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Noah's Ark Variants


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J220.95 Brown, Rick Who Built the Ark?
"Bright pictures unfold with each verse of the lively musical version of a favorite biblical story. When children have finished the simple counting of animals parading onto the ark, they will cheer for the end result -- a scene that stretches over six feet!"
J220.9505 Ganeri, Anita Noah and the Ark and Other Stories
Simple text and illustrations recount four classic stories from the Christian faith that introduce key beliefs and festivals.
J221.9 Araten, Harry Two by Two: Favorite Bible Stories
Presents popular stories from the Old Testament, in simple text and illustrations.
J222.1 Amery, Heather Noah's Ark
Young readers can start with the simple, single line of text across the top of the page and work their way up to the more advanced lines below
J222.1 Cousins, Lucy Noah's Ark
A simple retelling of the Bible story in which Noah builds an ark and saves two of each kind of animal from the great Flood.
J222.1 Elborn, Andrew Noah & the Ark & the Animals
Retells the story of Noah, the ark, and the flood from the point of view of the animals.
J222.1 Fussenegger, Gertrud Noah's Ark
Retells the story of how Noah and the animals survived the flood.
J222.1 Gauch, Patricia Lee Noah
A prose poem that places the biblcal tale of Noah's flood in an African setting.
J222.1 Geisert, Arthur The Ark
Geisert's etchings dramatize life on the ark at the time of the Flood.
J222.1 Gergely, Tibor The Noah's Ark Book
A retelling in simple text and illustrations of how Noah saved all the different kinds of animals from the great flood.
J222.1 Graham, Lorenz B. God Wash the World and Start Again
The crisis of the flood and how Noah survived it as told by Liberians who have recently learned English.
J222.1 Haubensak-Tellenback, Margrit The Story of Noah's Ark
J222.1 Hogrogian, Nonny Noah's Ark
Retells the Old Testament story of how Noah built an ark and saved one pair of every species of animal on the earth when God sent the great flood.
J222.1 Jeffs, Stephanie The Flood, the Ark, and the Rainbow
Retells the traditional story with full-color illustrations.
J222.1 Jones, Harold Noah and the Ark
J222.1 Lewis, J. Patrick The Boat of Many Rooms: The Story of Noah in Verse
Retells in verse the story of Noah's ark which saves two of every kind of animal while a flood purges the earth.
J222.1 Mee, Charles L. Noah
Retells the story of how Noah and his family built the ark and saved the animals from the Great Flood.
J222.1 Palazzo, Tony Noah's Ark
J222.1 PINKN Pingry, Patricia A. The Story of Noah
A simple retelling of the Biblical story from Genesis in which Noah builds an ark which saves him and his family from the flood waters that cover the Earth.
J222.1 PINKN Pinkney, Jerry Noah's Ark
Retells the biblical story of the great flood and how Noah and his family faithfully responded to God's call to save life on earth.
J222.1 Reid, Barbara Two by Two
A retelling in verse of the Old Testament story about the survival of Noah, his family, and animals during forty days and nights of rain.
J222.1 Spier, Peter Noah's Ark
The bee and the fox, the sheep and the ox--two of each kind trudged aboard Noah's famous vessel. Peter Spier uses his own translation of a seventeenth-century Dutch poem about this most famous menagerie.
J222.1 Wiesner, William Noah's Ark
J222.1 Wynants, Miche Noah's Ark
J222.11 BRETT Brett, Jan On Noah's Ark
In this board-book edition of her "New York Times"-bestselling picture book, Brett imagines the story of Noah through the eyes of his granddaughter. Full color.
J222.11 BROWN Brown, Janet Allison Noah's Ark
A simple retelling of the Bible story in which Noah obeys God and builds an ark to save him and his family from the flood waters that cover the earth.
J222.11 Carlson, Melody The Ark That Noah Built
Take a wild ride on Noah's Ark! And see what happens when a boatload of animals are cooped up for too long.
