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Music Across the Curriculum


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
DVD JE ALPHA Wonderscape Entertainment Alphabet Fun: A Musical Journey from A to Z
Music helps teach young children their letters from A to Z.
DVD JE NUMBE Wonderscape Entertainment Numbers Fun: A Musical Journey in Counting
Visuals and classical music are used to teach children to count to 10.
DVD J428.4 ICAN I Can Read!: Songs for Reading
I can read: songs for reading is a fun-filled musical introduction to the basic world that will accelerate beginning readers.
CD JZM COLL FRU H26 Carter, Candi Fruit!
Toddlers learn about numbers, letters, and healthy eating through hip hop music.
CD JZM PALM CCCT H 09 Palmer, Hap Can Cockatoos Count by Twos?
Teaching guide with lyrics and activities included inside container.
CD JZM PALM LBS-2 E 22 Palmer, Hap Learning Basic Skills Through Music Vol. 2
Movement activities designed to develop a child's listening, perceptual and cognitive skills. More challenging than v. 1 and 2.
CD JZM PALM LBS-5 E 94 Palmer, Hap Learning Basic Skills Through Music Vol. 5
Movement activities designed to develop a child's listening, perceptual and cognitive skills. More challenging than v. 1 and 2.
KIT J372.21 Caudle, Brad Rock 'N Learn Colors, Shapes & Counting
This playful tape/book set really involves listeners. Kids aged 2-5 learn basic colors, shapes and counting up to 20 by interacting with characters on tape using a full-color book.
PLAYAWAY J649.123 THOMP Thompson, Kim Mitzo Essential Preschool Skills
Singing along with fun new songs will jumpstart your preschooler's life-long love of learning.
PLAYAWAY J782.42 THOMP Thompson, Kim Mitzo The Ultimate Early Learning Collection
Original songs that teach young children the alphabet, consonant and vowel sounds, colors, shapes, animals, days of the week, months of the year, numbers and counting, nursery rhymes, personal safety rules, manners, and motor skills.
J782.42 SHAPE Sim, David The Shape Song Swingalong
PTC J372.21 SCHIL Schiller, Pam Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!
From "Baby Bumblebee" to "The Ants Go Marching," children will sing and learn about the insects they encounter in their own backyards. The enclosed CD features 21 fun songs-old favorites and originals-and the book offers more than 250 activities that help children appreciate the wonderful world of bugs.
PTC J372.21 SCHIL Schiller, Pam Fabulous Foods
From "Sipping Cider Through a Straw" to "Apples and Bananas," children will sing and learn about a variety of foods while exploring nutrition and traditions. The enclosed CD features 25 fun songs-old favorites and originals-and the book offers more than 300 activities that help children appreciate the fabulous food we enjoy every day.
PTC J372.21 SCHIL Schiller, Pam School Days
From "The Alphabet Song" to "The Nursery Rhyme Rap," children will sing and learn about a place they spend much of their time: school. The enclosed CD features 28 songs-old favorites and originals-and the book offers more than 300 activities that teach children about starting school, the alphabet, the months of the year, and much more.
PTC J372.414 Schiller, Pam Do You Know the Muffin Man?: an Essential Preschool Literacy Resource
PTC J372.6 CHURC Church, Ellen Booth The Great Big Book of Classroom Songs, Rhymes and Cheers: 200 Easy, Playful Language Experiences that Build Literacy and Community in Your Classroom
Build literacy and community in your classroom with this delightful collection of easy-to-learn songs, rhymes, and cheers.
PTC J372.87 SCHIL Schiller, Pam And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon!: Over 650 Activities to Teach Toddlers Using Familiar Rhymes and Songs: for Toddlers and Twos
PTC J372.87 SCHIL Schiller, Pam Bountiful Earth
From "Down by the Bay" to "I Love the Mountains," children will sing and learn about our wonderful world. The enclosed CD features 25 fun songs-old favorites and originals-and the book offers more than 300 activities that help children appreciate the amazing planet Earth that we call home.
PTC J372.87 SCHIl Schiller, Pam Honk, Honk, Rattle, Rattle
"The Wheels on the Bus" and "A Bicycle Built for Two" are just two of the songs about transportation on this collection's audio CD. The CD is accompanied by a book with over 250 activities that creatively expand on the transportation theme. Illustrations.
PTC J372.87 SCHIL Schiller, Pam Wild, Wild West
CD features twenty-six songs and the book offers more than 300 activities that teach children about cowboys and life on the prairie.
PTC J372.873 ARAUJ Araujo, Nina Easy Songs for Smooth Transitions in the Classroom
PTC J398.8 TRAUG Traugh, Steven Mother Goose Brain Boost
"…uses the natural benefits of music and movement to enhance your regular preschool and early elementary program…"--back cover.


