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Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J Bunting, Eve Your Move
When ten-year-old James' gang initiation endangers his six-year-old brother Isaac, they find the courage to say, "Thanks, but no thanks."
J ERSKI Erskine, Kathryn Mockingbird
Ten-year-old Caitlin, who has Asperger's Syndrome and who's older brother was killed in a school shooting, struggles to understand emotions, show empathy, and make friends at school.
J Heide, Florence Parry Sami and the Time of the Troubles
A ten-year-old Lebanese boy goes to school, helps his mother with chores, plays with his friends, and lives with his family in a basement shelter when bombings occur and fighting begins on his street.
J MCCUT McCutcheon, John Christmas in the Trenches
A World War I veteran tells his grandson of his experiences in 1914, when British and German soldiers declared a truce from fighting to celebrate Christmas together.
J Mochizuki, Ken Heroes
Japanese American Donnie, whose playmates insist he be the "bad guy" in their war games, calls on his reluctant father and uncle to help him get away from that role.
J155.937 LEE Lee, Marlene The Hero in My Pocket
Addresses the grief children in military families experience when a parent or caregiver has died.
J155.937 Loftis, Chris The Boy Who Sat by the Window: Helping Children Cope with Violence
The story of a little boy's reaction to the death of his friend by a random drive-by shooting.
J302 Payne, Lauren Murphy We Can Get Along: A Child's Book of Choices
In simple text, describes how it feels when people get along well together and when they do not, and explains that one has control over how one reacts in both kinds of situations.
J303.6 Sanders, Pete Feeling Violent
This book is intended to help young people understand more how violence affects their lives.
J303.6 WEBST Webster-Doyle, Terrence Tug of War: Peace through Understanding Conflict
Discusses how war starts and how to resolve conflicts nonviolently. Includes review questions and activities.
J305.8 Green, Jen Dealing with Racism
A discussion of racism, possible explanations for it, and ways to end it.
J305.8 Shaughnessy, Diane Let's Talk About Racism
Discusses the nature of racism, possible explanations for it, and ways to end it.
J305.906914 ROBIN Robinson, Anthony Mohammed's Journey
When Saddam's soldiers came to his house, beat him and his mother and took his father away, Mohammed never saw his father again. This is his story.
J355.02 Brownlie, Ali Why Do People Fight Wars?
Explores issues related to war, such as causes, types, results, and peacekeeping efforts, illustrated by examples of armed conflicts throughout history and throughout the world.
J355.02 MARSH Marsh, Carole 20 Good Things Kids Can Do in Times of War / 20 Good Things Kids Can Do in Times of Peace
J355.02 MARSH Marsh, Carole War: What Kids Should Know
There are lots of things kids don't need to know about war. But there are many logical and legitimate questions that they want and need the answers to...--back cover.
J355.02 ROGER Rogers, Robyn Use Your Words: A Child's Struggle to Understand the Concept of War
Caringly addresses the tough concepts of war, peace, and patriotism.
J355.12 KAY Kay, Ellie Heroes at Home
Filled with actual stories of Ellie Kay's and others' life in the military, this encouraging book provides helpful guidance to families on active duty and insight to their extended families, friends, and churches.
J363.3 Schulson, Rachel Guns: What You Should Know
Describes different kinds of guns, explains how they are used, warns of possible dangers they present, and spells out simple rules to ensure gun safety.
J363.33 APEL, 2004 Apel, Lorelei Dealing with Weapons at School and at Home
Points out the danger of having weapons at school and at home and offers tips on how to avoid getting hurt or hurting others.
J364.1 Williams, Stanley Tookie Speaks Out Against Gang Violence (series)
Titles in series include: Gangs and Self Esteem, Gangs and Drugs, Gangs and Weapons, and Gangs and Wanting to Belong, Gangs and Your Friends, Gangs and Violence, Gangs and the Abuse of Power, Gangs and Your Neighborhood
J810.8 The Big Book for Peace
The wisdom of peace and the absurdity of fighting are demonstrated in seventeen stories and poems by outstanding authors of today such as Jean Fritz, Milton Meltzer, and Nancy Willard, illustrated by famous illustrators such as Paul Zelinsky, the Dillons, and Maurice Sendak.
J811.008 AMERI America at War
A collection of poems and paintings that "trace the emotions of warfare from the American Revolution to the Iraq War"--inside front cover.
J811.54 GREEN Greenfield, Eloise When the Horses Ride By: Children in the Times of War
Collection of poems about children around the world, focusing on the children's perceptions of war and how the turmoil of war affects their lives.--Publisher.
J956.7 ELLIS Ellis, Deborah Children of War: Voices of Iraqi Refugees
Interviews with Iraqi children who have been displaced by the war in Iraq.
