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Fort Wayne and Indiana Histories


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J704.949 MASTO Mastodons on Parade: Fort Wayne's Community Art Project 2005
Official commemorative book of Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne's first community art project.
J735.23 Who Put That There?: Outdoor Sculptures of Fort Wayne
A school research project funded by the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, the Indiana Humanities Council, and the National Endowment for Humanities. Research completed by Grades K-8. Each selection includes picture complete with title, artist/architect, date of completion, size, medium, location, condition of piece and a brief history.
J796.357 PINNO Pinnow, Arthur C. Everybody Makes the Team: The Story of Wildcat Baseball
J977.2 Martone, Patty Little Girls Grow Up: The Hamilton Story
Composed diary entries of Edith, Alice, and Agnes Hamilton written and illustrated by 4th graders at Brentwood Elementary School in Fort Wayne, Indiana with help from Patty Martone and the Celebrate 2000 Committee.
J977.274 Ankenbruck, John Five Forts
J977.274 Griswold, B.J. *Pictorial History of Fort Wayne, Indiana
J977.274 Mather, George R. *The Best of Fort Wayne
J977.274 Poinsatte, Charles Outpost in the Wilderness: Fort Wayne, 1706-1828
J977.274 Violette, Ralph *Fort Wayne, Indiana (Images of America)
J977.274 BUSHN Bushnell, Scott M. *Historic Photos of Fort Wayne
Photographs are from the collections of the Allen County Public Library, the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society, the Embassy Theatre Foundation, and the Library of Congress.
J977.274 FORT Canterbury School Fort Wayne Through the Eyes of a Child
After visiting many of these places during classroom field trips, students and teachers composed these articles based on their visits and research.
DVD J590.73 FORTW The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo
Gives a tour of the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, discussing some of the animals, some of the rides, and the coming new features at the African exhibit.
DVD J637.4 ICE Ice Cream! Video Field Trip
Filmed at Edy's Ice Cream in Fort Wayne, Indiana, this video shows how ice cream is made in a factory.
* Indicates books with historical photographs.


