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Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J Alexander, Martha Marty McGee's Space Lab, No Girls Allowed 1981
J Aliki The Two of Them 1979
J Barber, Barbara Allie's Basketball Dream 1996
J Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain Bears and the Female Fullback 1993
J Blaine, Marge The Terrible Thing That Happened at Our House 1975
J dePaola, Tomie Oliver Button Is a Sissy 1979
J Frederick, Heather Vogel The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed 2002
J Gibeault, Kathi Susan in the Driver's Seat 1973
J Gould, Lois X: A Fabulous Child's Story 1978
J Greenwood, Pamela D. I Found Mouse 1994
J Isadora, Rachel No, Agatha! 1980
J Klein, Norma Girls Can Be Anything 1973
J Krensky, Stephen Louise Goes Wild 1999
J Lasky, Kathryn Grace the Pirate 1997
J Le Guin, Ursula K. Fish Soup 1992
J Lenski, Lois Texas Tomboy 1950
J Levy, Elizabeth Nice Little Girls 1974
J Marsoli, Lisa Ann Disney's Mulan 1998
J McCully, Emily Arnold Beautiful Warrior: The Legend of the Nun's Kung Fu 1998
J MCDON McDonald, Megan Judy Moody Saves the World! 2002
J Merriam, Eve Boys & Girls, Girls & Boys 1972
J Mills, Claudia Gus and Grandpa and the Christmas Cookies 1997
J Oneal, Zibby A Long Way to Go 1990
J Pearson, Susan Everybody Knows That! 1978
J Ross, Katharine Sweetie and Petie 1988
J Ryan, Pam Muñoz Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride 1999
J Sachs, Marilyn Fleet-Footed Florence 1981
J Schlein, Miriam The Girl Who Would Rather Climb Trees 1975
J Severance, Jane Lots of Mommies 1983
J Vigna, Judith Black Like Kyra, White Like Me 1992
J Yolen, Jane The Ballad of the Pirate Queens 1995
J Zolotow, Charlotte William's Doll 1972
J020.92 WINTE Winter, Jeanette The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq 2005
J028.1 Odean, Kathleen Great Books for Girls 1997
J306 Morris, Ann Work 1998
J306.8 Clinton, Patrick I Can Be a Father 1988
J306.8 Fitz-Gerald, Christine Maloney I Can Be a Mother 1988
J306.874 Morris, Ann The Daddy Book 1996
J306.874 Morris, Ann The Mommy Book 1996
J306.8742 RUBIN Rubin, Howie Dads 2000
J331.4 Mitchell, Joyce Slayton My Mommy Makes Money 1984
J331.7 Maynard, Christopher Jobs People Do 1997
J331.7 Merriam, Eve Daddies at Work 1989
J331.7 Merriam, Eve Mommies at Work 1961
J331.7 Miller, Margaret Who Uses This? 1990
J331.7 Pederson, Marika Mommy Works, Daddy Works 2000
J331.702 Kunstadter, Maria A. Women Working A to Z 1994
J344.73 Flanagan, Alice A Day in Court with Mrs. Trinh 1997
J347.73 MCELR McElroy, Lisa Tucker Meet My Grandmother: She's a Supreme Court Justice 1998
J363.2 Bourgeois, Paulette Police Officers 1999
J363.37 Maze, Stephanie I Want to Be a Firefighter 1999
J372.2 Rockwell, Harlow My Nursery School 1976
J383.4 Bourgeois, Paulette Postal Workers 1999
J391.43 Miller, Margaret Whose Hat? 1988
J394.2649 ANDER Anderson, Laurie Halse Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving 2002
J396.5 Lasker, Joe Mothers Can Do Anything 1972
J398.2 Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen The Man Who Kept House 1992
J398.2 BATEM Bateman, Teresa The Princesses Have a Ball 2002
J398.2 Kellogg, Steven Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett: A Tall Tale 1995
J398.2 Lowell, Susan Little Red Cowboy Hat 1997
J398.2 McKee, David The Man Who Was Going to Mind the House 1973
J398.2 SANSO San Souci, Robert D. Sister Tricksters: Rollicking Tales of Clever Females 2006
J398.2 Sierra, Judy Tasty Baby Belly Buttons 1999
