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HTML Tip Sheet

Remember that if you start a tag: < >, you must stop it by using the slash: </ >

Basic HTML tags

<b>Make this bold</b> = Make this bold

<i>Make this in italics</i> = Make this in italics

<br> Use to skip a line

<p>Use this when writing a paragraph</p>

<hr> Makes a line across the page:


<H1>This is Heading 1</H1>

<H2>This is Heading 2</H2>

<H3>This is Heading 3</H3>

<H4>This is Heading 4</H4>

<H5>This is Heading 5</H5>
<H6>This is Heading 6</H6>


<center>This will center your text.</center>


<a href=""></a> =
<a href=""></a> =
<a href="">Allen County Public Library</a> = Allen County Public Library


<img src="alien.gif"> =

Web sites with more information

Quick reference HTML tags -
Color chart -

See the basic code used to create this page...

This page was created by Jen McKinney and Sara Patalita for Children's Services' Let's Make a Web Page! program. Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at
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