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Reading Recovery Books


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Ackerman, Peter My Favorite Bear 17 144 JER ACKER
Adams, Pam This Old Man 9 JE
Ahlberg, Allan & Janet Each Peach Pear Plum 11 115 JE
Ahlberg, Allan & Janet Funnybones Series 17 250+ JE
Alexander, Martha Blackboard Bear 18 117 JE
Allen, Casey And Then There Were Birds 19 156 JER ALLEN
Aliki We Are Best Friends 14 629 JE
Allard, Harry Miss Nelson Is Missing 20 598 JE
Allen, Pamela Bertie and the Bear 16 250+ JE
Allen, Pamela Who Sank the Boat? 20 219 JE
Antle, Nancy The Good Bad Cat 6 JER
Artell, Mike Big Long Animal Song 4 JER
Aruego, Jose Look What I Can Do 1 15 JE
Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen Three Billy Goats Gruff 16 549 J398
Asch, Frank Bear Shadow 18 489 JE
Asch, Frank Happy Birthday, Moon 20 345 JE
Asch, Frank Just Like Daddy 9 93 JE
Asch, Frank The Last Puppy 17 244 JE
Bach, Mary Termites 15 143 JER BACH
Baker, Betty Spiders Everywhere 9 36 JER BAKER
Baker, Ginger Walking Home Alone 16 327 JER BAKER
Barrows, Will A Car Followed Us 5 54 JER BARRO
Barton, Byron Airport 15 116 J387.7
Barton, Byron Building a House 14 83 J690
Barton, Byron Buzz, Buzz, Buzz 13 162 JE
Barton, Byron Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs 11 96 JE
Barton, Byron Where's Al? 6 JE
Baxter, Nicola Enormous Turnip 14 431 J398.2
Baxter, Nicola Little Red Hen 15 250+ J398.2
Bennett, Jill Teeny Tiny 16 250+ J398.22
Berenstain, Stan & Jan Bears in the Night 5 108 J
Berenstain, Stan & Jan Bears on Wheels 6 89 JER
Berenstain, Stan & Jan Bike Lesson 16 250+ JER
Berenstain, Stan & Jan He Bear, She Bear 17 JER
Berenstain, Stan & Jan Inside, Outside, Upside Down 8 JER
Berenstain, Stan & Jan Old Hat, New Hat 13 JER
Beveridge, Donna Henry 7 77 JER BEVER
Beveridge, Donna Henry Runs Away 10 150 JER BEVER
Biagiotti, Aldo Escape from Death Valley 23 419 JER BIAGI
Bishop, Nic Katydids 7 20 JER BISHOP
Bishop, Nic Strange Plants 5 30 JER BISHO
Black, Irma Simonton Is This My Dinner? 16 J
Blanchard, Patricia Hop and Stop 6 35 JER BLANC
Blanchard, Patricia My Bug Box 7 98 JER BLANC
Blanchard, Patricia There Was A Mouse 8 77 JER BLANC
Boland, Janice Breakfast with John 5 29 JER BOLAN
Boland, Janice I Meowed 6 59 JER BOLAN
Boland, Janice The Fox 4 24 JER BOLAN
Boland, Janice Mrs. Murphay's Crows 15 122 JER BOLAN
Boland, Janice The Pond 6 54 JER BOLAN
Boland, Janice The Strongest Animal 7 58 JER BOLAN
Boland, Janice Sunflowers 4 33 JER BOLAN
Boland, Janice Zippers 3 21 JER BOLAN
Bonsall, Crosby And I Mean It, Stanley 17 184 JER
Bonsall, Crosby The Case of the Hungry Stranger 20 250+ JER
Bonsall, Crosby The Day I Had to Play with My Sister 12 139 JER
Bonsall, Crosby Mine's the Best 12 104 JER
Bonsall, Crosby Piggle 19 250+ JER
Bornstein, Ruth Little Gorilla 17 167 JE
Boss, Kittie Cat Tails 6 40 JER BOSS
Boucher, Carter Tiger Dave 12 33 JER BOUCH
Bowen, Sherry Little Panda 12 143 JER BOWEN
Bowen, Sherry Pigeon Feathers 20 477 JER BOWEN
Brandenberg, Franz I Wish I Was Sick, Too! 12 JE
Bradman, Tony In My Den 5 77 JER
Bradman, Tony Let's Pretend 6 59 JER
Bradman, Tony My Kite 6 64 JER
Bridwell, Norman Clifford the Small Red Puppy 18 499 JE
Bridwell, Norman Clifford, the Big Red Dog 18 241 JE
Brochu, Lisa Who Cleans the Museum 14 84 JER BROCH
Brown, Marc Spooky Riddles 15 JER
Brown, Margaret Wise Goodnight Moon 14 130 JE
Brown, Margaret Wise Little Fireman 17 250+ JE
Brown, Richard Afloat in a Boat 6 41 JER
Brown, Richard I Went to School This Morning 4 52 JER
Brown, Richard Jumping 5 37 JER
Brown, Richard Looking for Dragons 4 31 JER
Brown, Richard & Kate Ruttle Walking in the Jungle 4 49 JER
Brown, Ruth The Big Sneeze 19 131 JE
Brown, Ruth Dark, Dark Tale 10 115 JE
Browne, Anthony Things I Like 5 JE
Bryant-Mole, Karen Clothes 3 25 J646.3
Bucknall, Caroline One Bear All Alone 13 107 JE
Budgell, Gill Make Colors 5 J752
Budgell, Gill My Vacation Week 8 J910.2
Buffington, Veronica Who Cried for Pie? 5 86 J372.4
Burningham, John Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car 19 250+ JE
Burningham, John Mr. Gumpy's Outing 19 283 JE