J398.2 Stamm, Claus Three Strong Women: A Tall Tale from Japan 1962
J398.2 Van Woerkom, Dorothy The Queen Who Couldn't Bake Gingerbread 1975
J398.209415 San Souci, Robert D. Brave Margaret: An Irish Adventure 1999
J398.209415 Souhami, Jessica Mrs. McCool and the Giant Cuhullin: An Irish Tale 2002
J398.209481 Kimmel, Eric A. Easy Work!: An Old Tale 1998
J398.20951 San Souci, Robert D. Fa Mulan: The Story of a Woman Warrior 1998
J398.2095662 San Souci, Robert D. A Weave of Words: An Armenian Tale 1998
J398.21 Ernst, Lisa Campbell Little Red Riding Hood: A Newfangled Prairie Tale 1995
J398.21 Stanley, Diane Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter 1997
J398.22 Hague, Kathleen The Man Who Kept House 1981
J398.8 Martin, Bill, Jr. Fire! Fire! Said Mrs. McGuire 1996
J398.8 Father Gander Nursery Rhymes: The Equal Rhymes Amendment 1985
J468.2 Maury, Inez My Mother the Mail Carrier 1976
J513.211 Murphy, Stuart J. Animals on Board 1998
J610.69 SCHAE Schaefer, Lola M. We Need Doctors 2000
J610.73 SCHAE Schaefer, Lola M. We Need Nurses 2000
J628.1 Duvall, Jill Who Keeps the Water Clean? Ms. Schindler! 1997
J628.9 Flanagan, Alice K. Ms. Murphy Fights Fires 1997
J628.9 Kunhardt, Edith I'm Going to Be a Fire Fighter 1989
J628.9 DEMAR Demarest, Chris L. Firefighters A to Z 2000
J636.089 Horenstein, Henry My Mom's a Vet 1994
J636.089 Ready, Dee Veterinarians 1997
J639.9 Benjamin, Cynthia I Am a Forest Ranger 1995
J649.1 Crawford, Susan Hoy Beyond Dolls and Guns: 101 Ways to Help Children Avoid Gender Bias 1996
J791.437 Disney's Mulan 1998
J792.8 Duvall, Jill Meet Rory Hohenstein, A Professional Dancer 1997
J792.8 Jones, Bill T. Dance 1998
J796.323 Kuklin, Susan Hoops with Swoopes 2001
J808.89016 Bauermeister, Erica Let's Hear It for the Girls: 375 great books for readers 2-14 1997
J811 Clifton, Lucille Everett Anderson's Friend 1976
JB B6274CH Christensen, Bonnie The Daring Nellie Bly: America's Star Reporter 2003
JB EA75M McElroy, Lisa Tucker Meet My Grandmother: She's a Deep Sea Explorer 2000
JB F327M McElroy, Lisa Tucker Meet My Grandmother: She's a United States Senator 2000
JB J571H Hodges, Margaret Joan of Arc: The Lily Maid 1999
JB J571STA Stanley, Diane Joan of Arc 1998
JB J6353G Green, Michelle Y. A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson 2002
JB J8701M Mora, Pat A Library for Juana: The World of Sor Juana Inés 2002
JB L48G Gilliland, Judy Heine Steamboat!: The Story of Captain Blanche Leathers 2000
JB M638M Moss, Marissa Mighty Jackie: The Strike Out Queen 2004
JB OM1M McCully, Emily Arnold The Pirate Queen 1995
JB SM62P Plourde, Lynn Margaret Chase Smith: A Woman for President 2008
JB ST724H Hubbard, Crystal Catching the Moon: The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream 2005
JB W857K Krull, Kathleen A Woman for President: The Story of Victoria Woodhull 2004
J BOARDBK Benjamin, Cynthia I Am a Doctor 1994
J BOARDBK MANS Man's Work 1999
JE ADLER Adler, David A. Mama Played Baseball 2003
JE Adoff, Arnold Flamboyan 1988
JE Agell, Charlotte I Wear Long Green Hair in Summer 1994
JE Alexander, Sue Nadia the Willful 1983
JE Asch, Frank Just Like Daddy 1981
JE AUCH Auch, Mary Jane Chickerella 2005
JE Bang, Molly Ten Nine Eight 1983
JE Banks, Kate Mama's Coming Home 2003
JE BARDH Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta Pirate Princess
"Princess Bea isn't like other princesses -- she prefers pirate ships above tea parties, the salty sea over silly dolls…."--front flap.
