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Read-Aloud Books Too Good To Miss

The Indiana Library Federation publishes this project of AIME (Association for Indiana Media Educators).


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
JE BANKS Banks, Kate Max's Words
Max's two brothers loved to collect things. Max decided to start his own collection -- words. As his collection grew and grew he finally started using them to write sentences and with the help of his brother soon has created his own story adventure.
JE BRUEL Bruel, Nick Poor Puppy
In this counting book, puppy's best friend is kitty but kitty, does not feel so happy with puppy. Kitty will not play with puppy so he finds other things around the house to play with. Kitty is not very interested until puppy finds old kitty toys to play with and finds kitty's favorite. Throughout the rest of the story you will see that kitty is very upset that puppy has her toy.
JE DAVIE Davies, Nicola White Owl;Barn Owl
The young boy and his grandpa discover barn owls and how they live when they make a nest box together. Real facts about owls are in the margins of the page as the boy tells the story.
JE ERNST Ernst, Lisa Campbell The Gingerbread Girl
The gingerbread boy's younger and smarter sister has a plan that she hopes will allow her to avoid her brother's fate and escape being eaten by the fox.
JE FLEMI Fleming, Candace Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Hide!
The little bunnies from Muncha, Muncha, Muncha are back and this time instead of trying to get in the garden, they want to get inside the Mr. McGreely's house. He tries to keep them out, but those little bunnies have lots ofperserverance!
JE FLEMI Fleming, Denise The Cow Who Clucked
A cow that has lost her moo searches the farm to see if another animal has found it.
JE GROGA Grogan, John Bad Dog, Marley!
The children in this book really want a puppy and then one day their dad brings home Marley. Marley is a nuisance and the parents decide to give Marley away until she saves the baby of the family from getting hurt. Now the whole family thinks that Marley is finally a good dog.
JE MCGEE McGee, Marni Winston the Book Wolf
Winston loves to eat words, but the results leave the books unusable. He has been banned from the library. Rosie teacher the wolf how to read and he finds he can still enjoy the books without leaving teethmarks. But, will they let him back in the library?
JE REISS Reiss, Mike Late for School
A boy who has never been late to school runs into some very strange problems as he hurries to school one morning. He discovers at the end that he a day early
JE WILLE Willems, Mo Edwina: The Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct
Edwina is a dinosaur but none of the kids seem to mind. She loves the kids and the grown-ups too. She helps them, plays with them and even bakes chocolate chip cookies for them. Everyone loves Edwina except Reginald Von Hoobie-Doobie. He is determined to convince everyone that dinosaurs are extinct so that way, Edwina would be gone


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J BABBI Babbitt, Natalie Jack Plank Tells Tales
Jack Plank is a pirate, but after being let go from his pirate ship, he finds a room at a boarding house. Here he meets 11-year-old Nina. The other borders decide they need to help Jack find another occupation, but Jack constantly finds reasons he cannot be a farmer, or a banker, or a barber, or a goldsmith
J BIRNE Birney, Betty Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs
Eben McAllister is challenged by his father to find the "seven wonders" of Sassafras Springs, Missouri, that rival the Seven Wonders of the World. The book challenges all of us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.
J BLUME Blume, Judy Soupy Saturdays with the Pain and the Great One
The Pain and the Great One are back in this super short and enjoyable read aloud that will be sure to keep your students laughing till the end.
J HIRSC Hirsch, Odo Bartlett and the Ice Voyage
The Queen of a mythical kingdom asks an adventurer named Bartlett to bring back from a faraway place a special fruit called the melidrop. Bartlett, plagued by insurmountable odds, is convinced his inventiveness will overcome all obstacles.
J JENKI Jenkins, Emily Toys Go Out
This book contains six stories about three best friends whom just happen to be toys.
J PENNY Pennypacker, Sara Clementine
Clementine is full of humor and fun that kids can relate, too. Young Clementine is having troubles with her best friend, creates several unique hairstyles, and at the same time is trying to help her father get rid of the pigeons near their apartment building.
J TAYLO Taylor, Thoedore Ice Drift
Set in 1848, this book tells the tale of two Inuit brothers who are cast adrift on an ice floe in the Greenland Strait. Their survival skills are put to the test, as well as their ability to work together as siblings.
J811 LEWIS Lewis, J. Patrick Once Upon a Tomb: Gravely Humorous Verse
This collection of humorous epitaphs celebrates the occupation of the deceased, including an underwear salesman, a food critic and a book editor.
JE LEVIN Levine, Ellen Henry's Freedom Box
Henry Brown was separated from his mother when he was young and then later from his wife and children all because of slavery. Henry decided to mail himself to freedom in a packing box to escape slavery. Based on a true story.
JE LITTL Littlesugar, Amy Willy and Max
The touching friendship of a Jewish boy and a German boy during W.W. II. and the secret of the artwork that would someday bring them back together.