J398.2 J18s Jagendorf, M.A. Sand in the Bag
A collection of folktales about the legendary heros and heroines of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.
J629.2 GERIG Gerig, Rosemary ABC's of ACD: The City and the Festival of Auburn, Indiana
A children's book giving a brief history of the classic cars manufactured in Auburn, Indiana.
J641.5, 1998 Marsh, Carole Indiana Kids' Cookbook: Recipes, How-To, History, Lore and More
J743.8 Deinard, Jenny How to Draw Indiana's Sights and Symbols
This book describes how to draw some of Indiana's sights and symbols, including the state's seal, the state's flag, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and others.
J780.9772 Riley, Martha Chrisman Singing Indiana History: A Musical Resource Guide for Teachers
J796.323 Zadra, Dan Indiana Pacers
Discusses the development of the Indiana Pacers basketball team and describes some of the major players and coaches.
J796.323 FRISC Frisch, Aaron Story of the Indiana Pacers
Learn the team's origins, stars, and greatest moments through photos and lively text.
J796.323 STEWA Stewart, Mark The Indiana Pacers
Sports author Mark Stewart brings the spirit and tradition of the Indiana Pacers to life for young basketball fans. Using the team's rich history and memorabilia, he creates an engaging story that transforms readers into instant experts. Content consultant Matt Zeysing offers his historical expertise, enhancing a fun story about a great basketball team.
J917.72 B15 Bailey, Bernadine Picture Book of Indiana
A history of Indiana, its resources, products, industry and people. Includes descriptions of leading cities, famous citizens, historical and recreational sites.
J917.72 Boekhoff, P. M. Indiana
The Hoosier state was once part of the vast Northwest Territory inhabited by the Miami and other native tribes. With the coming of the French and English fur traders the region was changed forever. Indiana explores the history of the state from its indigenous origins to the beginning of statehood in 1816.
J917.72 BREZI Brezina, Corona Indiana: Past and Present
Presents the history, geography, government, economy, and people of Indiana, as well as general facts about the state.
J917.72, 2006 Brill, Marlene Targ Indiana
Provides comprehensive information on the geography, history, governmental structure, economy, cultural diversity, and landmarks of Indiana.
J917.72 DERZI, 2007 Derzipilski, Kathleen Indiana
Surveys the history, geography, economy, and people of Indiana.
J917.72 Georgiady, Nicholas Indiana Historical Sights
J917.72 HEINR Heinrichs, Ann Welcome to the U.S.A.: Indiana
Interested in learning about Indiana's most popular attractions? Perhaps you'd prefer to know when it entered the Union or what the capitol looks like. Welcome to the U.S.A. takes readers on an unforgettable adventure through Indiana.
J917.72 MARSH Marsh, Carole Indiana Current Event Projects: 30 Cool Activities, Crafts, Experiments & More for Kids to Do!
This project book includes: writing a current events news story that takes place 100 years from now; creating a timeline of recent state events; editing state stories in a current newspaper; writing and broadcasting a short news story; and more.
J917.72 MARSH Marsh, Carole Indiana Geography Projects: 30 Cool Activities, Crafts, Experiments & More for Kids to Do!
This project book includes: creating a montage of the wildlife that lives in our state using cut-out pictures; recreating the path of a state river with pipe cleaners; building a state tree from fresh or dried leaves or needles from as many types of trees as possible; testing soil samples; and more!
J917.72 MARSH Marsh, Carole Indiana Government Projects: 30 Cool Activities, Crafts, Experiments & More for Kids to Do!
Includes: making a three branches state government tree and adding leaves of each branch's function; designing a simple census questionaire; staging a mock classroom election; holding a meeting with Robert's Rules of Order; and more.
J917.72 MARSH Marsh, Carole Indiana History Projects: 30 Cool Activities, Crafts, Experiments & More for Kids to Do!
Hands-on projects and activities teach kids about their state! This project book includes: creating a cartoon panel to describe how our state name may have come about; creating a fort replica; making a state history museum; dressing up as a famous explorer and recreating the main discovery; and more.
J917.72 MARSH Marsh, Carole Indiana Millionaire Game Book for Kids
The Millionaire GameBook is reproducible and allows kids to learn about their state symbols, tree, flower, motto, statehood date, capitol city, natural resources, weather, and borders. The book includes multiple choice questions that are challenging and fun to answer with established dollar values to tally for extra excitement. This book covers fascinating state facts and meets state standards.
J917.72 MARSH Marsh, Carole Indiana People Projects: 30 Cool Activities, Crafts, Experiments & More for Kids to Do!
Hands-on projects and activities teach kids about their state! This project book includes: using sidewalk chalk to draw a life-sized state People on Parade; making a diversity flag; writing a poem about a state poet; designing a scrapbook of famous state women; and more!
J917.72 MARSH Marsh, Carole Indiana Survivor Game Book for Kids
The Survivor GameBook is reproducible and allows kids to learn about their state through timed activities, prize suggestions and an official survivor certificate. The book includes timed, multiple-choice questions, fill in the blank questions, choose the appropriate dates and matching that are challenging and fun to answer. This book covers fascinating state facts and meets state standards.
J917.72 MARSH Marsh, Carole Indiana Symbols Projects: 30 Cool Activities, Crafts, Experiments & More for Kids to Do!
Hands-on projects and activities teach kids about their state! This project book includes: creating a model of the state bird; counting popcorn to visualize state population; creating state borders using craft materials; making a scrapbook of unique state facts; and more!
J917.72 MARSH Marsh, Carole Indiana Wheel of Fortune Game Book for Kids
The Wheel of Fortune GameBook is reproducible and allows kids to guess on geography, hypothesize on history, explore economics, speculate on civics and bet on biographies.
J917.72 MARSH, 2001 Marsh, Carole My First Book about Indiana
My First Book About Indiana. An 'early bird' intro to basic state facts.
J917.72 MURRA, 2012 Murray, Julie Indiana
Nation -- Indiana up close -- Important cities -- Indiana in history -- Across the land -- Earning a living -- Sports page -- Hometown heroes -- A great state.
J917.72 McAuliffe, Bill Indiana Facts and Symbols
Presents information about the state of Indiana, its nickname, motto, and emblems.
J917.72 Peek, David T. *Once Upon a Time 150 Years Ago
J917.72 Pioneers in Indiana
Pioneers in Indiana study guide with workbook activities
J917.72 ROSS Ross, D. J. Uniquely Indiana
What do the images on Indiana's state seal stand for? How is Indiana's state government organized? How were Indiana's lakes formed? This book contains all kinds of fun and fascinating facts and features that help make Indiana a one-of-a-kind place.
J917.72 Swain, Gwenyth Indiana
Packed with fun facts about daily life, history, environmental issues, and more about the state of Indiana.
J917.72 WAGON (PTC) Wagon Wheels to Automobiles
Wagon wheels to automobiles study guide with workbook activities
J973 INDIA, V. 1 Boyd, Candy Dawson Indiana
J977 Thompson, Maurice Stories of Indiana
J977.2 Clifford, Eth Living Indiana History
An elementary textbook of Indiana's history from the Ice Age to the present day.
J977.2 IN22i 1948 Indiana History Bulletin Indiana Almanac
J977.2 IN25 Lacey, Joy M. Indiana Historical Leaflets no. 1-5
J977.2 IN2h Indiana University extension division *Handicrafts in Indiana
J977.2 L58 Lewis, Dorothy F. The Indiana Story
J977.2 P34i Peek, David T. Indiana Adventure
J977.2 Reynolds, Cynthia Furlong H Is for Hoosier
The letters of the alphabet are represented by words, set in short rhymes with additional information, relating to the state of Indiana.
KIT J917.2 INDIA Indiana History. Brain Boosters. Kits for Kids
Facts, figures, and trivia about the state of Indiana.
PTC J917.72 INDIA Indiana to Statehood
PTC J917.72 INDIA Indiana Today
PTC J970.1 INDIA Indians of Indiana
PTC J973.74 INDIA Indiana and the Civil War
PTC KIT J917.21 INDIA Dean, Joy Indiana State History Funbooks
Activity books that enrich knowledge of Indiana state history with lesson plans.
S J917.72 Brown, Vanessa Indiana (Bilingual English/Spanish)
DVD J636.5 EGGS Eggs! Video Field Trip
Takes you on a journey to an egg farm. Filmed at Midwest Poultry Services in Indiana
* Indicates books with historical photographs.