DVD J333.72 SCHOO School House Rock! Earth
Featuring classic characters as Interplanet Jane and Mr. Morton, this collection of 10 new cartoons focuses on ways to save the environment, like water conservation and biodiversity.
CD CD JZM BANA WAL S00 Banana Slug String Band We All Live Downstream
Songs to teach children about keeping the environment healthy.
CD JZM CHAP TPP S 98 Chapin, Tom This Pretty Planet
Come blow your horn -- Mother Earth's routine -- Two kinds of seagulls / with Ruth K. Westheimer, vocals -- R-E-C-Y-C-L-E -- The signs of dawn -- Good garbage -- This pretty planet II / with Cissy Houston, vocals -- The year 3000 -- Passengers -- The wheel of the water -- Clean machine -- Happy Earth Day -- Someone's gonna use it -- Song of the Earth -- This pretty planet / with Judy Collins, vocals.
CD JZM CHAPIN ME A 34 Chapin, Tom Mother Earth
A song of one (2:29) -- Two kinds of seagulls (2:41) -- The wheel of the water (2:09) -- The picnic of the world (2:08) -- Sailing to the sea (2:59) -- Good garbage (2:45) -- Mother Earth's routine (3:01) -- Cousins (3:24) -- On my way to school (2:24) -- Stone soup (3:41) -- A capital ship (2:50) -- All through the night (2:26) -- Thanksgiving day (2:45).
CD JZM FELD GG P14 Feldman, Jean R. Going Green
Environmental songs tackling topics from recycling to endangered species.
CD JZM MICH NN S07 Miche, Mary Nature Nuts
Science and ecology songs for kids ages 3-11 years.
CD JZM RAFFI EE M 60 Raffi Evergreen, Everblue
Intro -- Evergreen, everblue -- Mama's kitchen -- Big beautiful planet -- Alive and dreaming -- Where I live -- What's the matter with us -- Our dear, dear mother -- Just like the sun -- Clean rain -- One light, one sun -- We are not alone.
CD JZM SKIERA SAS K 24 Skiera-Zucek, Lois Save the Animals, Save the Earth
Save the animals, save the earth (2:34) -- I live in the zoo (2:19) -- The rainforest (2:53) -- In the jungle tonight (3:20) -- Endangered animal babies (3:06) -- The wetlands (2:48) -- Baby whooping crane (3:51) -- The animal rap (2:55) -- What can I do? (2:53) -- The animals are talking (2:21) -- The platypus polka party (2:44) -- The animal alphabet song (2:52) -- It's everyone's world (2:58).
CD JZM WCD C 01 Newton, Jim We Can Do
We can do -- We are a rainbow -- State laughs -- Wouldn't it -- Be real -- Good while it lasted -- One day at a time -- Start at the start -- Let's recycle everything -- Earth is our home -- Don't bug me -- On my island -- Life is aloha -- Peaceable kingdom.


