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Read-Aloud Books Too Good To Miss

The Indiana Library Federation publishes this project of AIME (Association for Indiana Media Educators).


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
JE AGEE Agee, Jon Terrific
Terrific, says Eugene when he wins an all-expenses-paid cruise to Bermuda. "I'll probably get a really nasty sunburn." But Eugene's luck is much worse than that. His ship sinks, and he ends up stranded on a tiny island.
JE CHILD Child, Lauren But Excuse Me, That Is My Book
When Lola's favorite book is not on the library's shelf, her older brother, Charlie, tries to find another book she will enjoy.
JE CRIMI Crimi, Carolyn The Louds Move In
When the Loud family moves into the neighborhood alongside Mr. Pitterpatter, Miss Shushermush, and Miss Meekerton, things begin to change.
JE FINCH Finchler, Judy Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind
Miss Malarkey vows to find each of her students a book to love by the end of the school year, but one video-game loving boy proves to be a challenge.
JE GERST Gerstein, Mordicai Carolinda Clatter
The excessively quiet town of Pupickton and the sleeping lovesick giant upon which it was built are both awakened by the joyful noise of a little girl's songs.
JE PALAT Palatini, Margie Oink?
Frustrated because the pigs just lie around in the mud all day, the other animals on the farm try to make them improve themselves.
JE REID Reid, Barbara The Subway Mouse
Remembering childhood stories of a beautiful but dangerous place called Tunnel's End, a mouse named Nib leaves his dirty, crowded home under a busy subway station and sets out on a long journey, joined by Lola, a mouse he meets along the way.
JE SCOTT Scotton, Rob Russell the Sheep
Russell the sheep tries all different ways to get to sleep.
JE STEVE Stevens, Janet The Great Fuzz Frenzy
When a tennis ball lands in a prairie dog town, the residents find that their newfound frenzy for fuzz creates a fiasco.
JE WILLA Willans, Tom Wait! I Want to Tell You a Story
Clever muskrat outwits hungry tiger with his story. Silly tiger! Tigers shouldn't listen to muskrats and their stories...


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J DICAM DiCamillo, Kate The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Edward Tulane, a cold-hearted and proud toy rabbit, loves only himself until he is separated from the little girl who adores him and travels across the country, acquiring new owners and listening to their hopes, dreams, and histories.
J GUTMA Gutman, Dan The Homework Machine
Four fifth-grade students -- a geek, a class clown, a teacher's pet, and a slacker -- as well as their teachers and mothers, each relate events surrounding a computer programmed to complete homework assignments.
J LUBAR Lubar, David Punished!
Logan and his friend Benedict are playing tag in the library. Logan gets caught when he runs into a mysterious man. When Logan doesn't apologize sincerely, the mysterious gentleman punishes him by causing him to speak in puns. Only finding seven examples
J PECK Peck, Richard Here Lies the Librarian
Fourteen-year-old Eleanor "Peewee" McGrath, a tomboy and automobile enthusiast, discovers new possibilities for her future after the 1914 arrival in her small Indiana town of four young librarians.
J WOODW Woodworth, Chris When Ratboy Lived Next Door
When his strange family moves into her quiet southern Indiana town, sixth-grader Lydia Carson initially despises her new neighbor and classmate, who seems as wild as the raccoon that is his closest companion.
J020.92 WINTE Winter, Jeanette The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq
Alia Muhammad Baker is the librarian in Basra, Iraq. For fourteen years, her library has been a meeting place for those who love books. Until now. Now war has come, and Alia fears that the library -- along with the thirty thousand books within it -- will
J811.54 READ Prelutsky, Jack Read a Rhyme, Write a Rhyme
An anthology of poems on 10 popular subjects by well-known poets, combined with Prelutsky's own "poemstarts". Included with each poemstart are suggestions for various ways the reader might continue the poem.
JE MCNUL McNulty, Faith If You Decide To Go To the Moon
Take an imaginary journey and discover the breathtaking beauty of the moon, which 'glows like a pearl in the black, black night'. After you return, you will never see the moon -- or earth -- in quite the same way.--inside front cover.
JE NOBLE Noble, Trinka Hakes The Scarlet Stockings Spy
In 1777 Philadelphia, young Maddy Rose spies for General Washington's army by using an unusual code to communicate with her soldier brother.
JE SCHOT Schotter, Roni The Boy Who Loved Words
Selig, who loves words and copies them on pieces of paper that he carries with him, goes on a trip to discover his purpose. Words. Selig collects them, but what to do with so many luscious words?


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J599.63 HATKO Hatkoff, Isabella Owen & Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship
In December 2004, something astonishing happened: A frightened young hippo, separated from his family by the devastating tsumani in Southeast Asia, adopted an ancient Aldabra tortoise as his 'mother'. And the old tortoise, for years a loner, accepted the
JB P237G Giovanni, Nikki Rosa
Fifty years after her refusal to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama, bus, Mrs. Rosa Parks is still one of the most important figures in the American civil rights movement. This picture-book tribute to Mrs. Parks is a celebration of her courageous a
JE KLOSK Kloske, Geoffrey Once Upon a Time, The End: Asleep in 60 Seconds
A tired father takes only a few sentences to tell a number of classic tales in order to get the persistent listener to fall asleep.
JE LENDL Lendler, Ian An Undone Fairy Tale
When it's illustrator cannot keep up with its reader, a story about a selfish, pie-loving king takes numerous silly detours.
JE MUTH Muth, Jon J. Zen Shorts
When Stillwater the bear moves into the neighborhood, the stories he tells to three siblings teach them to look at the world in new ways.
JE SMITH Smith, Lane John, Paul, George & Ben
A humorous look at five of our country's founding fathers.
JE WILLI Willis, Jeanne Tadpole's Promise
When a caterpillar meets her perfect love, a tadpole, she begs him never to change, but their relationship is doomed.
JE WOODS Woodson, Jacqueline Show Way
The making of "show ways", or quilts which once served as secret maps for freedom-seeking slaves, is a tradition passed from mother to daughter in the author's family.
JE YOUNG Young, Ed My Mei Mei
Antonia gets her wish when her parents return to China to bring home a Mei Mei, or younger sister, for her.

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

This list is maintained by Children's Services Librarians.
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