JE Barton, Byron I Want to Be an Astronaut 1988
JE Bauer, Caroline Feller My Mom Travels a Lot 1981
JE Benjamin, Cynthia I Am a Firefighter 1995
JE Benjamin, Cynthia I Am an Astronaut 1996
JE Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain Bears Play Ball 1998
JE Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain Bears: No Girls Allowed 1986
JE Blackwood, Mary Derek the Knitting Dinosaur 1990
JE Blegvad, Lenore Anna Banana and Me 1985
JE Brandenberg, Alexa I Am Me! 1996
JE Bridges, Shirin Yim Ruby's Wish 2002
JE Browne, Anthony Piggybook 1986
JE Caines, Jeannette Just Us Women 1984
JE Carlson, Nancy Louanne Pig in Making the Team 1985
JE Catalanotto, Peter The Painter 1995
JE Celsi, Teresa The Fourth Little Pig 1992
JE Cole, Babette Prince Cinders 1988
JE Cole, Babette Princess Smartypants 1987
JE Cole, Babette Supermoo! 1992
JE COREY Corey, Shana Players in Pigtails 2003
JE Crew, Gary Bright Star 1997
JE DAY Day, Jan Pirate Pink and Treasures of the Reef 2003
JE dePaola, Tomie Charlie Needs a Cloak 1973
JE DESIM Desimini, Lisa Policeman Lou and Policewoman Sue 2003
JE Douglass, Barbara Good As New 1982
JE Duble, Kathleen Benner Pilot Mom 2003
JE Elwin, Rosamund & Michele Paulse Asha's Mums 1990
JE Enderle, Judith Ross Nell Nugget and the Cow Caper 1996
JE Ernst, Lisa Campbell Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt 1983
JE FAULK Faulkner, Matt The Pirate Meets the Queen 2005
JE Fierstein, Harvey The Sissy Duckling 2002
JE Floca, Brian Five Trucks 1999
JE FUNKE Funke, Cornelia The Princess Knight 2004
JE GEESL Geeslin, Campbell Elena's Serenade 2004
JE Gershator, Phillis Tiny and Bigman 1999
JE Gerstein, Mordicai Mountains Of Tibet 1987
JE Gibbons, Faye Mama and Me and the Model-T 1999
JE Gilchrist, Jan Spivey Indigo and Moonlight Gold 1993
JE Gilman, Phoebe Grandma and the Pirates 1990
JE Gilmore, Rochna Lights for Gita 1994
JE Glassman, Peter My Working Mom 1994
JE GRAMB Grambling, Lois G. My Mom Is a Firefighter 2007
JE Greene, Carla I Want to Be a Farmer 1959
JE Grifalconi, Ann Flyaway Girl 1991
JE Grossman, Patricia The Night Ones 1991
JE GRUSK Gruska, Denise Eliana The Only Boy in Ballet Class 2007
JE Hallinan, P. K. When I Grow Up 1995
JE Hazen, Barbara Shook Mommy's Office 1992
JE Hearne, Betsy Gould Seven Brave Women 1997
JE Henkes, Kevin Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse 1996
JE HILL Hill, Susanna Leonard Punxsutawney Phyllis 2005
JE Hilton, Nette The Long Red Scarf 1987
JE HILTO Hilton, Perez The Boy with Pink Hair
When a boy who was born with pink hair enters school for the first time, he is teased until he makes a friend and uses his talents to solve a problem.
JE Hines, Anna Grossnickle Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti 1986
JE Hoban, Russell Best Friends for Frances 1969
JE HODGE Hodge, Ginger When Donkeys Fly 2008
JE Hoffman, Mary Amazing Grace 1991
JE Hoffman, Mary Henry's Baby 1993
JE Hoffman, Sarah & Ian Jacob's New Dress
Jacob, who likes to wear dresses at home, convinces his parents to let him wear a dress to school too.
