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Books for Preschoolers

Looking for great books to share with your preschooler? Here you will find a list of books to share with your children from birth through their preschool years.
Animal Stories Especially for Babies
Bedtime Stories Folk and Fairy Tales
Classics Me and My Family
Concept Books School Stories
Cumulative and Pattern Stories Stories in Rhyme

Animal Stories

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
JE CRONI Cronin, Doreen Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type
When Farmer Brown's cows find a typewriter in the barn they start making demands, and go on strike when the farmer refuses to give them what they want.
JE HENKE Henkes, Kevin Kitten's First Full Moon
When Kitten mistakes the full moon for a bowl of milk, she ends up tired, wet, and hungry trying to reach it.
JE KEATS Keats, Ezra Jack Whistle for Willie
Willie longs to be able to whistle for his dog and makes many ingenious attempts.
JE RATHM Rathmann, Peggy Officer Buckle and Gloria
The children at Napville Elementary School always ignore Officer Buckle's safety tips, until a police dog named Gloria accompanies him when he gives his safety speeches.
JE WADDE Waddell, Martin Farmer Duck
When a kind and hardworking duck nearly collapses from overwork while taking care of a farm because the owner is too lazy to do so, the rest of the animals get together and chase the farmer out of town.
JE YOLEN Yolen, Jane Owl Moon
On a winter's night under a full moon, a father and daughter trek into the woods to see the Great Horned Owl.

Bedtime Stories

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
JE FOX Fox, Mem Time for Bed
As darkness falls, parents everywhere try to get their children ready for sleep.
JE HOBAN Hoban, Russell Bedtime for Frances
Frances finds it difficult to go to sleep with the strange noises and menacing shapes that seem to fill her room after dark.
JE HUTCH Hutchins, Pat Good-night, Owl!
Because all the other animals' noises keep him from sleeping, Owl watches for a chance to take his revenge.
JE MCBRA McBratney, Sam Guess How Much I Love You
During a bedtime game, every time Little Nutbrown Hare demonstrates how much he loves his father, Big Nutbrown Hare gently shows him that the love is returned even more.
JE RATHM Rathmann, Peggy Good Night, Gorilla
An unobservant zookeeper is followed home by all the animals he thinks he has left behind in the zoo.
JE WILLE Willems, Mo Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!
A pigeon comes up with many reasons why he should not go to bed.
JE YOLEN Yolen, Jane How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?
Mother and child ponder the different ways a dinosaur can say good night, from slamming his tail and pouting to giving a big hug and kiss.


Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
JE CORDU Freeman, Don Corduroy
A toy bear in a department store searches for a button missing from his overalls, but finds instead the thing he misses most, a home.
JE LEAF Leaf, Munro The Story of Ferdinand
A gentle bull who likes to sit quietly and smell flowers is entered in a bullfight.
JE LIONN Lionni, Leo Swimmy
Swimmy is the tale of a shy fish who turns into a clever and courageous leader.
JE MARSH Marshall, James George and Martha
Relates several episodes in the friendship of two hippopotamuses.
JE MCCLO McCloskey, Robert Make Way for Ducklings
Mr. and Mrs. Mallard proudly return to their home in the Boston Public Garden with their eight offspring.
JE PIPER Piper, Watty The Little Engine that Could
When the other engines refuse, the Little Blue Engine tries to pull a stranded train full of toys and good food over the mountain.
JE POTTE Potter, Beatrix The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Naughty Peter Rabbit disobeys his mother by going into Mr. McGregor's garden and almost gets caught.
JE CURIO Rey, H. A. Curious George
The curiosity of a newly-captured monkey gets him into continual trouble.
JE SENDA Sendak, Maurice Where the Wild Things Are
A naughty little boy, sent to bed without his supper, sails to the land of the wild things where he becomes their king.
JE TABAC Taback, Simms Joseph Had a Little Overcoat
A very old overcoat is recycled numerous times into a variety of garments.

Concept Books

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
JE AYLES Aylesworth, Jim Old Black Fly
Rhyming text and illustrations follow a mischievous old black fly through the alphabet as he has a very busy bad day landing where he should not be.
JE CARLE Carle, Eric From Head to Toe
Encourages the reader to exercise by following the movement of various animals; presented in a question and answer format.
JE CARLE Carle, Eric The Very Hungry Caterpillar
A hungry little caterpillar eats his way through a varied and very large quantity of food until, full at last, he forms a cocoon around himself and goes to sleep.
JE EHLER Ehlert, Lois Color Zoo
Visit the Color Zoo, and see all sorts of shapes and colors!
JE EHLER Ehlert, Lois Eating the Alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z
An alphabetic tour of the world of fruits and vegetables, from apricot and artichoke to yam and zucchini.
JE EHLER Ehlert, Lois Planting a Rainbow
A mother and child plant a rainbow of flowers in the family garden.
JE MARTI Martin, Bill Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Children see a variety of animals, each one a different color, and a mother looking at them.
JE MARTI Martin, Bill Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
An alphabet rhyme/chant that relates what happens when the whole alphabet tries to climb a coconut tree.
JE WALSH Walsh, Ellen Stoll Mouse Paint
Three white mice discover jars of red, blue and yellow paint and explore the world of color.

