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Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J DOHER Doherty, Berlie The Girl Who Saw Lions
In alternating voices, thirteen-year-old Rosa and her mother are trying to adopt a Tanzanian child in England, while in Tanzania, nine-year-old Abela watches her family die and her uncle illegally sends her to England, in the hopes of selling her.
J Girard, Linda Walvoord Alex, the Kid with AIDS
Alex, a fourth grader with AIDS, makes a new friend and learns that although he is sick, he can't misbehave in school.
J JORDA Jordan, MaryKate Losing Uncle Tim
When his beloved Uncle Tim dies of AIDS, Daniel struggles to find reassurance and understanding and finds that his favorite grown-up has left him a legacy of joy and courage.
J MICHA Michael, Jan City Boy
In the southern African country of Malawi, after the AIDS-related deaths of both of his parents, a boy leaves his affluent life in the city to live in a rural village, sharing a one-roomed hut with his aunt, his cousins, and other orphans.
J362.19 Forbes, Anna Heroes Against AIDS
Describes how fundraisers, activists, epidemiologists, writers and social workers help people suffering with AIDS.
J362.19 Forbes, Anna Kids with AIDS
Explains, in simple terms, how AIDS and HIV viruses affect children who are infected and how family and friends can help them.
J362.19 Wolf, Bernard HIV Positive
Tells about AIDS through the story of a twenty-nine-year-old mother of two who has the disease.
J362.19892 Schulman, Arlene Carmine's Story: A Book About a Boy Living with AIDS
A ten-year-old AIDS patient describes the disease, how he got it, and how it is affecting his daily life.
J614.5993 BALLA Ballard, Carol Aids and Other Epidemics
J614.599392 Chilman-Blair, Kim Medikidz Explain HIV
J616.97 Arnold, Lynda My Mommy Has AIDS
Young David's mother has AIDS and he explains what it is, how it is transmitted, and how his family copes with the disease.
J616.97 Fassler, David What's a Virus, Anyway?: The Kid's Book About AIDS
This is a discussion of the deadly disorder known as AIDS, accompanied by children's illustrations.
J616.97 Forbes, Anna Living in a World with AIDS
Introduces readers to AIDS, the disease caused by HIV viruses, tells how people become infected and how to avoid infection.
J616.97 Forbes, Anna Myths and Facts About AIDS
Presents simple factual information to dispel misconceptions about HIV and AIDS.
J616.97 Forbes, Anna What Is AIDS?
Presents information about the disease called AIDS by explaining such things as what causes it, how it is spread, and how to avoid getting it.
J616.97 Forbes, Anna What You Can Do About AIDS
Describes three things everyone can do about AIDS: learn the facts, teach others, and help people with HIV or AIDS.
J616.97 Forbes, Anna When Someone You Know Has AIDS
Introduces AIDS, explaining what it is, how it cannot be spread by casual contact, and how to act around someone who has it.
J616.97 Forbes, Anna Where Did AIDS Come From?
Discusses the possible origin of AIDS, how it is spread, and how it can be avoided.
J616.9792 QUICK Anonymous Quicksand: HIV/AIDS in our Lives
Weaving together her own story with straightforward questions and answers, the author explains the real ways that HIV/AIDS can be transmitted and explores the common experiences and emotions that might be encountered by friends and family members of someo
JE ALEXA Alexander, Earl My Dad Has HIV
A young girl whose father has the HIV virus learns about the disease and becomes proud of him for his efforts to stay healthy.
JE BEAKE Beake, Lesley Home Now
After the death of her parents, young Sieta goes to live with her Aunty on the other side of the mountains, but she is sad and lonely until she meets a young elephant who has also lost his family. Includes information about the AIDS epidemic in Africa.
JE MERRI Merrifield, Margaret Morning Light: An Educational Storybook for Children and Their Caregivers About HIV/AIDS and Saying Goodbye
Twins Max and Maggie have sad feelings as they say goodbye to their dying mother, but they also share wonderful memories of her. This book gives advice for adults helping children cope with the loss of a loved one.
JE NEWMA Newman, Lesléa Too Far Away to Touch
Zoe's favorite uncle Leonard takes her to a planetarium and explains that if he dies he will be like the stars, too far away to touch, close enough to see.
JE REEDE Reeder-Bey, Valerie My Grandma Has AIDS: Annisha's Story
A true story of love and understanding. Annisha talks about her special relationship with her Grandmother who has AIDS. Includes a message for parents at the end of the story.
JE VERNI Verniero, Joan You Can Call Me Willy: A Story for Children About AIDS
Although Willy has AIDS, she wants to play baseball.

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

This list was created and is maintained by Children's Services Librarians.
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