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Mountain Gorillas

Gorilla The mountain gorilla is one of the two most endangered apes in the world and is on the verge of extinction. It is estimated that only 706 mountain gorillas survive today, all of them in the wild in Central Africa. Generally peaceful creatures, these great animals are being threatened by clearing of their forest homes as the land is converted to space for agriculture, illness brought into the area by humans, and poaching. Want to read more about the Mountain Gorilla? Check out these books and websites!


Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J BOARDBK SCHIN Schindel, John Busy Gorillas
Simple text and color photographs describe gorillas participating in various activities.
J OSBOR Osborne, Mary Pope Good Morning Gorillas
The magic tree house takes Jack and Annie to an African rainforest, where the siblings encounter gorillas and learn to communicate with them.
J WALLA Wallace, Jim Search for the Mountain Gorillas
You're on a photojournalism assignment in Uganda, piecing together the plight of the mountain gorillas. You've had tremendous help from different people from all over Africa, but now a man from a local tribe has come to you for help. His young daughter has vanished, and you and your friends must brave a rainstorm to help him.
J333.95 TURNE Turner, Pamela S. Gorilla Doctors: Saving Endangered Great Apes
Mountain gorillas are one of the most endangered species in the world. Now they are facing a new threat, from the very tourism that is helping to protect them: exposure to human disease. This is the story of the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project and its work to provide medical care to the gorillas.
J599.88 Harrison, Virginia How Mountain Gorillas Live
Introduces the eating habits, social organization, and daily routine of the mountain gorillas of Africa's Virunga volcanoes.
J599.88 SIMON Simon, Seymour Gorillas
Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of various kinds of gorillas.
J599.884 FROST Frost, Helen Gorillas
Simple text and photographs present the lives of gorillas that live in rain forests in Africa.
J598.884 KALMA Kalman, Bobbie Endangered Mountain Gorillas
Includes information about habitat, behavior, life cycle, communication, and other topics useful for reports. Threats to survival, particularly from habitat loss, and conservation efforts also receive attention.
J599.884 MCLEE McLeese, Don Gorillas
J599.884 PORTM Portman, Michael Gorillas in Danger
J599.884 BLACK Blackford, Harriet Gorilla's Story
"…follows a young gorilla growing up and learning to live in the forests of Africa…"--back cover.
J599.884 DIXON Dixon, Dougal Gorilla Mountain
Traces the day-to-day life of Kagu, a one-year-old mountain gorilla, who lives with his family in a protected parkland in the Virunga volcano range.
J599.884 Harrison, Virginia Mountain Gorillas and Their Young
Depicts the birth, life cycle, and behavior of the mountain gorillas of Africa's Virunga volcanoes.
J599.884 HATKO Hatkoff, Craig Looking for Miza
In a magical place called the Congo, in the beautiful forests and jungles of Virunga National Park, lives a young female mountain gorilla named Miza. She was just like any other baby gorilla, riding on her mother's back, playing, taking naps. Then, one day, when Miza and her mother were out searching for food, Miza's mother disappeared, leaving her baby alone and frightened. Miza's father, a fierce silverback named Kabirizi and the leader of Virunga's largest family of mountain gorillas, set out to find Miza.
J599.884 KANE Kane, Karen Mountain Gorillas
Describes the life cycle of a mountain gorilla.
J599.884 LEWIN Lewin, Ted Gorilla Walk
Describes an expedition into the field in southern Uganda to observe mountain gorillas in their native habitat.
J599.884 MURRA Murray, Julie Gorillas
Introduces the habitat and characteristics of gorillas in simple language.
J599.884 RIGGS Riggs, Kate Gorillas
A basic exploration of the appearance, behavior, and habitat of gorillas, Earth's largest apes. Also included is a story from folklore explaining why gorillas do little but eat and sleep.
J599.884 RITCH Ritchie, Rita Mountain Gorillas in Danger
Discusses mountain gorillas in the rain forests of the Virunga Mountains of central Africa, an endangered species due to poachers, farmers, and collectors.
J599.884 SIMON Simon, Seymour Gorillas
Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of various kinds of gorillas.
J599.884 SOBOL Sobol, Richard Breakfast in the Rainforest: A Visit with Mountain Gorillas
"Photographer Richard Sobol had the unique opportunity to travel to Uganda and hike through the rainforests that the gorillas call home in order to capture these gentle giants on film."--front flap.
J599.884 Somervill, Barbara A. Road to Recovery: Mountain Gorillas
"Did you know that 98 percent of the genetic material found in humans is also found in gorillas? This close relationship to humans hasn't stopped the mountain gorilla from becoming endangered. Look inside to find out more about the mountain gorilla..."--back cover.
J599.884 WEXO Wexo, John Gorillas
Discusses the African gorillas, their habits, and both their lowland and mountain habitats.
J599.884 ZOBEL Zobel, Derek Gorillas
Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through grade three, this book introduces gorillas to young readers through leveled text and related photos.
J916.761 PUNDY Pundyk, Grace Welcome to Uganda
An overview of the geography, history, government, economy, people, and culture of Uganda.
JB F798F Matthews, Tom Light Shining Through the Mist: A Photobiography of Dian Fossey
Traces the adventurous life of the American woman who worked as a zoologist among the mountain gorillas of the Virunga area of central Africa.
JB F798G Gogerly, Liz Dian Fossey
Profiles the life of the scientist who studied mountain gorillas in central Africa and worked to ensure their survival.
JB F798S Schott, Jane A. Dian Fossey and the Mountain Gorillas
Biography of the American woman who spent eighteen years in Rwanda, Africa, studying mountain gorillas and working for their survival.
JB V511EB Ebersole, Rene Gorilla Mountain: The Story of Wildlife Biologist, Amy Vedder
"Amy Vedder leads a wild life. How many people can say they were once a member of a mountain gorilla family? Amy is a wildlife biologist, a scientist who studies animals and their behavior. She uses her knowledge to save animals whole lives and habitats are threatened."--Back cover.


If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

Picture Credit: Jeff Markley
This list was created and is maintained by Children's Services Librarians.
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