Cumulative and Pattern Stories

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J398.2 BRETT Brett, Jan The Mitten: A Ukrainian Folktale
A retelling of the traditional tale of how a boy's lost mitten becomes a refuge from the cold for an increasing number of animals.
J398.2 BROWN Brown, Marcia Stone Soup
When three hungry soldiers come to a town where all the food has been hidden, they set out to make soup of water and stones, and all the town enjoys a feast.
J398.21 Egielski, Richard The Gingerbread Boy
A freshly baked gingerbread boy escapes when he is taken out of the oven and eludes his pursuers until he meets a clever fox.
J398.21 Marshall, James Goldilocks and the Three Bears
While three bears go for a spin on their bicycle, a naughty little girl enters their house, eats a bowl of porridge, tries out their chairs and beds, and falls asleep.
J398.24 Galdone, Paul The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Three clever billy goats outwit a big ugly troll that lives under the bridge they must cross on their way up the mountain.
J398.24 KIMME Kimmel, Eric A. Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock
Anansi the Spider uses a strange moss-covered rock in the forest to trick all the other animals, until Little Bush Deer decides he needs to learn a lesson.
JE FEIFF Feiffer, Jules Bark, George
The story of a dog that meows, oinks, and generally does everything but bark.
JE FOX Fox, Mem Hattie and the Fox
Hattie, a big black hen, discovers a fox in the bushes, which creates varying reactions in the other barnyard animals.
JE GAG Gag, Wanda Millions of Cats
How can an old man and his wife select one cat from a choice of millions and trillions?
JE GINSB Ginsburg, Mirra Mushroom in the Rain
How can an ant, butterfly, mouse, sparrow, and rabbit all take shelter from the rain under the same mushroom when originally there was only room for the ant?
JE HUTCH Hutchins, Pat Titch
Nothing Titch owned amounted to much except the smallest thing of all--a seed.
JE NEITZ Neitzel, Shirley The Jacket I Wear in the Snow
A young girl names all the clothes that she must wear to play in the snow.
JE NUMER Numeroff, Laura Joffe If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Relating the cycle of requests a mouse is likely to make after you give him a cookie takes the reader through a young child's day.
JE ROSEN Rosen, Michael We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Brave hunters go through grass, a river, mud, and other obstacles before the inevitable encounter with the bear forces a headlong retreat.
JE SLOBO Slobodkina, Esphyr Caps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys, and Their Monkey Business
The monkeys steal the peddler's caps while he is asleep.

Especially for Babies

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J782.72 PINKN Pinkney, J. Brian Hush, Little Baby
An illustrated version of the traditional folk song in which a father promises the world to his restless baby daughter.
J793.7 HAND Hand Rhymes
Fingerplays and nursery rhymes collected and illustrated by Marc Brown.
JE BROWN Brown, Margaret Wise Goodnight Moon
Say goodnight to each of the objects in the great green room: goodnight house, goodnight mouse, goodnight air, goodnight chair.
JE FLEMI Fleming, Denise The Everything Book
A collection of simple works which introduce colors, shapes, numbers, animals, food, and nursery rhymes.
JE MEYER Meyers, Susan Everywhere Babies
Describes babies and the things they do from the time they are born until their first birthday.
JE MURPH Murphy, Mary I Kissed the Baby
Various animals tell how they saw, fed, sang to, tickled, and kissed the new duckling.
JE OXENB The Helen Oxenbury Nursery Collection
Presents a collection of more than 25 classic nursery rhymes and stories illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

Folk and Fairy Tales

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J398.2 MOSEL Mosel, Arlene Tikki Tikki Tembo
When the eldest son fell in the well and most of the time getting help was spent pronouncing the name of the one in trouble, the Chinese, according to legend, decided to give all their children short names.
J398.2 ZELIN Zelinsky, Paul O. Rapunzel
A retelling of a folktale in which a beautiful girl with long golden hair is kept imprisoned in a lonely tower by a sorceress. Includes a note on the origins of the story.
J398.20972 MORAL Morales, Yuyi Just a Minute: A Trickster Tale and Counting Book
In this version of a traditional tale, Se˝or Calavera arrives at Grandma Beetle's door, ready to take her to the next life, but after helping her count, in English and Spanish, as she makes her birthday preparations, he changes his mind.
JE DEPAO De Paola, Tomie Strega Nona: Her Story
Grandma Concetta heals everyone with her remedies and advice, and when she retires, she leaves Nona her magic pasta pot with its secret ingredient.
JE PINKN Pinkney, Jerry The Ugly Duckling
An ugly duckling spends an unhappy year ostracized by the other animals before he grows into a beautiful swan.
JE STEPT Steptoe, John Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale
Mufaro's two beautiful daughters, one bad-tempered, one kind and sweet, go before the king, who is choosing a wife.