J PAPERBK Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker One-of-a-Kind Mallie
Mallie is so tired of being an identical twin, she could scream! To everyone in Cedarville, she's just the second half of Hallie and Mallie, the adorable pair…
J PAPERBK Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker Ruthie's Gift
Set in a small Indiana farming community at the start of World War I, this is the heartwarming and gently humorous story of Ruthie, an 8-year-old tomboy who develops a stronger sense of self and selflessness during a particularly dramatic year in her life.
J CHAMB Chambers, Catherine E. Indiana Days
This classic series tells absorbing stories while relaying important information.
J GARIN Garinger, Alan K. Alone: The Journey of the Boy Sims
While working on a road-building crew in Indiana in 1833, orphan Joshua Sims is sent by himself to fetch supplies in Detroit, and along the way, his encounters with Indians, runaway slaves, and the dangers of the unknown open his eyes to a reality he did not previously know existed.
J PAPERBK IMMEL Immel, Mary Blair Captured! A Boy Trapped in the Civil War
Fourteen-year-old Johnny Ables, pressed into service in the Confederate army, is forced to participate in a major Civil War battle and ends up in an Indiana prison camp. Based on the true story of a real boy.
J LASKY Lasky, Kathryn Christmas After All: The Great Depression Diary of Minnie Swift
Twelve-year-old Minnie Smith recounts living through one of the toughest times in American history, the Great Depression, through her diary that spans over one Christmas month.
J LAWLO Lawlor, Laurie The School at Crooked Creek
Beansie loves his free and simple life with Ma, Pap, and his sister, Louisa, on their Indiana homestead…
J PECK Peck, Richard Here Lies the Librarian
The Newbery Medal-winning author of "A Year Down Yonder" is back with a rousing, wicked comedy of cars, role models, and revelation that features quirky characters, a folksy setting, classic cars, and hilarious yet moving moments.
J PECK Peck, Richard The Teacher's Funeral
In rural Indiana in 1904, fifteen-year-old Russell's dreams of quitting school and joining a wheat threshing crew are disrupted when his older sister takes over the teaching at his one-room schoolhouse after mean old Myrt Arbuckle "hauls off and dies."
J REYNO Reynolds, Cynthia Furlong Oliver's Travels
When he meets a long-lost cousin in Indiana, who holds another piece of the family treasure map, Oliver the mouse travels throughout the state, making new friends and having adventures along the way. Includes activities and facts about Indiana.
J SWAIN Swain, Gwenyth Chig and the Second Spread
J THRAS Thrasher, Crystal The Dark Didn't Catch Me
Tells the story of the Robinson family during the Great Depression in Greene County, Indiana.
JE Sanders, Scott Russell A Place Called Freedom
When young James Starman and his slave family are set free, they travel north to Indiana where they build a house, a farm, and a new life for themselves.
JE Sanders, Scott Russell Here Comes the Mystery Man
The Goodwin family's pioneer home is visited by the traveling peddler, who brings wondrous things and amazing tales from far away.
JE Sanders, Scott Russell The Floating House
It is 1815 and the adventurous McClure family is traveling by flatboat on an exciting journey down the Ohio River…
JE Van Leeuwen, Jean A Fourth of July on the Plains
Young Jesse and his family are with a wagon train traveling from Indiana to Oregon when they stop to celebrate the Fourth of July, but Jesse is too young to go hunting with the men so he comes up with his own contribution to the festivities.