J222.11 Figley, Marty Rhodes Noah's Wife
A retelling of the Biblical flood story focusing on Noah's wife and how preparations for the flood disrupted her life, but how she accepted these disruptions in trust and faith.
J222.11 GREEN Greene, Rhonda Gowler Noah & the Mighty Ark
The tiny gnat and the BIG, BLACK BEAR ride along with Noah and the animals on the mighty ark.
J222.11 Hayward, Linda Noah's Ark
Illus. in full color. The story of the most famous menagerie ever is presented in a retelling created especially for the very youngest beginning reader.
J222.11 Hopkins, Mary Rice Noah
Retells the Biblical story of Noah, who followed God's instructions to build an ark which saved his family and two of every kind of animal from the great flood.
J222.11 JANIS Janisch, Heinz Noah's Ark
Retells the story of the great flood with which God destroyed all the world, except Noah, his family, and the animals he carried on the Ark.
J222.11 Kuskin, Karla The Animals and the Ark
Noah fears a mutiny of biblical proportions in this story of what "really" happened on the ark. Full color. plus gatefold.
J222.11 Larcombe, Jennifer Rees The Best Boat Ever Built
Everybody is doing bad things except for Noah and his family, so when God commands Noah to build an ark he obeys, even when everyone laughs at him.
J222.11 Mackall, Dandi Daley No, No, Noah!
A young monkey is afraid to leave familiar surrounds to join the other animals on Noah's ark until he decides to trust God.
J222.11 MAIER Maier, Paul L. The Real Story of the Flood
"...explains the Great Flood in a unique way. No myth or romanticized version, here is the true story of mankind's second chance and our loving God's promise to preserve us for all time."--Jacket.
J222.11 McCardell, K. W. BibleRhymes' Noah and the Ark
"This retelling of a Bible story allows children to step into Noah's shoes and understand the sacrifices he made and the challenges that he and his family faced as they attempted to carry out the Lord's will"--Back cover.
J222.11 McCarthy, Michael The Story of Noah and the Ark
Rhyming text and color illustrations bring the story of Noah to life.
J222.11 Neitzel, Shirley This Is the Ark That Noah Built
"This is the ark that Noah built presents a traditional faith story in a fun, effective way"--Cover back.
J222.11 NOAH Roos, Maryn Noah Builds an Ark
Told in pleasing rhyme, as animals come to the ark, "just as God told them to. They came by the hundreds, two by two. Two by two."
J222.11 REINH Reinhart, Matthew The Ark: A Pop-Up
Matthew Reinhart has created a stunning pop-up version of the classic Bible storyThe Ark.This faithful retelling is accompanied by glorious artwork and intricate paper engineering -- sure to captivate readers of all ages.
J222.11 ROBER Robertson, Jenny Safe in the Ark
J222.11 ROCK Rock, Lois The First Rainbow
The story of Noah and the great flood, retold with simplicity from the Bible.
J222.11 Simon, Mary Manz Noah Builds a Boat
When God tells Noah that a great flood is coming, Noah obeys the Lord's command to build an ark and collect two of every living creature.
J222.11 STORY Spirin, Gennadiy The Story of Noah and the Ark: According to the Book of Genesis: From the King James Bible
Illustrations accompany the Biblical text telling how Noah obeyed God's command to build an ark in order to survive the great flood.
J222.11 STORY The Story of Noah: Pop-up Storybook
J222.11 TEBBS Tebbs, Victoria Noah's Ark Story
J222.11 WHO Brown, Rick Who Built the Ark?
The age-old story, now made even more appealing to kids thanks to a fresh, imaginative design.
J222.11 Wilson, Anne Noah's Ark
Presents the Old Testament story in which Noah buils a huge ark that keeps his family and two of every kind of animal safe during a great flood.
J222.11 Winch, John Two by Two
Narrated from the point of view of the animals, this timeless story of Noah and the great flood--beautifully rendered in exquisite paintings--subtly encourages contemporary readers to be attentive to the natural world's beauty and its needs. Full color.