Me and My Family

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
JE FALCO Falconer, Ian Olivia
Whether at home getting ready for the day, enjoying the beach, or at bedtime, Olivia is a feisty pig who has too much energy for her own good.
JE HOFFM Hoffman, Mary Amazing Grace
Although a classmate says that she cannot play Peter Pan in the school play because she is black, Grace discovers that she can do anything she sets her mind to do.
JE RYLAN Rylant, Cynthia The Relatives Came
The relatives come to visit from Virginia and everyone has a wonderful time.
JE VIORS Viorst, Judith Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
On a day when everything goes wrong for him, Alexander is consoled by the thought that other people have bad days, too.
JE WABER Waber, Bernard Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile
Lyle is perfectly happy living with the Primms on East 88th Street until irritable Mr. Grumps next door changes all that.
JE WILLI Williams, Vera B. A Chair for My Mother
A child, her waitress mother, and her grandmother save dimes to buy a comfortable armchair after all their furniture is lost in a fire.
S J 306.85 LOMAS Lomas Garza, Carmen Magic Windows
In Spanish and English, Carmen Lomas Garza portrays her family's Mexican customs through cut-paper work.

School Stories

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
JE CARLS Carlson, Nancy L. Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!
Even though Henry is looking forward to going to kindergarten, he is not sure about staying once he gets there.
JE CREWS Crews, Donald School Bus
Follows the progress of school buses as they take children to school and bring them home again.
JE HENKE Henkes, Kevin Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
Lilly loves everything about school, especially her teacher, but when he asks her to wait a while before showing her new purse, she does something for which she is very sorry later.
JE HEST Hest, Amy Off to School, Baby Duck!
Baby Duck experiences the fear of the first day of school, but with a little help from Grampa, everything turns out okay in the end.
JE SCHWA Schwartz, Amy Annabelle Swift, Kindergartner
Although some of the things her older sister taught her at home seem a little unusual at school, other lessons help make Annabelle's first day in kindergarten a success.
JE SHANN Shannon, David David Goes to School
David's activities in school include chewing gum, talking out of turn, and engaging in a food fight, causing his teacher to say over and over, "No, David!"
JE SLATE Slate, Joseph Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten
Introduces the letters of the alphabet as Miss Bindergarten and her students get ready for kindergarten.
JE WELLS Wells, Rosemary Timothy Goes to School
Timothy learns about being accepted and making friends during the first week of his first year at school.

Stories in Rhyme

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J398.8 MY My Very First Mother Goose
A collection of more than sixty nursery rhymes including "Hey Diddle, Diddle", "Pat- a-Cake", "Little Jack Horner", and "Pussycat, Pussycat". Illustrated by Rosemary Wells.
J782.42164 HORT Hort, Lenny The Seals on the Bus
Different animals--including seals, tigers, geese, rabbits, monkeys, and more--make their own sounds as they ride all around the town on a bus.
J784.6 Raffi Down by the Bay
In this song, two children imagine their mothers asking, "Did you ever see a goose kissing a moose, a fly wearing a tie, or llamas eating their pajamas down by the bay?"
J811 Merriam, Eve What in the World?
A poetic guessing game that offers clues about the appearance and behavior of a variety of animals.
JE ALBOR Alborough, Jez Duck in the Truck
Duck's truck is stuck. Will he ever get his truck out of the muck?
JE BEMEL Bemelmans, Ludwig Madeline
Tells of the adventures of Madeline, the smallest and naughtiest of the twelve little charges of Miss Clavel.
JE CHRIS Christelow, Eileen Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
A counting book in which one by one the little monkeys jump on the bed only to fall off and bump their heads.
JE DEGEN Degen, Bruce Jamberry
A little boy walking in the forest meets a big lovable bear who takes him on a delicious berry-picking adventure in the magical world of Berryland.
JE GUARI Guarino, Deborah Is Your Mama a Llama?
A young llama asks his friends if their mamas are llamas and finds out, in rhyme, that their mothers are other types of animals.
JE HARPE Harper, Charise Mericle There Was a Bold Lady who Wanted a Star
In this variation of the traditional cumulative rhyme, a feisty woman tries roller skates, a bicycle, and even a rocket to reach a star.
JE KIRK Kirk, David Miss Spider's Tea Party
When lonely Miss Spider tries to host a tea party, the other bugs refuse to come for fear of being eaten!
JE MCPHAI McPhail, David M. Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore!
Pigs galore invade a house and have a wonderful party.
JE SEUSS Seuss, Dr. Horton Hears a Who
Horton tries to protect the tiny town of Whoville and its inhabitants, the Whos, from a "sour" kangaroo and a whole family of mischievous monkeys.
JE SHAW Shaw, Nancy Sheep in a Jeep
Tells of the misadventures of a group of sheep that go riding in a jeep.
JE SIERR Sierra, Judy Wild about Books
A librarian names Mavis McGrew introduces the animals in the zoo to the joy of reading when she drives her bookmobile to the zoo by mistake.
JE WILLI Williams, Sue I Went Walking
During the course of a walk, a young boy identifies animals of different colors.
JE WILSO Wilson, Karma Moose Tracks!
A homeowner remembers visits from all the animals whose tracks, feathers, and other traces are visible--except for the moose whose prints are everywhere.

This list was compiled and is maintained by Children's Services librarians. Other materials may be available. If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please ask a librarian in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

General comments and suggestions can be sent to to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at
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