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Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J BOARDBK BOYNT Boynton, Sandra Dinosaur's Binkit
It is time for Dinosaur to get ready for bed, but all Dinosaur can think of is snuggling with a special blanket.
J BOARDBK PATRI Patricelli, Leslie Blankie
Meet Blankie, the best companion a toddler could have.
JE Brown, Marc Tolon D.W.'s Lost Blankie
When D.W. cannot find her special blanket, Arthur and Dad try to help her, but with no success, until Mom saves the day.
JE Brown, Ruth Cry Baby
Nobody wants to go on a walk with little sister -- she's such a cry baby. But when Cry Baby's comfort blanket unravels, everyone is in for a big surprise.
JE BUTLE Butler, M. Christina The Special Blankie
While Little Hedgehog babysits his cousin, with help from his forest friends, Baby's favorite blanket brings them some misadventures but later saves the day.
JE BYNUM Bynum, Janie Kiki's Blankie
Kiki the monkey has many daring adventures with her polka-dot "blankie," but when it sails away without her and lands above a sleeping crocodile, she may not be brave enough to come to the rescue.
JE COTE Cote, Nancy Jackson's Blanket
A little boy is not ready to give up his beloved blanket until he finds a tiny kitten who needs it more than he does.
JE Dickson, Anna H. Where's My Blankie?
Malcolm Monster feels afraid when he loses his beloved security blanket, but after a couple of days, he forgets that it's missing.
JE FEENE Feeney, Tatyana Small Bunny's Blue Blanket
A young bunny who is very attached to his blanket worries when his mother insists the blanket needs to be washed.
JE FORD Ford, Bernette No More Blanket for Lambkin!
A gentle and playful story about letting go of a comfort blanket.--back cover.
JE Gliori, Debi Flora's Blanket
Flora, a little rabbit, does not want to sleep without her missing blanket, so her family helps her look for it.
JE Griessman, Annette Gabriel, God, and the Fuzzy Blanket
Jacob is afraid when he forgets to take his blanket on a visit to his great aunt and uncle, but his parents help him remember that God is always with him to keep him safe.
JE Henkes, Kevin Owen
Owen’s parents try to get him to give up his favorite blanket before he starts school.
JE HEST Hest, Amy Baby Duck and the Cozy Blanket
Baby Duck needs a bath and so does her cozy blanket.
JE Mallat, Kathy Oh, Brother
A young rabbit's older brother teases her by stealing her blanket, but also proves that he loves her.
JE PETER Peterkin, Allan The Flyaway Blanket
Tale about Jake's cherished blanket and the loving bond shared by a parent and a child.
JE STEWA Peterkin, Allan I'm Big Enough
Although she is getting bigger every day, Bean the rabbit refuses to give up her blanket.
JER Rylant, Cynthia Puppy Mudge Loves His Blanket
Puppy Mudge likes his blanket, but he loves snuggling with Henry.


Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J BOARDBK BYE Nelson, Scott Bye-bye, Bottle
A sweet little monkey wants to be like her big sister in every way--except when it comes to drinking from a cup! Luckily, big sister teaches little monkey some tips about giving up a bottle and using a cup for the first time.
JE FORD Ford, Bernette G. No More Bottles for Bunny!
Bunny gives up his bottle so he can have tea and cookies just like the big kids.


Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J BOARDBK GEIS Geis, Patricia Good-bye Pacifier!
Although it comforts her when she's hungry and makes her feel safe when she's afraid, Tula is a big girl now and no longer needs a pacifier.--Inside back cover.
JE Boelts, Maribeth Little Bunny's Pacifier Plan
Little Bunny gradually learns to give up his pacifier.
JE FORD Ford, Bernette G. No More Pacifier for Piggy!
Piggy gradually learns to give up his pacifier.
JE LHEUR L'Heureux, Christine Rosie's Pacifier
Caillou's little sister, Rosie, wants to speak, so little by little she sets aside her pacifier.
JE Murphy, Jill The Last Noo Noo
His grandmother and mother think he is too big for a pacifier; other children make fun of him, but Marlon will not give it up until he is ready.
JE ROSS Ross, Tony I Want My Pacifier
The royal pacifier has mysteriously disappeared again. It always turns up though, even if it is found in some very strange places. Will the Little Princess ever give it up?
JE WENIN Weninger, Brigitte Bye-Bye, Binky
Nora's lost pacifier becomes a toy for several other animals before it is finally returned to her.
J649.6 SHAPI Shapiro, Lawrence E. It's Time to Give Up Your Pacifier: A Transition Time Book
"Talking, eating, singing, and more--think of all the things little ones can do without pacifiers in their mouths! This books shows toddlers the benefits of becoming big kids to gently wean them off their pacifiers."--Back cover.