J222.11 Wiskur, Darrell The Really Big Barn on Noah's Farm
"What happened to Noah's Ark when the flood was over?"
J222.11 WORME Wormell, Christopher The Animals Came Two by Two: The Story of Noah's Ark
JE Harker, Lesley Annie's Ark
The timeless story of Noah's Ark is retold for young readers from the perspective of Annie, Noah's spunky granddaughter, in this charming new twist on the classic. Full-color illustrations.
JE Hooper, Patricia A Stormy Ride on Noah's Ark
Wondering how they can get to sleep aboard Noah's Ark, the different animals learn that they must trust each other.
JE Lenski, Lois Mr. And Mrs. Noah
Retells the Old Testament story of Noah, who built an ark which held his family and the animals during the forty days of the flood.
JE MONRO Monroe, Colleen A is for Ark: Noah's Journey
Includes engaging, vivid illustrations coupled with humorous rhyming to captivate children as they discover animals and letters while learning the Biblical story of Noah.
JER NOAH Noah and God's Great Promise
Retells, in illustrations and simple text, the biblical story of Noah, from the time God told him to build an ark through God's promise never to send a flood again.
J BOARDBK Reasoner, Charles Inside Noah's Ark
A retelling in rhyme of the Bible story of Noah's ark.
J BOARDBK NOAH Noah and the Ark: A Story about Being Thankful
Includes interactive DVD.
J BOARDBK WADE Wade, Connie Noah's Ark
"Mr. Noah, built an ark. Built it out of gopher bark." The story of Noah's ark is told to the tune of "This Old Man."
DVD J222.11 NOAH McGillis, Kelly Noah & the Ark
The classic story of Noah, who is told by God to build an ark and save two of every animal from a world-destroying flood.


J L'Engle, Madeleine Many Waters
The fifteen-year-old Murry twins, Sandy and Dennys, are accidentally sent back to a strange Biblical time period, in which mythical beasts roam the desert and a man named Noah is building a boat in preparation for a great flood.
J MCCAU McCaughrean, Geraldine Not the End of the World: A Novel
Noah's daughter, daughters-in-law, sons, wife, and the animals describe what it was like to be aboard the ark while they watched everyone around them drown.
J Wildsmith, Brian Professor Noah's Spaceship
As the forest begins to change, the animals and birds, no longer happy there, fly away in Professor Noah's amazing spaceship. Where do they go and what do they find there?
J222.1 Gerstein, Mordicai Noah and the Great Flood
A retelling of the Old Testament story of how Noah and his family were saved, along with two of every living creature, when God destroyed the wicked of the world with a devastating flood.
J222.1 Goodhart, Pippa Noah Makes a Boat
Noah and his grandson, Little Noah, build a great boat, collect the animals, and survive the great Flood.
J222.1 Jonas, Ann Aardvarks, Disembark
After the flood, Noah calls out of the ark a variety of little- known animals, many of which are now endagered.
J222.1 Lundy, Charlotte Thank You, Noah
Inspired by the Biblical story of Noah and the ark, Elaine learns that her love for horses means more to her than coming in first in a horse show.
J222.1 Pierce, David and Chonda Tales from the Ark
The story of Noah's Ark told from the animals' perspective.
J222.1 Rouss, Sylvia The Littlest Pair
As the animals line up, two-by-two, ready to enter the Ark, termites, the littlest pair appear. The other animals protest , but the termites save the day with some excellent munching and crunching, to become the biggest littlest heroes on the Ark.
J222.1 Sting Rock Steady
A verse retelling of the story of Noah's Ark set in modern times.
J222.1 SUTER Suter, Janine Noah's Floating Animal Park
This book reveals biblical truth to children on Noah and the Flood, the full-color visuals and brilliant rhymes bring the account alive!
