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Rebus Books

Rebus books have pictures in place of some of the words. They can be fun for beginning readers to explore with little assistance.

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J BOARDBK CAPUC Capucilli, Alyssa Satin Biscuit Goes to the Fair
A pull-tab on the bottom of each spread transforms pictures into words.
J242.82 BEDTI Graef, Renee Bedtime Prayers
"…the perfect companion for an early reader's bedtime prayers…"--back cover.
J398 Mother Goose in Hieroglyphics
J398.24 Hooks, William The Gruff Brothers
J398.8 WINTE Winter, Jeanette The House that Jack Built
Simple rebus illustrations are used to present the familiar cumulative nursery rhyme about the antics that go on in the house built by an unsuspecting Jack.
J628.92 Rau, Dana Firefighter
Easy to read text with rebuses explores the job of a firefighter--Provided by publisher.
J793.73 Dodds, Siobhan Words and Pictures
Full-page pictures illustrate familiar scenes from a child's everyday life, getting dressed, going to school, etc. The facing pages describe the scene in simple words interspersed with objects from the main scene.
J811 MARZO Marzollo, Jean I Love You
A poem with a rebus format, in which the speaker professes love equal to that of a bird for a tree, a flower for a bee, and a lock for a key.
J811.54 Christensen, Bonnie Rebus Riot
Presents a collection of verses that use pictures in place of some words.
JE AMERY Amery, Heather Goldilocks and the Three Bears
This book is a storybook with a charmingly illustrated fairytale to read, a sticker book with over 50 reward stickers and a puzzle book with a rebus puzzle activity running throughout the book where stickers replace words in the story.
JE BANKS Banks, Kate The Bird, The Monkey, and the Snake in the Jungle
A bird, a monkey, and a snake lose their home in a tree and go looking for a new home, encountering various jungle animals on the way.
JE BANKS Banks, Kate The Turtle and the Hippopotamus
Afraid to swim across the river because of the hippopotamus there, a turtle takes inspiration from other animals in trying other ways to get across. Features rebuses.
JE Capucilli, Alyssa Satin Inside a Barn in the Country
One after another, the animals in a barn wake each other up with the unique sounds they make.
JE Capucilli, Alyssa Satin Inside a House that is Haunted
A cumulative rhyme in which the spider, ghost, cat, and other inhabitants of a haunted house wake up and startle each other.
JE CAPUC Capucilli, Alyssa Satin Inside a Zoo in the City
A cumulative rhyme featuring rebuses, in which a parrot, a tiger, a lion, a peacock, and other inhabitants of a city zoo wake up and startle each other.
JE Davis, Lee P.B. Bear's Birthday Party
P.B. the teddy bear celebrates his birthday with a cake, a party for his friends, and lots of presents. Told in rebus form.
JE HILL Hill, Eric Spot's Walk in the Woods
Lift the flap to see how Spot, his classmates, and their teacher, Miss Bear, spend a bright, sunny day exploring the woods together.
JE NEITZ Neitzel, Shirley I'm Not Feeling Well Today
In cumulative verses using rebuses, a young boy describes all the things he will need since he is not feeling well--until he learns that school is closed because of a snow storm.
JE Neitzel, Shirley I'm Taking a Trip on My Train
In cumulative verses using rebuses, a young boy describes his experiences as engineer on the train in his room.
JE NEITZ Neitzel, Shirley Our Class Took a Trip to the Zoo
A cumulative verse with rebuses in which a young boy has a wonderful day at the zoo, despite a series of mishaps with the animals.
JE Neitzel, Shirley The Bag I'm Taking to Grandma's
In cumulative verses and rebuses a young boy and his mother have different views on how to pack a bag for a trip to Grandma's.
JE Neitzel, Shirley The Dress I'll Wear to the Party
In cumulative verses and rebuses a girl describes how she is dressing up in her mother's party things.
JE Neitzel, Shirley The House I'll Build for the Wrens
Cumulative verses with rebuses describe all the tools that a young boy borrows from his mother's toolbox to make a birdhouse.
JE Neitzel, Shirley The Jacket I Wear in the Snow
A young girl names all the clothes that she must wear to play in the snow.
JE NEITZ Neitzel, Shirley We're Making Breakfast for Mother
Rhymes and rebuses show children making breakfast for their mother, complete with flowers and a tray.
JE NEITZ Neitzel, Shirley Who Will I Be?: A Halloween Rebus Story