JE HOPKI Hopkinson, Deborah Girl Wonder: A Baseball Story in Nine Innings 2003
JE Hopkinson, Deborah Maria's Comet 1999
JE Howard, Elizabeth Fitzgerald Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys 2000
JE Howe, James Horace and Morris but Mostly Dolores 1999
JE Isaacs, Anne Swamp Angel 1994
JE Isaacs, Gwynne While You Are Asleep 1991
JE Isadora, Rachel Max 1976
JE Johnson, Angela Just Like Josh Gibson 2004
JE Johnson, Phyllis H. The Boy Toy 1988
JE Joosse, Barbara M. I Love You the Purplest 1996
JE Judes, Marie-Odile Max, the Stubborn Little Wolf 2001
JE KARGM Kargman, Jill Pirates & Princesses
Ivy and Fletch have been best friends since they were born but now, at age five, the boys in their kindergarten play Pirates at recess while the girls play Princesses, and the duo is split apart.
JE KARR Karr, Kathleen Mama Went to Jail for the Vote 2005
JE KILOD Kilodavis, Cheryl My Princess Boy: A Mom's Story about a Young Boy who Loves to Dress Up]
A four-year-old boy loves dressing up in princess clothing. A picture book about acceptance.
JE Kimmel, Eric A. Charlie Drives the Stage 1989
JE Kirk, David Miss Spider's New Car 1997
JE Kirk, David Miss Spider's Tea Party 1994
JE KOLLE Koller, Jackie French Horace the Horrible 2003
JE Kroll, Virginia L. A Carp for Kimiko 1993
JE KROLL Kroll, Virginia L. Boy, You're Amazing! 2004
JE Kroll, Virginia L. Girl, You're Amazing! 2001
JE Lattimore, Deborah Nourse Frida Maria: A Story of the Old Southwest 1994
JE Leaf, Munro The Story of Ferdinand 1977
JE LINDB Lindbergh, Reeve My Hippie Grandmother 2003
JE Little, Jean Jess Was the Brave One 1991
JE Lyon, George Ella Mama Is a Miner 1994
JE MACKA Mackall, Dandi Daley A Girl Named Dan 2008
JE Mahy, Margaret A Busy Day for a Good Grandmother 1993
JE Martin, Bill, Jr. & John Archambault White Dynamite and Curly Kidd 1986
JE Martin, Bill, Jr. & Michael Sampson Little Granny Quarterback 2001
JE Martin, Bill, Jr. & Michael Sampson Swish! 1997
JE Martin, Rafe The Storytelling Princess 2001
JE McAllister, Angela Wind Garden 1994
JE McClintock, Barbara Dahlia 2002
JE McCully, Emily Arnold Little Kit, or, The Industrious Flea Circus Girl 1995
JE McCully, Emily Arnold Mirette on the High Wire 1992
JE McCully, Emily Arnold The Ballot Box Battle 1996
JE McKee, David Snow Woman 1988
JE Medearis, Angela Shelf The Adventures of Sugar and Junior 1995
JE Miller, Margaret Guess Who? 1994
JE Miller, Margaret Whose Shoe? 1991
JE Morgan-Vanroyen, Mary Wild Rosie 1999
JE Morris, Martha Katherine and the Garbage Dump 1992
JE Moss, Marissa True Heart 1999
JE Munsch, Robert Angela's Airplane 1988
JE Munsch, Robert Paper Bag Princess 1980
JE NEWMA Newman, Leslea A Fire Engine for Ruthie 2004
JE Nolen, Jerdine Thunder Rose 2003
JE NUMER Numeroff, Laura Joffe What Aunts Do Best; What Uncles Do Best 2004
JE Numeroff, Laura Joffe What Grandmas Do Best / What Grandpas Do Best 2000
JE Numeroff, Laura Joffe What Mommies Do Best / What Daddies Do Best 1998
JE O'Book, Irene Maybe My Baby 1998
JE OLTEN Olten, Manuela Boys Are Best! 2007
JE Oram, Hiawyn Reckless Ruby 1992
JE Ormerod, Jan Sunshine 1981
JE Pellegrino, Marjorie White My Grandma's the Mayor 2000
JE Perkins, Lynne Rae Clouds for Dinner 1997
JE Pinkwater, Daniel Manus Aunt Lulu 1988
JE Plourde, Lynn School Picture Day 2002
JE POLAC Polacco, Patricia Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare 2006
JE Pomerantz, Charlotte Serena Katz 1992
JE Pulver, Robin Axle Annie 1999
JE Rappaport, Doreen Dirt on Their Skirts 2000
JE Reiser, Lynn Earthdance 1999
JE Reynolds, Peter Sydney's Star 2001
JE Rockwell, Anne F. Career Day 2000
JE Roger, Marie-Sabine Of Course They Do! Boys and Girls Can Do Anything
Boys do not cook, and girls cannot play sports--but in this book the pictures tell a different story.