JZM COLL EP P92 Putumayo World Music European Playground
Music from countries across Europe.
CD JZM COLL OSN W13 On a Starry Night
Lullabies from around the world sung in various languages. Countries represented: U.S., Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Ireland, Ghana, Cuba, Iceland, Congo, England, Israel, Russia, Germany.
CD JZM COLL STC-1 Y51 The Story That the Crow Told Me Vol. 1
CD JZM JENKINS MCS S 45 Jenkins, Ella Multicultural Children's Songs
CD JZM JENKINS TWE S09 Jenkins, Ella Travellin' with Ella Jenkins: A Bilingual Journey
Folk singer Ella Jenkins and children from the Cross-Cultural Family Center of San Francisco travel around the world in this musical journey.
CD JZM JENKINS WAC S 06 Jenkins, Ella We are America's Children
CD JZM SWEET IGS M 34 Sweet Honey in the Rock I Got Shoes
CD F JZM COLL FP P 42 Putumayo World Music French Playground
A rich variety of Francophone music.
CD S JZM COLL LP P01 Putumayo World Music Latin Playground
Music for children from throughout Latin America.
J782.42 MCGIL McGill, Alice In the Hollow of Your Hand: Slave Lullabies
A collection of lullabies orally transmitted by African-American slaves revealing their hardships and sorrows as well as soothing notes of well-being and belief in a better time to come.
J782.42162 Riley, Martha Chrisman Backwoods Heritage: Traditional Songs, Dances, Fiddle Tunes and More
J784.751 Bierhorst, John Songs of the Chippewa
M J782.42 MYTH Myth, Music and Dance of the American Indian
"Am actovotu-oriented sourcebook of American Indian tradition, based upon the music and culture of 21 tribes.
M J782.25 All Night, All Day: A Child's First Book of African-American Spirituals
A selection of twenty spirituals, that distinctive music from the time of slavery. Includes piano accompaniment and guitar chords.
M J782.4 Burgie, Irving Caribbean Carnival: Songs of the West Indies
A collection of calypso, a uniquely West Indian musical expression.
M J782.4 Krull, Kathleen Gonna Sing My Head Off! American Folk Songs for Children
A collection of American folk songs for children, including "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," "Sweet Betsy from Pike," "This Land is Your Land," and "The Mockingbird Song."
M J782.42 Games Children Sing around the World: Twelve Singing Games from Twelve Countries
"Collection created by the World Leisure and Recreation Association with its cooperating international members and affiliates ..."
M J782.42 Let Your Voice Be Heard! Songs from Ghana and Zimbabwe
Words in the Akan and Shona languages; also printed as texts with English translations.
M J782.42 Orozco, Jose-Luis De Colores and Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children
Lyrics (in Spanish and English) and music of 27 children's songs from Spanish-speaking countries.
M J782.42 Silverman, Jerry Children's Songs
Thirty songs with an Afro-American source, including One More River, The Gray Goose, and Hush Little Children.
M J782.42 GLORI The Glorious American Songbook
Includes over 50 favorites from "Yankee Doodle" to "This Land is Your Land" to "Grand Old Flag" and illustrated with classic artwork from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
M J784.49969 Roes, Carol Children's Songs from Hawaii
M J784.8 WHITE White, Florence Children's Songs from Japan
Translations, transliterations, and introductions to songs prepared by Akiyama.
M S J782.42 FIEST Orozco, Jose-Luis Fiestas: A Year of Latin American Songs of Celebration
PTC J372.89 WEST West, Tracey Teaching American History with Favorite Folk Songs
The colonial period and the American revolution -- Westward expansion -- The Civil War.
PTC J782.42 CAMPB Campbell, Patricia Shehan Traditional Songs of Singing Cultures: a World Sampler
PTC J782.42 MYTH De Cesare, Ruth Myth, Music and Dance of the American Indian: Teacher's Resource Book
An activity-oriented sourcebook of American Indian tradition, based upon the music and culture of 21 tribes.
S CD JZM COLL FM M 25 Fiesta Musical: A Musical Adventure through Latin America for Children
Various performers ; with Emilio Delgado ("Luis" of Sesame Street).


CD JZM HOLM FTT F00 Holmes, Brent D. Fun Tunes for Teachers
Great songs for teaching children about vowels, counting, multiples, dairy products, personal hygiene, sharing, weights & measurements, whales and other sea animals, cows and bears.
DVD J372.21 CURRI Davidson, Marilyn Copeland Curriculum Connections: Using Music to Help Children Learn
Provides instructors with teaching strategies that utilize music to increase learning.
KIT J372 WHYTE Whyte, Donna Sing Yourself Smart
Includes songs that will aid in teaching and reinforcing information about vowels and sounds, money, colors, shapes, skip-counting, days of the week, months of the year, and many more concepts.
PTC J372.87 CAVAL Cavaliere, Katrina Music for Everyone! Pre-K to 2nd
"You don't have to be a great singer to foster children's interest in music. Just encourage them to sing, dance, march, and play instruments--at school or at home"...--Cover back.
PTC J372.87 STORM Storms, Jerry 101 More Music Games for Children
This collection offers parents, teachers, and anyone else who works with kids a wide array of ingenious sound and dance activities from a variety of cultures to get kids singing, dancing, listening, interacting, and involved.
PTC J782.42 REID, 2007 Reid, Rob Children's Jukebox: the Select Subject Guide to Children's Musical Recordings
PTC KIT J780.071 Tickle Tune Typhoon Music For the Whole Child