J222.1 Webb, Clifford The Story of Noah
J222.11 DANDI Dandi The Story of Noah
J222.11 Monte, Richard The Flood Tales
Cohen's illustrations resemble those found in many picture books about Noah and the ark. The animals, the huge ship, and the beleaguered humans all appear in the pages. However, the narrative as recorded in Noah's logbook contains a dark version of the tale.
J222.11 Morris, John Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure
The search for Noah's Ark is one of the greatest de-tective stories of modern times. Discover what the world was like before the Flood. What was it like when men and dinosaurs lived side by side? Just how did Noah get all those animals into the Ark?
J222.11 Morris, John Noah's Ark Noah's Flood: Lots of Water Lots of Mud
The third book in the "DJ and Tracker John" series, this colorful retelling of the Noah's Ark myth relies upon the author's knowledge of geology to give readers a peek into the deluge that altered history and changed the face of the Earth.
J222.11 RISE Rise and Shine!
Rise and shineand give Godyour glory!
J222.11 Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg Noah's Wife: The Story of Naamah
Noah's wife Naamah is called upon by God to gather the seeds of every type of plant on Earth and bring them safely onto the ark before the great flood.
J222.11 STEWI Stewig, John Warren The Animals Watched, an Alphabet Book
As storm clouds gather in the sky above, the animals of Noah's ark offer their own version of the story from the Bible.
J222.11 TAYLO Taylor, Damon J. The Ark and the Park : the story of Noah
During school recess, Coleman and his backpack full of sock buddies are minding their own business until Francis, the school bully, shows up and starts teasing Coleman for praying before eating lunch. Coleman denies praying but his sock buddies are quick to remind him of the story of Noah and how he withstood the taunts of his neighbors as he worked for years building a boat far from the ocean.
J268.432 LANE Lane, Leena Step by Step Noah's Ark
Enjoy creating a model of Noah's ark complete with accompanying animals with this book. Each spread tells part of the story of Noah in rhyming couplets. This is accompanied by a list of things needed and very simple, step-by-step instructions to make each of the elements in the story.
J398.2 Philip, Neil Noah and the Devil: A Legend of Noah's Ark from Romania
A retelling of the story of Noah's ark, embellished with elements from Romanian folklore, including how the devil sneaked aboard, the reason Noah threw a cat overboard, and the role of a snake in saving the ark.
J590 Hooper, Meredith Animals in the Ark
J759.9492 Poortvliet, Ren Noah's Ark
The author, a popular Dutch artist, presents paintings of Noah's ark and its animals, both on the ark and in their natural settings
JE ADAMS Adams, Michelle Medlock Conversations on the Ark
The animals aboard Noah's ark discuss their situation, what is in store for them, and their need to trust God.
JE Allen, Jonathan Two by Two by Two
The animals on Noah's ark pass the time in a variety of useful and ridiculous ways.
JE BENTL Bently, Peter A Lark in the Ark: A Loopy Lift-the-Flap Book
"Have a lark in the ark with Noah and the animals as they play hide and seek...A very silly book that will have children roaring with laughter every time they read it!" --Cover.
JE BLACK Black, Cuyler Get me to the ark on time
A flamingo, continually interrupted by an anteater, tells a story of two giraffes on Noah's ark who attempt to rescue a pair of turtles in danger of being trapped outside as the waters rise.
JE Coplestone, Lis Noah's Bed
On Noah's Ark, Little Eber is too frightened by the storm outside to go to sleep, so he climbs into Grandpa Noah and Grandma Nora's cozy bed. Or so he thinks. Visually humorous artwork and imaginative text feature lots of surprises. Full color.
JE CULLE Cullen, Lynn Little Scraggly Hair: A Dog on Noah's Ark
At a time when men and dogs are not friendly, Scraggly Hair helps Noah build an ark and round up the pairs of animals it will carry, but conditions on the boat turn his warm, dry nose to a cold, wet one.
JE EITZE Eitzen, Ruth Tara's Flight
Aram, a grandson of Noah, is responsible for taking care of the birds on the ark, including his pet dove Tara, who becomes the first creature to leave after the flood.
