goldsby, Katherine Digging to China 14 108 JER GOLDS
Gordon, Sharon Play Ball, Kate! 6 JER
Gordon, Sharon What a Dog! 9 134 JER
Grainger, Jan Matthew Likes to Read 17 144 JER
Graves, Kimberlee I Can't Sleep 4 JER
Graves, Kimberlee Is It Alive? 3 JER
Graves, Kimberlee Mom Can Fix Anything 3 JER
Graves, Kimberlee Where Are You Going? 4 JER
Greene, Carol Hi, Clouds 8 JER
Greene, Carol Ice Is-- Whee! 6 59 JER
Greene, Carol Shine, Sun! 10 JER
Greene, Carol Snow Joe 6 JER
Greene, Inez My Puppy 3 JER
Gregorich, Barbara The Big Race 13 JER
Gregorich, Barbara Fox on the Box 4 36 JER
Gregorich, Barbara I Want a Pet 4 46 JER
Gregorich, Barbara Up Went the Goat 4 JER
Grey, Judith Yummy, Yummy 9 JER
Greydanus, Rose Animals at the Zoo 10 158 JER
Greydanus, Rose Freddie the Frog 6 132 JER
Greydanus, Rose My Secret Hiding Place 12 155 JER
Gross, Ruth Belov Bremen Town Musicians 18 863 J398.2
Guilfoile, Elizabeth Nobody Listens to Andrew 15 370 JE
Gurney, Nancy King, the Mice & the Cheese 19 250+ JER
The Reading RecoveryŽ Council of North America can be found online at

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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