J362.19 WHITE White, Ryan Ryan White: My Own Story
J920.07 Leipold, L.E. Heroes of a Different Kind
J920.0772 Georgiady, Nicholas Indiana Men
J920.0772 Georgiady, Nicholas Indiana Women
J920.0772 PRICE Price, Nelson Indiana Legends: Famous Hoosiers from Johnny Appleseed to David Letterman
Series of Hoosier portraits ranging from political leaders to entertainers, from sports legends to everyday folk who achieved fame or notoriety.
J920.0772 PRICE Price, Nelson Legendary Hoosiers: Famous Folks from the State of Indiana
Chronicles 40 famous Hoosiers from Johnny Appleseed to David Letterman.
J970.2 CUNNI Cunningham, Maggi Little Turtle
A biography of the Miami Indian chief who formed a confederation of Miami, Shawnee, and Potawatomi Indians that unsuccessfully attempted to drive white settlers from tribal lands.
J977.2 McClure, John R. Hoosier Farm Boy in Lincoln's Army
JB AP55M Smith, Andrea Johnny Appleseed
Tells the story of the man who gained fame for planting apple trees throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, as well as some of the legends surrounding him.
JB B532K Kavanagh, Jack Sports Great Larry Bird
Biography of the famous basketball star from Indiana.
JB B532RI Rich, Francine Poppo Larry Bird: The Boy from French Lick
Meticulously researched, Francine Poppo Rich crafts the important details of Larry Bird's early life into a powerful, true story of one boy's determination to play the best game of basketball he could play.
JB C6544S Swain, Gwenyth President of the Underground Railroad: A Story about Levi Coffin
A biography of a Quaker man from North Carolina whose fearless work on the Underground Railroad in Indiana and Ohio helped thousands of men and women escape the cruelty of slavery.
JB F237CA Carson, Mary Kay Who Invented Television? Philo Farnsworth
Learn about Philo Farnsworth, and see how he invented tv.
JB F237KR Krull, Kathleen The Boy Who Invented TV: Story of Philo T. Farnsworth
This picture-book biography explains how Farnsworth held on to his dream to develop television and the scientific concepts behind it.
JB G889B Bredeson, Carmen Gus Grissom: A Space Biography
A biography of one of America's first seven astronauts, focusing on the training and career of Gus Grissom, who died in a fire aboard Apollo I in 1967.
JB H245MIS Mis, Melody S. How to Draw the Life and Times of Benjamin Harrison
A kid's guide to drawing the presidents of the United States of America
JB HL569LE Lefkowitz, Frances David Letterman
A biography of the late-night television talk show host, comedian, and comedy writer who first appeared nationally in 1978 on the Tonight Show.
JB J1362T1 Tieck, Sarah Michael Jackson
Provides biographical information about Michael Jackson, singer, songwriter, and dancer who died in 2009.
JB J63H Henry, Joanne Landers Log Cabin in the Woods: A True Story About a Pioneer Boy
Follows the daily life of eleven-year-old Oliver Johnson, whose family pioneered early Indianapolis.
JB P833E Ewen, David The Cole Porter Story
JB P993B Boomhower, Ray E. The Soldier's Friend: A Life of Ernie Pyle
JB R45mi Mitchell, Minnie Belle James Whitcomb Riley: Hoosier Boy
JB SE854B Boomhower, Ray E. Fighting for Equality: A Life of May Wright Sewall
Showcases Sewall's important contributions to the history of Indianapolis, Indiana, the United States, and the world.
JB ST49BA Basen, Ryan Tony Stewart: Rocket on the Racetrack
Story of the NACAR racing champion.
JB V95B Boomhower, Ray E. Fighter Pilot: The World War II Career of Alex Vraciu
A graduate of DePauw University, Vraciu learned to fly during his college years through a government program and joined the navy before America was thrust into the war following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. For a period of four months in 1944, Vraciu stood as the leading ace in the U.S. Navy.
JB W1512m McKissack, Patricia Madam C. J. Walker: Self-Made Millionaire
Describes the life of the black laundress who founded a cosmetics company and became the first female self-made millionaire in the United States.
JB W1512MA Marsico, Katie Madam C.J. Walker
JB W154L Lasky, Kathryn Vision of Beauty: The Story of Sarah Breedlove Walker
An inspiring picture-book biography of a woman who succeeded on her own terms.
JB W367G Grabowski, Patricia A. Anthony Wayne: American General
Follow Wayne's career from its lowest point at the Paoli Massacre to the stunning victory he achieved for the Americans at Stony Point.


Allen County--Fort Wayne Historical Society

Allen County Sites on the National Register of Historic Places


City of Fort Wayne

The History Center Digital Collections

Indiana Historical Society

Indiana Memory - The Indiana Digital Library

Indiana State Museum

INSPIRE's Indiana History Links

Notable Hoosiers - Indiana Historical Society

Our Land, Our Literature: Indiana's Environmental Authors

Prehistoric Midwestern United States

This Moment of Indiana History

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