Stuffed Animals

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
JE Bruna, Dick Miffy Is Crying
Miffy is very sad because her teddy bear is missing.
JE CRIMI Crimi, Carolyn Principal Fred Won't Go to Bed
At bedtime, Principal Fred's wife, son, and dog help him search for his missing teddy bear so that he can go to sleep.
JE DEVRI de Vries, Anke Raf
When Ben loses Raf, his favorite stuffed toy, he is inconsolable. But a few days later, Ben receives a postcard--from Raf! Raf writes about how he got lost and was found...Will Raf really return to Ben? Will Ben still recognize him? And will he make it ho
JE DUNRE Dunrea, Oliver Gideon and Otto
Otto the toy octopus goes everywhere with Gideon, a small gosling, but while Gideon is playing with some rabbits Otto falls off the wall on which he was left and makes a new acquaintance.
JE Feiffer, Jules I Lost My Bear
When she cannot find her favorite stuffed toy, a young girl asks her mother, father, and older sister for help.
JE Hines, Anna Grossnickle Not Without Bear
Audrey likes to do many things, but not without bear.
JE Ichikawa, Satomi La La Rose
La La Rose, a young girl's stuffed rabbit, gets lost in Luxembourg Gardens.
JE McPhail, David The Teddy Bear
A teddy bear, lost by the little boy who loves him, still feels loved after being rescued by a homeless man.
JE MESER Meserve, Jessica Bedtime Without Arthur
Bella has a bear named Arthur, like others, hes soft and cuddly. Unlike other bears, Arthur knows karate and works tirelessly all night to protect Bella from monsters, dragons, slugs, and other things that lurk in the shadows. One night, Arthur goes missi
JE ROSEN Rosenthal, Eileen I must have Bobo!
When Willy wakes up without his favorite toy, he looks everywhere until he finds it.
JE SMEE Smee, Nicola No Bed Without Ted
Readers are invited to help a little girl find Ted the teddy bear so that she can go to sleep.
JE Stevens, Janet Plaidypus Lost
When a young child takes his favorite toy along to the park, the market, the lake, and for a car ride, he mistakenly leaves him behind.
JE Waber, Bernard Ira Sleeps Over
A little boy is excited at the prospect of spending the night at a friend's house, but worries how he'll get along without his teddy bear.
JE Whybrow, Ian Where's Tim's Ted?
It's quiet on the farm as Tim gets ready for bed. Suddenly, he cries, 'Where's my Ted?' They search and they search, but Tim's Ted is nowhere to be found...
JE WILLE Willems, Mo Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale
After Trixie and daddy leave the laundromat, something very important turns up missing.
JE WILLE Willems, Mo Knuffle Bunny Free: An Unexpected Diversion
While traveling with her family to Holland to visit her grandparents, Trixie once again loses her beloved Knuffle Bunny.
JE ZIEFE Ziefert, Harriet Buzzy Had a Little Lamb
Gently helps children understand that going to school means growing up and saying good-bye, if only for a few hours, to old "comfort" objects.


Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J Fassler, Joan Don't Worry Dear
Jenny's mother patiently waits for her to outgrow her thumbsucking, bedwetting, and stuttering.
J Klimowicz, Barbara The Strawberry Thumb
J TOBIA Tobias, Tobi The Quitting Deal
Mother and daughter vow to help each other give up respective habits--smoking and thumb-sucking.
J155.4 Heitler, Susan M David Decides about Thumbsucking : A Motivating Story for Children ; An Informative Guide for Parents
Although he struggles to entertain Pig's cousin, Kipper the dog cannot prevent Arnold from sucking his thumb.
JE Ernst, Kathryn F Danny and His Thumb
As he grows up and starts school, Danny finds he is too busy doing other things to suck his thumb.
JE PRIMA Primavera, Elise Thumb Love
Unable to kick her thumb-sucking habit, Lulu develops a twelve-step program to help.
JE Sonnenschein, Harriet Harold's Hideaway Thumb
By being diligent and remembering that he is a big bunny now, Harold succeeds in stopping sucking his thumb.
JE COONE Cooney, Nancy Donald Says Thumbs Down
JE COOPE Cooper, Ilene Jake's Best Thumb
Jake is an expert at doing things with one thumb...because he keeps his 'best' thumb in his mouth almost all the time. -- inside front flap.
JE DIONN Dionne, Wanda Little Thumb
Little Thumb recounts rhyming reasons why it really should not go into its owner's mouth.

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

This list was created and is maintained by Children's Services Librarians.
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