CD JZM CHAP AWB S 01 Chapin, Tom Around the World and Back Again
CD JZM COLL GER A 01 Germany [World Of Kids]
CD JZM TEAC AME P75 Teacher and the Rockbots America
Teacher and the Rockbots take elementary school subjects and turn them into really cool rock songs that work like a game. They give you clues and you try to guess the answer. small>
CD JZM TEAC WOR P83 Teacher and the Rockbots World
Children will learn about elementary geography concepts such as how to read a map and supply and demand through song.
DVD J782.4215 STATE Educational Insights States & Capitals Songs
Children learn the names of the states and capitals through song.
KIT J910 Troxel, Larry Geography Songs
KIT J782.42 TROXE, 2010 Troxel, Larry Geography Songs
PLAYAWAY J973 THOMP Thompson, Kim Mitzo States & Capitals
Uses music to teach the U.S. states and capitals, as well as other facts about the states.
J973 Thompson, Kim Mitzo Rhythm, Rhyme and Read: States and Capitals
Uses music to teach basic concepts in reading, with emphasis on consonants and vowels, and the phonetic method.


CD JZM FINK HY R 21 Fink, Cathy Help Yourself
CD JZM GALL HHH K 35 Gallina, Jill Health, Hygiene & Hugs: Songs for Little Ones
CD JZM LITW BBF U 00 Litwin, Eric Building Blocks for a Healthy Future
Songs for young children to promote self-esteem and establish healthy habits.
CD JZM PALM LBS-H E 26 Palmer, Hap Learning Basic Skills Through Music: Health and Safety
CD JZM WADD MRC K14 Waddell, Dottie Make the Right Choice
Songs about drugs, smoking, alcohol, safety and more.
DVD J628.92 LOTS Coffey, James Lots & Lots of Fire Songs & Safety Tips
Children learn about fire safety through song.
KIT J613 JORDA Jordan, Sara Healthy Habits (for Early Learners)
J612 SCHOE Schoenberg, Jane My Bodyworks: Songs About Your Bones, Muscles, Heart and More


CD JZM COLL AR R 13 Schoolhouse Rock America Rock
CD JZM COLL PPH P00 Professor Presley Professor Presley: History Rocks
Songs about American history from the American Revolution to Reconstruction.
CD JZM ENSL MAL E35 Enslow, Anne Music for Abraham Lincoln: Campaign Songs, Civil War Tunes, Laments for a President
Songs written for and about Abraham Lincoln during the time in which he lived.
CD JZM SPRO MAH S 08 Sprout, Jonathan More American Heroes
CD JZM SPROUT AH S 07 Sprout, Jonathan American Heroes
CD JZM TEAC AME P75 Teacher and the Rockbots America
Teacher and the Rockbots take elementary school subjects and turn them into really cool rock songs that work like a game. They give you clues and you try to guess the answer. It's great for kids of all ages or anyone that likes American history--Container.
J782.4 CIVIL McNeil, Keith Civil War Songbook
Includes melody line, guitar chords, words, and historical commentary.
J782.42 Silverman, Jerry Songs and Stories from the American Revolution
J973.3 Dahl, Michael Bring Us Water, Molly Pitcher!: A Fun Song About the Battle of Monmouth
Relates the Revolutionary War adventures of Mary Hays, called Molly Pitcher for bringing fresh water to colonial troops during the Battle of Monmouth, interspersed with verses of original song lyrics to be sung to the tune of "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain."
J973.3 Dahl, Michael Keep on Sewing, Betsy Ross!: A Fun Song About the First American Flag
Relates the Revolutionary War adventures of Betsy Ross, who sewed the first American flag at the request of George Washington, interspersed with verses of original song lyrics to be sung to the tune of "Yankee Doodle."
J973.332 Dahl, Michael Row, Row, Row the Boats: A Fun Song About George Washington Crossing the Delaware
Relates the Revolutionary War adventures of George Washington as he led his troops toward the Battle of Trenton, interspersed with verses of original song lyrics to be sung to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."
KIT J782.42 BEALL, 2005 Beall, Pamela Conn Wee Sing America
KIT J973 Troxel, Larry History Songs
"Eleven songs teach over 100 dates and events of United States history, from 1492 to 1991...the musical styles capture the eras and will captivate listeners of all ages."
KIT J973.2 ENSLO Enslow, Anne Music of the American Colonies
"Explores songs of the colonial period in their historical context."
KIT J973.2 MCNEI McNeil, Keith Colonial & Revolution Songs
M J782.4 McNeil, Keith Colonial & Revolution Songbook
M J782.4 Silverman, Jerry Singing our Way West: Songs and Stories of America's Westward Expansion
Interweaves the history of America's territorial expansion with songs.
M J782.42 Axelrod, Alan Songs of the Wild West
M J784.71 BRAND Brand, Oscar Songs of '76: A Folksinger's History of the Revolution
M J784.8 LYONS Lyons, John Henry Stories of Our American Patriotic Songs
PTC J372.89 WEST West, Tracey Teaching American History with Favorite Folk Songs
PTC J780.9772 Riley, Martha Chrisman Singing Indiana History, a musical resource guide for teachers
Contains words to many songs from Indiana, about Indiana, and by Indiana composers. Words to the songs on the Singing Indiana history sound cassettes.