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J513.211 CLEME Clements, Andrew A Million Dots
Do you have any idea of how much a million is? It's a lot, isn't it? But can you possibly draw a million dots? How many of you think you can? Well, after reading this book, you'll have a much better idea of how much is a million dots!
JB T79WE Weatherford, Carole Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom
Harriet Tubman was a slave during the 1800s. Like many other slaves, Harriet escaped to freedom in the north. But she had help along the way from strangers who hid her and showed her where to go to find her freedom. All through her ordeal, Harriet never lost her faith in God to show her the way. This is her story of faith in God and faith in man.
JE ERNST Ernst, Lisa Campbell The Turn-Around Upside-Down Alphabet Book
What do you see when you look at letters of the alphabet. What if you turned them 90 degrees, and then another 90 degrees, and then another 90 degrees? What images come to mind. Lisa Campbell Ernst shares her visions of the letters from all angles. The stories can continue as children come up with their own ideas!
JE HOPKI Hopkins, Jamie Mims Gold Miner's Daughter: A Melodramatic Fairy Tale
Will our heroine, Gracie Pearl, be forced to marry the dastardly Mr. Bigglebottom? Or will she be able to come up with the rent money in time? This action-packed fractured fairy tale answers these questions and invites audience participation.
JE KNUDS Knudsen, Michelle Library Lion
A lion visiting his local public library runs into trouble when he tries to both help his new friend, the head librarian, and obey the rules.
JE LITTL Pinkney, Jerry The Little Red Hen
This is a newly illustrated edition of the classic fable about the little hen who is forced to do all of the work-- from planting seeds, harvesting the grain, going to the mill, and finally baking some delicious bread. She's a smart old bird and flatters each animal as she appeals to them to use their particular skill (the dog is a fine digger; the rat, a champion chopper; the goat would be great at pulling; and the pig, well, at pigging) to help. Still, she's met with that familiar refrain "Not I."
JE THOMS Thomson, Sarah Imagine a Night
Imagination takes over in this simple story of the night. The story is inspired by paintings done by Rob Gonsalves.
JE WHEEL Wheeler, Lisa Old Cricket
Old Cricket doesn't feel like helping his wife and neighbors to prepare for winter. He pretends to have all sorts of ailments, that require the doctor's care, but hungry Old Crow has other ideas.
JE WILSO Wilson, Karma How to Bake an American Pie
Rhyming text and illustrations present a recipe for how to bake a pie from all the things that make America great.
JE ZWEIB Zweibel, Alan Our Tree Named Steve
When a storm fells a favorite tree, Dad writes a letter to his children, who are visiting their grandparents, to tell them the bad news. He reminds them of the day the family surveyed the piece of land where their new home would be built. Trees had to be cleared, but this giant, dubbed "Steve" by the youngest who couldn't pronounce "tree," was spared. Through the years, Steve became the family swing, third base, laundry line, campground, and even a first love's favorite meeting place

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