JE Geisert, Arthur After the Flood
After surviving the Flood, Noah and his family settle in a sheltered valley with the animals they have saved and begin the glorious experience of repopulating the Earth.
JE GOLDE Golden, William Lee Noah, Didn't It Rain
"Presented and narrated by the legendary William Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys, Noah, Didn't It Rain is one of the most unique versions you will ever read of this beloved biblical classic!"--Cover back.
JE Haley, Gail Noah's Ark
After a dream about a zoo with nothing but empty cages marked "Extinct," Noah builds an ark to save the animals from the deadly pollution of the world.
JE HERMS Hermsen, Ronald The Story of Giraffe
After learning that he cannot board Noah's ark until he finds a girl giraffe to go with him, Giraffe asks other creatures for help but, while they teach him valuable lessons, none can help with the main problem.
JE Hooper, Meredith A Stormy Ride on Noah's Ark
Wondering how they can get to sleep aboard Noah's Ark, the different animals learn that they must trust each other.
JE JULES Jules, Jacqueline Noah and the Ziz
The Ziz, a huge and clumsy but well-meaning bird, tries to help Noah gather all the animals together before the flood, but his strength, size, and enthusiasm create some problems.
JE KINSE Kinsey-Warnock, Natalie Nora's Ark
During the Vermont flood of 1927, a girl and her grandparents share their new hilltop house with neighbors and animals.
JE KRENS Krensky, Stephen Noah's Bark
Noah is distracted by animals making whatever sound comes into their heads while he is trying to build, then pilot, the ark, and so he devises a way for each animal to choose only one sound.
JE LLOYD Lloyd-Jones, Sally Old MacNoah Had an Ark
After building his ark and loading it with animals, Old MacNoah must deal with mealtimes and their aftermath on the high seas.
JE LUNGE Lunge-Larsen, Lise Noah's Mittens: The Story of Felt
During the long, arduous voyage of the ark, Noah discovers that the sheep's wool has become matted into a strange material, for which he finds a practical use once the ark has come to rest atop a mountain.
JE McCaughrean, Geraldine Unicorns! Unicorns!
As the rains come and the flood waters rise, Noah and the animals on the ark repeatedly call to the unicorns to hurry aboard.
JE Mitter, Matt Noah's Wild Adventure
JE MITTO Mitton, Tony All Afloat on Noah's Boat!
When the animals on board Noah's ark begin to get bored and restless, he stages a talent show featuring the various creatures.
JE MOORE Moore, Karen How Noah Knew What to Do
"…even though Noah wasn't a veterinarian or even a shipbuilder, he listened to God and trusted him…"
JE MOORE Moore, Karen How Noah Knew What to Do
Rhyming text recounts the Old Testament story of how Noah saved his family, along with two of every living creature, when God destroyed the world with a great flood.
JE PASQU Pasquali, Elena Mrs. Noah's Vegetable Ark
JE Rounds, Glen Washday on Noah's Ark
When the forty-first day on the ark dawns bright and clear, Mrs. Noah decides to do the wash, and having no rope long enough, devises an ingenious clothesline.
JE Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg A Prayer for the Earth: The Story of Naamah, Noah's Wife
Noah's wife Naamah is called upon by God to gather the seeds of every type of plant on Earth and bring them safely onto the ark before the great flood.
JE SHAPI Shapiro, Zachary We're All in the Same Boat
After being on the ark for months and months, the ants get antsy, the bees bored, and the llamas livid, and Noah must find a way to make everyone get along.
JE SHAPI Shapiro, Zachary We're All in the Same Boat
After being on the ark for months and months, the ants get antsy, the bees bored, and the llamas livid, and Noah must find a way to make everyone get along.
JE Werner, Jane Mr. Noah and His Family
J BOARDBK RISE Rise and Shine!
A family of bears go about their day while singing the classic Bible song "Rise and Shine".


Bible Crafts and Activities -- Noah's Ark

Genesis Chapter 6: The Story of Noah's Ark

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