CD JZM AVNI IAE S 01 Avni, Fran I'm All Ears: Sing Into Reading
CD JZM BOLL AJ V29 Bollinger, Cathy Alphabet Jam: Songs and Rhymes to Build Early Reading Skills
Presents 36 songs for learning the alphabet as a sing-a-long activity for building reading skills.
CD JZM FELD TR J13 Feldman, Jean R. Totally Reading
CD JZM HART RRS H00 Hartmann, Jack Rockin' Reading Songs
Catchy tunes help children learn about a variety of language arts concepts such as digraphs, compound words, and punctuation.
CD JZM PALM CJS H 10 Palmer, Hap Can a Jumbo Jet Sing the Alphabet?
Basic movement activities to songs which encourage learning traditional concepts such as colors, numbers, letters, phonics, days of the week, animals, opposites, and occupations.
CD JZM PALM LBS E 21 Palmer, Hap Learning Basic Skills Through Music: Building Vocabulary
CD JZM PALM OLS H 12 Hap Palmer One Little Sound: Fun with Phonics and Numbers
Activities and songs which encourage learning of the alphabet, phonics and numbers.
CD JZM PALM TLS H 14 Hap Palmer Two Little Sounds: Fun with Phonics and Numbers
Activities and songs which encourage learning of the alphabet, phonics and numbers.
CD JZM SCHIL LL K 78 Schiller, Pamela Byrne Leaping Literacy
Uses rhythm and movement as tools to reinforce basic literacy foundation skills: letter knowledge, vocabulary development, spatial relationships, and phonological awareness.
J027.625 BALKI Balkin, Alfred Tune Up to Literacy: Original Songs and Activities for Kids
J372.241 ANDRE Andrews, Jill Fiddle-Dee-Dee: Songs, Stories & Activities
Ready-to-use resources include 200 activities and descriptions of 250 award-winning children's books related to the songs. Programs for each song include reproducible sheet music and lyrics, quick arts and crafts activities with full-page patterns and annotated reading lists.
J372.465 JORDA Jordano, Kimberly Phonemic Awareness Songs & Rhymes: Fun Lyrics Sung to Familiar Tunes
Includes interactive, theme-related songs and rhymes, some reproducible, that can be incorporated into lessons for reading development.
J372.465 PHONI Thompson, Kim Mitzo Phonics Activity Book and Music CD
Activity book and CD can be used together to teach children phonics through song.
KIT J372.4 TRAUG Traugh, Steven Fun Phonics (series)
KIT J372.414 Caudle, Brad Rock 'N Learn Letter Sounds
Teaches the alphabet and phonics through singing and games.
J372.6 CHALF Kisor, David Music in My Mouth: Songs for Speech and Language Skills
"…designed to be used by speech-language pathologists, early childhood educators and families to teach and practice a variety of skills related to the development of communication skills…"--back cover.
KIT J782.42 DAI Dai Zovi, Lonnie Rockin' Rhythms and Rhymes: Musical Chants, Rhythms, and Rhymes for the ESL Classroom
PLAYAWAY J372.465 THOMP Thompson, Kim Mitzo Phonics
Phonics is a fun, kid-friendly method of learning to read through repetition, rhythm, and original songs.
PTC J027.6251 DIXON Dixon, Tiara The Sound of Storytime
"…embodies the positives (of storytime) and adds the magic of music…"--preface
PTC J372.87 CARLO Carlow, Regina Exploring the Connection Between Children's Literature and Music