J956.7 POFFE Poffenberger, Nancy M. Iraq, 2003
Written by a former elementary school teacher, author, mother and grandmother in an attempt to explain to children and young adults the events that led up to the Iraq War, as well as some of the main events of the war.
J976.6 Dear Oklahoma City, Get Well Soon
A collection of letters from American children to those affected by the Oklahoma city bombing, with statements from some adults involved in the rescue and clean-up operations.
JE BECKW Beckwith, Kathy Playing War
Dan, Jen, Jeff and Luke enjoy dividing into soldiers and enemies to play war, but when Sameer, a new boy in the neighborhood, tells of losing his family in a real war, they feel differently about the game.
JE BEREN Berenstain, Stan and Jan The Berenstain Bears and No Guns Allowed
When an increase in rudeness and aggressive behavior is noticed at Bear Country School, teachers and parents decide that something must be done.
JE Bunting, Eve Smoky Night
When the Los Angeles riots break out in the streets of their neighborhood, a young boy and his mother learn the value of getting along with others no matter what their background or nationality.
JE Bunting, Eve The Wall
A boy and his father visit a relative's name on the Vietnam Memorial.
JE BUNTI Bunting, Eve Walking to School
When the path to 8-year-old Allison's Catholic school goes through hostile Protestant territory in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Allison finds she is not alone in her loathing of the situation.
JE CALI Cali, Davide The Enemy: A Book about Peace
After watching an enemy for a very long time during an endless war, a soldier finally creeps out into the night to the other man's hole and is surprised by what he finds there.
JE Cohn, Janice Why Did It Happen?: Helping Young Children Cope in a Violent World
With the help of his parents and teacher, a young boy deals with his feelings about the robbery of the neighborhood grocery store. Included is a note to parents.
JE DECKER Decker, Tim The Letter Home
A medic sent to the front lines in the trenches of World War I writes a letter home to his young son.
JE Emberley, Barbara Drummer Hoff
Soldiers build a magnificent cannon with less than favorable results.
JE FOREM Foreman, Michael A Child's Garden: A Story of Hope
Living in ruin and rubble with a wire fence and soldiers separating him from the cool hills where his father used to take him as a small child, a boy's tiny, green plant shoot gives him hope in a bleak landscape.
JE Fox, Mem Feathers and Fools
A modern fable about peacocks and swans who allow their fears of differences to become so great that they end up destroying each other.
JE Kuskin, Karla The Upstairs Cat
The fights between a mean, old cat and a lean, young cat always end in a draw and result in a waste of energy which proves the futility of war.
JE MCPHA McPhail, David No!
…a child sets out to deliver a letter and witnesses acts of war on his way…--front flap.
JE Novak, Matt The Pillow War
When a brother and sister have a pillow fight to decide which of them will get to sleep with the dog, their battle escalates to engulf the world.
JE Polacco, Patricia Pink and Say
Say Curtis describes his meeting with Pinkus Aylee, a black soldier, during the Civil War, and their capture by Southern troops.
JE Popov, Nikolai Why?
A frog, peacefully sitting in a meadow, is suddenly attacked by an umbrella-wielding mouse in a confrontation that quickly turns into a full-scale war.
JE Rosenberg, Liz The Silence in the Mountains
When his family leaves their war-torn country to come to live in America, a young boy has trouble adjusting, until his grandfather helps him find what he had missed most.
JE Seuss, Dr. The Butter Battle Book
The Zooks and Yooks are at war over butter and bread -- on which side should one spread? Each side is convinced their way of buttering is the best way around and they're willing to fight to prove it.
JE SPORT Sportelli-Rehak, Angela Uncle Sam's Kids: When Duty Calls
Three children discover Daddy will leave on deployment. They learn fun ways to deal with separation anxiety and show they care while Dad is gone.
JE VANDE Vander Zee, Ruth Always with You
Orphaned at the age of four when her village in Viet Nam is bombed, Kim is rescued by soldiers and raised in an orphanage, always finding comfort in her mother's last words--"Don't be afraid. I will always be with you."
JE Velthuijs, Max The Poor Woodcutter and the Dove
The woodcutter uses the wishes he has been granted foolishly and eventually is back where he began - chopping wood.
JE WILLI Williams, Karen Lynn My Name is Sangoel
As a refugee from Sudan to the United States, Sangoel is frustrated that no one can pronounce his name correctly until he finds a clever way to solve the problem.


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Student Pledge Against Gun Violence

War Toys and the Simulation of Violence by Children

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