When an invitation to a Halloween party arrives, a child gathers supplies to make a costume but cannot decide what to be.
JE PETER Peter Rabbit: A Lift-the-Flap Rebus Story Book
Based on the characters created by Beatrix Potter.
JE Pizer, Abigail It's a Perfect Day
A rooster, a pig, a cow, and many other farm animals enjoy a perfect day in the country. Uses rebuses.
JE REBUS Rebus Treasury
Forty-four stories kids can read by following the pictures.
JE Rockwell, Anne Root-A-Toot-Toot
A cumulative rebus in which several animals join a boy and his flute in a noisy procession.
JER CIMIN Ciminera, Siobhan Time To Play
When Scooby-Doo was a puppy, he enjoyed playing outdoors with his animal friends. Text contains rebuses.
JER Cocca-Leffler, Maryann Lots of Hearts
A Valentine's Day rebus book.
JER Cocca-Leffler, Maryann Silly Willy
This fun rebus book is about a very silly boy.
JER Cole, Joanna Monster and Muffin
JER DENEG Denega, Danielle Rainy Day Fun
When it is too rainy to play outside, Dick and Jane, with the help of their parents, are kept amused. Text contains rebuses.
JER Dubowski, Cathy East Picky Nicky
The tale of a boy who is picky about his food.
JER Dussling, Jennifer In a Dark, Dark House
Simple words, rebus pictures, and flash cards make learning to read easy in this tale of a little boy in a haunted house.
JER Edwards, Roberta Space Kid
Simple words, rebus pictures, and flash cards make learning to read fun in this story of a young space alien.
JER INCHE Inches, Alison I Love My Papi!
Dora and her Papi play baseball, go to the beach, read books, and do lots of other fun things together.
JER INCHE Inches, Alison Wait, Hoho, Wait!
Rintoo has a new toy car and Hoho wants a ride right away! Kai-lan realizes her friend needs a lesson in patience.
JER KIRK Kirk, David After School Rules
When half the kids want to play basketberry and the other half wants to play soccerberry, an argument ensues.
JER Lamut, Sonja Too Noisy!
A fun tale about a noisy house.
JER LARS Larsen, Kirsten Dora's Perfect Pumpkin
Dora and Boots look for the perfect pumpkin so that Grandmother can make a pumpkin pie. Features rebuses.
JER LEWIS Lewison, Wendy Cheyette The Big Snowball
A story about a boy and his giant snowball.
JER NIMM Nimm, Suzanne D. Around the World!
Based on the T.V. series Dora the Explorer.
JER O'Connor, Jane Benny's Big Bubble
Bubblemeister Benny blows one enormous bubble that takes off on an airborne trip around the neighborhood.
JER REBE Reber, Deborah Meet My Family
Blue introduces all the members of her family, such as Mailbox and Slippery Soap, as they gather to have their picture taken.
JER REBE Reber, Deborah My Favorite Letters
Blue learns to spell her name and finds other words that begin with her favorite letters: B, L, U, and E. Features rebuses.
JER REBE Reber, Deborah My Pet Turtle
Blue loves her pet turtle, Turquoise. Preschoolers will find out how Blue takes care of her and what happens when she brings her to school!
JER RICCI Ricci, Christine Dora in the Deep Sea
Dora and Boots go down deep into the sea in a submarine to help Pirate Pig find his lost treasure chest.
JER RICCI Ricci, Christine Dora's Picnic
Dora and her animal friends all contribute something to bring to a picnic at Play Park.
JER RICCI Ricci, Christine Follow Those Feet!
Dora and Boots have found some strange footprints in the sandbox, and need the reader's help to discover who - or what - made them.
JER RICCI Ricci, Christine Say "Cheese!"
Boots is sick, but Dora knows how to cheer him up.
JER RICCI Ricci, Christine The Halloween Cat
Dora and Boots find a lost cat on Halloween. Will they get the cat home in time for the big party?
JER Schorsch, Kit The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
A retelling in rebus form of the Aesop fable in which a town mouse and a country mouse exchange visits and discover that each is best suited to his own home.
PTC J510 MATH Math: Preschool
Features simple rebus pictures that encourage individual learning and reproducibles that teach essential preschool math skills.
PTC J372.21 READI Reading & Writing: Preschool
Features simple rebus pictures that encourage individual learning time and reproducible activities for building vocabulary and print awareness.
PTC J372.218 READI Reading and Writing: Kindergarten
Reproducible rebus activities to help students build their reading and writing skills

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

This list was created and is maintained by Children's Services Librarians.
Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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