CD JZM COLL MR S00 Songs of Higher Learning Multiplication "rock"
Multiplication times tables 1 through 12 are put to music.
CD JZM COLL WII R 15 What Is It?: Musical Math & Science
Uses songs to teach foundational math and science skills.
CD JZM FELD TM D00 Feldman, Jean R. Totally Math
Children learn about beginning math concepts, such as patterns, fractions, and days of the week, through song.
CD JZM HARM AA M00 Harman, Mar Adding Animals
Songs help children learn the basics of addition.
CD JZM HARM SA M00 Harman, Mar Subtracting Animals
Songs help children learn the basics of subtraction.
CD JZM HART MAA H98 Hartmann, Jack Math All Around Me
Early childhood math is explored through song.
CD JZM PALM MM H16 Palmer, Hap Multiplication Mountain
Children learn multiplication tables through song.
CD JZM SPEI LMS B00 Speicher, Barbara Learning Math by Song
Songs help children learn about a variety of math concepts such as reducing fractions and finding perimeter, area, and volume.
DVD J513.213 MULTI Rock N Learn Multiplication Rock
Multiplication tables are put to rock music.
DVD J513.213 MULTI Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication Rock
Kids join in with these electrifying videos to develop quick, accurate recall for facts through 12. Positive lyrics, cool music, and colorful animation keep kids motivated
KIT J372.7 Caudle, Brad Rock 'N Learn Addition & Subtraction Rock
An entertaining approach for learning beginning addition and subtraction concepts and developing accurate recall of facts.
KIT J372.7 Caudle, Brad Rock 'N Learn Addition & Subtraction Country
Original country songs with educational lyrics teach addition & subtraction facts through 18. Includes activity book with reproducible worksheets
KIT J372.7 Caudle, Brad Rock 'N Learn Multiplication Rock
With a variety of rock music styles, this updated learning presentation catches attention and provides a professional sound never before heard on math recordings.
KIT J372.7 Caudle, Brad Rock 'N Learn Multiplication Rap
Featuring today's "dance rap" style that kids love, this program contains tables through 12, and each group of facts has its own unique rap song.
KIT J512.92 Troxel, Kathy Addition Songs
Sing-along songs to teach counting 1 to 20 and all the addition facts from 1+1 to 9+9.
KIT J513.212 COOPE Cooper, Fred Subtraction to Music
KIT J513.214 TROXE Troxel, Kathy Division Songs
Eleven sing-along songs teach division facts.
PLAYAWAY J513.21 THOMP Thompson, Kim Mitzo Multiplication, Division
Improve math skills and test scores with these original songs that teach multiplication and division.
PLAYAWAY J513.231 THOMP Thompson, Kim Mitzo Multiplication Rap
Improve math skills with these original songs that teach factors 0-12.
PTC J332.4 McMorrow, Annalisa A Diller A Dollar
Cross curriculum activities for teachers or home schoolers of pre-school to kindergarten children on the subject of money.
PTC M J782.42 MENDL Mendlesohn, Esther Teaching Primary Math with Music
Thirty classroom-tested songs explore order, number families, geometry place value, time, measurement, problem solving, and more. Provides piano music and chords for all the songs, plus teaching activities with blackline masters.


PTC J372.87 Adair, Audrey J. Basic Music Theory: 50 Ready-to-Use Activities for Grades 3 - 9
A ready-to-use 7-unit music curriculum. Each illustrated unit focuses on one area & provides 50 reproducible worksheets, a handy teacher's guide, progress chart, & more.
PTC J372.87 Adair, Audrey J. Ready-to-Use Music Activities Kit
This kit features 204 reproducible activities to easily build skills in reading music, singing, composing, music theory, listening, ear training, and instruments of band and orchestra for grades kindergarten through eight. Spiral-bound.
PTC J372.87 Gagne, Denise Singing Games Children Love, Volume 1
PTC J372.87 Gagne, Denise Singing Games Children Love, Volume 2
PTC J372.87 Kline, Tod F. Music Today and Every Day: Ready-to-Use Music Lessons and Activities for the Elementary Grades
PTC J372.87 Pressnall, Debra Olson and Lorilee Malecha The Big Book of Music Games
Offers materials that strengthen basic music concepts and reading skills. Through these games students have opportunities to practice identifying notes,rests, and other commonly used symbols as well as notes on the treble and bass clef staffs.
PTC J780.7 Abramson, Robert M. Rhythm Games for Perception and Cognition
Contains games and activities that follow the Dalcroze model. It encourages teachers and students to invent their own variations for active participation in music and movement. Includes 2 CDs.
PTC J780.7 Yurko, Michiko Music Mind Games
Uses educational games to teach music theory and reading music.
PTC J780.92 Kinghorn, Harriet Let's Meet Famous Composers
Biographies for 19 of the world's most famous composers are included along with reproducible activities, evaluations, a glossary, a bibliography, and enrichment and research activities.
PTC J781 Luppens, Valeaira and Greg Foreman Making the Grade: Creative Standards-Based Lessons for the Music Classroom
For music teachers and substitute music teachers of grades 3-6. Lesson plans specifically target each of the nine MENC National Standards for Music Education.
PTC J781.224 Abramson, Robert M. Feel It!: Rhythm Games for All
An activity book, including two CDs of musical accompaniment, from Robert Abramson, a leading authority in the principles and use of the Dalcroze method. Feel It! offers parents, teachers, and other caregivers a wide selection for developing behaviors that lead to cooperation, character, good listening, and body skills.
PTC J781.42 Storms, Jerry 101 Music Games for Children: Fun and Learning with Rhythm and Song
Helps children learn about music and sound while they develop the ability to listen, concentrate, be creative, improvise, and trust one another.
PTC J781.438 Weikart, Phyllis 75 Ensemble Warm-Ups: Activities for Bands, Choirs, and Orchestras
PTC J786.8 Connors, Abigail Flesch 101 Rhythm Instrument Activities for Young Children
Includes activities to bring music into the classroom and offer ways for children to participate in the music experience, using rhythm sticks, sand blocks, bells, shakers, and more.
PTC J786.9 Kalani The Amazing Jamnasium: A Playful Companion to Together in Rhythm
Features a unique collection of rhythm-based, integrative games and activities.
PTC M J784.68 Gallina, Michael and Jill Strike Up the Rhythm Band
J780.9 CHILD DK Publishing Children's Book of Music
Children will learn about a variety of musical instruments and styles with this interactive book and CD.