JE ROOT Root, Phyllis Big Momma Makes the World 2003
JE Root, Phyllis Old Red Rocking Chair 1992
JE ROSS Ross, Eileen Nellie and the Bandit 2005
JE SCAME Scamell, Ragnhild Toby's Doll's House 1998
JE Schoop, Janice Boys Don't Knit 1986
JE Schreier, Joshua Hank's Work 1993
JE Shalev, Meir My Father Always Embarrasses Me 1988
JE Shaw, Eve Grandmother's Alphabet 1997
JE SIMAC Simac, Kimberly Jo Girls Play Hockey, Too! 2007
JE SMITH Smith, Lane Madam President 2008
JE Spinelli, Eileen Boy, Can He Dance! 1993
JE Spinelli, Eileen Night Shift Daddy 2000
JE Standiford, Natalie Astronauts Are Sleeping 1996
JE Steig, William Brave Irene 1986
JE Steptoe, John Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters 1987
JE Stewart, Robert The Daddy Book 1972
JE Thomassie, Tynia Feliciana Feydra LeRoux: A Cajun Tall Tale 1995
JE U'Ren, Andrea Pugdog 2001
JE Vaës, Alain The Princess and the Pea 2001
JE Van Woerkom, Dorothy Something to Crow About 1982
JE Vigna, Judith I Live with Daddy 1997
JE Waber, Bernard Ira Sleeps Over 1972
JE Waddell, Martin Big Big Sea 1994
JE Waggoner, Karen The Lemonade Babysitter 1992
JE Watson, Pauline Days with Daddy 1977
JE WELLI Wellington, Monica Apple Farmer Annie 2001
JE WELLI Wellington, Monica Firefighter Frank 2002
JE Wells, Rosemary Shy Charles 1988
JE Wild, Margaret Mr. Nick's Knitting 1988
JE Wild, Margaret Our Granny 1993
JE Wilkins, Verna A B C: I Can Be 1993
JE Wilkins, Verna Mum Can Fix It 1987
JE Williams, Vera A Chair for My Mother 1982
JE Williams, Vera Cherries and Cherry Pits 1986
JE Willis, Jeanne I Want to Be a Cowgirl 2002
JE WILSO Wilson-Max, Ken Lenny Has Lunch 2010
JE Winthrop, Elizabeth Tough Eddie 1985
JE Wright, Catherine Steamboat Annie and the Thousand-Pound Catfish 2001
JE Zolotow, Charlotte When I Have a Little Girl 1965
JE Zolotow, Charlotte When I Have a Little Girl / When I Have a Little Boy 2000
JE Zolotow, Charlotte When I Have a Son: A Story 1967
JER BEREN Berenstain, Stan He Bear, She Bear 1974
JER Cristaldi, Kathryn Baseball Ballerina 1992
JER Florie, Christine Cori Plays Football 2005
JER KITTI Kittinger, Jo S. When I Grow Up 2004
JER Maccarone, Grace Pizza Party! 1994
JER Sadler, Marilyn P.J. Funnybunny Camps Out 1993
JER Warner, Gertrude Chandler Benny's New Friend 1998
JER Wyeth, Sharon Dennis Tomboy Trouble 1998
PTC J155.43 FALON Falon, Janet Ruth The Gender Respect Workbook: Group Activities to Teach Non-Sexist Behavior to Children 1998
S JE COHN Cohn, Diana ¡Si, Se Puede! - Yes, We Can!: Janitor Strike in L.A. 2002
S JE DOLE Dole, Mayra L. Drum, Chavi, Drum!=¡Toca, Chavi, toca! 2003

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