Butler, Andrea Recycling Dump 4 J363.7
Butler, Andrea Whose List Is This? 3 JER
Butler, Dorothy My Brown Bear Barney 14 JE
Byars, Betsy Go and Hush the Baby 19 250+ J
Cabral, Len Anansi's Narrow Waist 16 157 JER
Cachemaille, Christine Sam's Mask 4 71 JER
Caldwell, V.M. Solar-Powered Sam 6 148 JER CALDW
Campbell, Rod Dear Zoo 9 115 JE
Campbell, Rod Oh Dear! 9 JE
Capucilli, Alyssa Biscuit 12 131 JER
Carle, Eric Do You Want to Be My Friend? 1 JE
Carle, Eric Have You Seen My Cat? 2 JE
Carle, Eric The Very Busy Spider 16 263 JE
Carle, Eric The Very Hungry Caterpillar 18 237 JE
Carter, David How Many Bugs in a Box? 6 126 JE
Cartwright, Jan Nana's in the Plum Tree 20 410 JER
Causley, Charles Quack! Said the Billy-Goat 13 JE
Chamberlain, Judith Perlitas 18 98 JER CHAMB
Charles, Donald Calico Cat at the Zoo 10 JE
Chrisiana, Arama The Children of Sierra Leone 18 142 JER CHRIS
Christelow, Eileen Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed 8 200 JE
Christensen, Nancy Good Night Little Kitten 6 JER
Christian, Cheryl Where's the Puppy? 6 J BOARDBK
Clark, Patricia Goodbye, Goose 19 246 JER CLARK
Cogan, Karen My Little Brother Ben 7 35 JER COGAN
Collins, Rae The Rescue 19 176 JER
Connelly, Luella Bears, Bears, Everywhere 3 JER
Cook, Bernadine Little Fish That Got Away 16 250+ J
Cook, Lisa The Author on My Street 16 260 JER COOK
Corey, Dorothy You Go Away 6 J306.874
Coulton, Mia Danny and Abby are Friends 7 109 260
Coulton, Mia Danny Gets Fit 8 177 JER COULT
Coulton, Mia Halloween Danny 8 51 JER COULT
Coulton, Mia Look at Danny 3 39 JER COULT
Cowley, Joy Anna's First Day 8 138 JER COWLE
Cowley, Joy Apples for the Teacher 7 203 JER COWLE
Cowley, Joy Big Noodle, The 7 110 JER COWLEY
Cowley, Joy Butterfly 10 84 JER COWLEY
Cowley, Joy Camping in the Yard 11 171 JER COWLE
Cowley, Joy Crabby Cat at School 7 142 JER COWLE
Cowley, Joy Crabby Cat's Phone Call 8 139 JER COWLEY
Cowley, Joy Friends 6 98 JER
Cowley, Joy Greedy Cat 11 166 JER
Cowley, Joy In the Pool 7 158 JER COWLE
Cowley, Joy Mr. Bun's Stew 10 73 JER COWLEY
Cowley, Joy News 7 40 JER COWLEY
Cowley, Joy Number One 17 170 JER
Cowley, Joy Our Teacher Miss Pool 6 62 JER
Cowley, Joy Our Tree 8 53 JER COWLEY
Cowley, Joy Pug's Walk 8 84 JER COWLE
Cowley, Joy Robot Bedtime 7 121 JER COWLE
Cowley, Joy Robot Went Shopping 7 121 JER COWLE
Cowley, Joy Señor Armadillo's Cold 8 80 JER COWLEY
Cowley, Joy Señor Armadillo's Letter 9 156 JER COWLEY
Cowley, Joy Señor Armadillo's Shoes 9 188 JER COWLE
Cowley, Joy Señor Armadillo's Very Fine Truck 8 145 JER COWLEY
Cowley, Joy Sunflower 7 55 JER COWLEY
Cowley, Joy What Did Robot Want? 9 166 JER COWLEY
Cowley, Joy Where Is Miss Pool? 6 55 JER
Cox, Rhonda At the Horse Show 6 24 JER COX
Cox, Rhonda Click! 12 288 JER COX
Cox, Rhonda Watermelon 12 61 JER COX
Cox, Rhonda Chickens 8 23 JER COX
Cox, Rhonda I Ride the Waves 8 61 JER COX
Cox, Rhonda Pigs Peek 4 28 JER COX
Cox, Rhonda Powwow 8 29 JER COX
Craig, Janet Little Danny Dinosaur 12 195 JER
Craig, Janet What's Under the Ocean? 13 J551.46
Crawford, Thomas A Bath for a Beagle 5 102 J
Crawford, Thomas Elephant in Trouble 13 J372.4
Crews, Donald Flying 7 JE
Crews, Donald School Bus 6 51 JE
Crews, Donald Ten Black Dots 12 JE
Crowe, Robert Tyler Toad and the Thunder 20 250+ JE
Cummings, Pat Jimmy Lee Did It 8 JE
Cunningham, Alvin At the Lake 16 176 JER CUNNI
Dabcovich, Lydia Mrs. Huggins and Her Hen Hannah 18 250+ JE
Damon, Laura Secret Valentine 12 223 JER
Davidson, Rosemary One Teddy All Alone 5 34 JER
Degen, Bruce Jamberry 18 111 JE
dePaola, Tomie The Art Lesson 20 246 JE
dePaola, Tomie Charlie Needs a Cloak 18 187 JE
dePaola, Tomie Pancakes for Breakfast 1 JE
dePaola, Tomie The Popcorn Book 18 208 J641.3
De Regniers, Beatrice Schenk Going for a Walk 10 JE
Dorros, Arthur Alligator Shoes 11 122 JE
The Reading Recovery® Council of North America can be found online at

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

This list was created and is maintained by Children's Services Librarians.
Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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