CD JZM FELD BBB M00 Feldman, Jean R Better Bodies and Brains
Physical fitness songs for children.
CD JZM GOLDSM YY K92 Goldsmith, Rachelle Clare Yoga and You: Basic Yoga Techniques for Beginners
These routine offer breathing exercises that can that can be done while standing or seated. Designed for beginners of all ages, the step-by-step narration helps you practice slowly, correctly and in relation to the sound of your breathing.
CD JZM HART EXE H00 Hartmann, Jack Exersongs: Music that Makes Fitness Fun
Songs such as Born to Move and Alphabet Workout make fitness fun.
CD JZM SORE ACK K 30 Sorensen, Jacki Aerobic Club for Kids
Music guides children through aerobic exercises.
CD JZM STEW ASG K10 Stewart, Georgiana Liccione Activity Songs and Games : Learning Fun for Preschoolers
Physical fitness games for young children.
CD JZM WIGG GS K31 Wiggles Getting Strong: Wiggle and Learn
Songs for health and physical development, language, and literacy.
KIT J372.86 Stewart, Georgiana A Thriller for Kids
KIT J613.71 MOZART Moving with Mozart
This project places an emphasis on directed movement activities while a variety of Mozart compositions play in the background.
M J782.4 BOOK Feierabend, John The Book of Bounces
A collection of songs and rhymes that involve finger play, for infants and toddlers.
M J782.4 BOOK Feierabend, John The Book of Simple Songs & Circles
M J784.624 Nelson, Esther L. Musical Games for Children of All Ages
PTC J372.86 PICA Pica, Rae Wiggle, Giggle, and Shake: 200 Ways to Move and Learn
PTC J372.86 RATTI, 2006 Rattigan, Marlene Kidz-Fiz-Biz Physical Business for Kids: Learning Through Drama, Dance, and Song
PTC J372.868 OVERB Overby, Lynnette Young Interdisciplinary Learning Through Dance: 101 Moventures
PTC J372.868 WEIKA Weikart, Phyllis 85 Engaging Movement Activities
PTC J790.1922 Rooyackers, Paul 101 Dance Games for Children: Fun and Creativity with Movement
Encourages children to develop their imaginations, social skills,elf-expression, and coordination with a collection of 101 dance games thatmphasize creativity, no-blame activities, working with a group, and more.
PTC J793.3 Weikart, Phyllis S. Movement Plus Rhymes, Songs, & Singing Games
PTC M J782.4 Gagne, Denise Movement Songs Children Love


CD JZM COLL TTT M 72 Tickle Tune Typhoon Singing Science
Familiar folk songs and original tunes on all aspects of science are presented in a mixture of musical styles.
CD JZM COLL WII R 15 What Is It?: Musical Math & Science
Uses songs to teach foundational math and science skills.
CD JZM FELD GG P14 Feldman, Jean R. Going Green
Environmental songs tackling topics from recycling to endangered species.
CD JZM LEAR SS M 00 Learning Station Sift and Splash: Sand and Water Play Activities
CD JZM LEAR SSM H 00 The Learning Station Seasonal Songs in Motion
CD JZM MILL IWS B 30 Miller, Lucas I was a Supa Dupa Pupa
A collection of children's songs about science.
CD JZM STEW SSS F 12 Stewart, Nancy Sing a Song of Science
CD JZM THEY HCS W00 They Might be Giants Here Comes Science
Fun songs such as “Meet the Elements” and “How Many Planets” help children learn science.
CD JZM THOM CHE T 24 Thompson, Kim Mitzo Chemistry
What makes a bicycle rust after it has been left out in the rain? Why will an apple turn brown after it has been peeled? Through 12 easy-to-understand songs, kids take a musical adventure to learn the basics of chemistry, including important safety rules.
J372.35 CARRO Carroll, Kathleen Sing a Song of Science
Covers 16 topics, including matter and energy, weather, how the human body works, and many more. Each topic includes two sets of activities.
J500.2 SELBY Selby, Monte How Does It Do What It Does? Music, Movement, and Hands-on Science
Songs and hands-on experiments help students learn science.
J550 SALAS Salas, Laura Purdie Home on the Earth: A Song About Earth's Layers
Sing along to the words of this song that explains the basic materials that make up our planet.
J550 SALAS Salas, Laura Purdie Move It! Work It! A Song About Simple Machines
Sing along to the words of this song that explains how six simple machines make our daily lives easier.
J570 SALAS Salas, Laura Purdie Are You Living? A Song About Living and Nonliving Things
Sing along to the words of this song that explains differences between living and nonliving things.
J571.8 SALAS Salas, Laura Purdie From Beginning to End: A Song About Life Cycles
Sing along to the words of this song that explains how all living things have a beginning and an end.
J782.4 Davis, Carl A Creepy Crawly Song Book
A collection of seventeen songs about centipedes, ladybugs, slugs, and other creepy crawly creatures.
JE ARNOS Arnosky, Jim Gobble It Up!
Rhyming text invites the reader to imagine being a hungry raccoon, crocodile, shark, whale, or panda bear while learning what each creature enjoys eating.
JE ROSE Rose, Deborah Lee The Twelve Days of Springtime
PLAYAWAY J782.42 THOMP Thompson, Kim Mitzo Wacky Science: Insects and Oceans
A collection of fun learning songs for kids who love bugs. Inspire the wannabe marine biologist with fun, factual songs.
PLAYAWAY J782.42 THOMP Thompson, Kim Mitzo Wacky Science: Physics and Chemistry
Fun, factual songs that teach kids about physics and chemistry.
PLAYAWAY J782.42 THOMP Thompson, Kim Mitzo Wacky Science: Space and Weather
Fun songs that teach concepts about space travel and meterology.
PLAYAWAY J782.42 THOMP Thompson, Kim Mitzo Wacky Science: Zoos and Dinosaurs
Introduce the young scientist to the fields of zoology paleontology with these great, new songs that teach.
PTC J782.4 Hall, Mary Ann Take a Bite of Music, It's Yummy!
PTC J811.54 GOLDI Goldish, Meish 101 Science Poems & Songs for Young Learners
A treasury of easy, kid-pleasing poems and songs that reinforce essential primary science concepts and build literacy.
PTC KIT J595.7 Hapai, Marlene Nachbar Bugplay: Activities with Insects for Young Children
Book includes sheet music for 26 songs that were performed and recorded on the accompanying cassette.


CD JZM BOLL MTY V18 Bollinger, Cathy My Turn, Your Turn
Social skills such as taking turns are taught through song.
CD JZM KINNO CC S07 Kinnoin, Dave Character Counts!
Songs that celebrate the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship--Container.
CD JZM SLON DAM E84 Slonecki, Catherine The Dog Ate My Homework
Basic social skills, such as saying please, thank-you, and excuse me, are taught through song.
J782.42 KATZ Katz, Alan Are You Quite Polite? Silly Dilly Manners Songs
Silly poems that will teach kids manners can be sung to familiar tunes such as "Pop Goes the Weasel."
J782.42 SESKI Seskin, Steve Don't Laugh at Me
Illustrated version of a song pointing out that in spite of our differences, we are all the same in God's eyes.
PTC J782.42 MACMA MacMannis, Don A Pocket of Tunes: Songs and Activities for Social and Emotional Learning
From Dr. Mac, the lead songwriter for the popular series Jay Jay the jet Plane, comes this CD for children.


Kids Know-It Network: Free Educational Songs

Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Nursery Rhymes from Around the World

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Songs for Teaching: Using Music to Promote Learning

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