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Parents' Primer: Fears


Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J KLEIN Klein, Abby Camping Catastrophe
First-grader Freddy, who is afraid of the dark, is apprehensive about going on a wilderness camping trip.
J MILLE Miller, Sibly Horses' Night Out: A Sirocco Story
When Sirocco leads the tiny, winged filies on a nighttime adventure, he discovers that he is afraid of the dark, as well as that their human friend, Leanna, needs a "sleep buddy."
J Robison, Deborah No Elephants Allowed
Justin must think of a way to get rid of the elephants that bother him in his room each night.
J Tobias, Tobi Chasing the Goblins Away
A youngster decides to stand up to those horrible goblins that surround his bed nightly.
J811 Lindbergh, Reeve The Midnight Farm
A child's fear of the dark inspires the mother the take her little one on a sunset tour.
JB R6767ME Merchant, Peter Eleanor Roosevelt and the Scary Basement
As a girl Eleanor Roosevelt was scared of many things: swimming, mice, horses, robbers. Most of all she was scared of the dark…
J BOARDBK Nadeau, Nicole Caillou Bad Dreams
Caillou has a bad dream, but Mommy and Daddy make him feel better.
JE Alexander, Liza Scared of the Dark
Sesame Street Muppets deal with fear of the dark.
JE ALLEN Allen, Jonathan I'm Not Scared!
Baby Owl is absolutely, positively NOT scared of the dark! Are you? -- back cover.
JE Aylesworth, Jim The Bad Dream
When a little boy is awakened by a bad dream, his parents comfort him by reminding him that nightmares are not real.
JE Babbitt, Natalie The Something
With his mother's help, Mylo discovers a way to conquer his fear of the dark.
JE Baker, Alan I Thought I Heard
Because a young girl imagines that spooky things make the sounds she hears in the dark at bedtime, she is relieved to find the real cause of each sound.
JE BAUM Baum, Louis The Mouse Who Braved Bedtime
Every night, Milo Mouse has terrible nightmares about a scary monster, but eventually he confronts his fears, the nightmares stop, and he even makes a new friend.
JE Berenstain, Stan & Jan The Berenstain Bears in the Dark
When Brother Bear brings a spooky book from the library, bedtime and the dark become ominous and threatening to Sister Bear.
JE BERGL Berglin, Ruth Dear Big, Mean, Ugly Monster
For anyone who has ever peered nevrously under the bed after dark.
JE Bond, Felicia Poinsettia and the Firefighters
Lonely and afraid of the dark in her new room, Poinsettia Pig is comforted when she discovers that the fire fighters are awake and keep watch during the night.
JE Bourgeois, Paulette Franklin in the Dark
Franklin is a turtle, but he will not crawl into his shell. He is afraid of small, dark places. What will Franklin do?
JE Bradbury, Ray Switch on the Night
A lonely little boy who is afraid of the dark is introduced to a whole new world by a little girl named Dark.
JE Bunting, Eve Ghost's Hour, Spook's Hour
Scary incidents at midnight give Biff the dog and his master a frightening time but all turn out to have good explanations.
JE BUTLE Butler, M. Christina The Dark, Dark Night
Upon awakening from his long winter's nap, Frog spends a happy day playing with his friends but when he reaches his pond after dark, he sees a huge pond monster and needs his friends' help to face it.
JE CANTR Cantrell, Julie God is With Me Through the Night
A child is reassured by his mother that God loves him even when it is dark outside.
JE CHACO Chaconas, Dori Goodnight, Dewberry Bear
At bedtime, Dewberry Bear is afraid of the gorilla-fump and other creatures lurking in his room but with his mother's help, a prayer he is learning, and courage he chases all of the scary things away.
JE CHAPM Chapman, Mary Beth Shaoey and Dot: A Thunder and Lightning Bug Story
When the lights go out one stormy night, Shaoey becomes frightened. Dot, her little ladybug friend, humorously explains that the dark is just a place with the lights off, and God is in the dark just like everywhere else.
JE Christelow, Eileen Henry and the Dragon
At bedtime Henry Rabbit is sure he sees the shadow of a dragon on his bedroom wall even though his parents can find no evidence of it.
JE Crowe, Robert L. Clyde Monster
A young monster is afraid of the dark because he believes that a person may be lurking under the bed or in a corner.
JE Dunbar, Joyce Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep
Willa has trouble falling asleep until her brother reminds her of all the happy things that await her in the morning.
JE DUNBA Dunbar, Joyce The Monster Who Ate Darkness
JE DURAN Durango, Julia Dream Hop
Children learn a way to escape the dreams which scare them.
JE DURAN Durant, Alan Billy Monster's Daymare
Billy Monster is scared! But what is keeping him awake? And how will Daddy Monster find a way to help Billy sleep soundly through the day? Set in a topsy-turvy monster world, this warm and funny story is perfect for raising a smile and chasing away bedtim
JE Dutro, Jack Night Light: A Story for Children Afraid of the Dark
A story of an underground animal who fears the light is designed to help those who fear the dark.
JE Edwards, Michelle What's That Noise?
Alex tries to calm his younger brother when they hear strange noises at bedtime, but is he brave enough to cross the cold floor of their dark room when a feet-grabbing, toe-eating, noise-making "something" might get him?
JE FENTO Fenton, Joe What's Under the Bed
When Fred lays down his head, he imagines there is something monstrous under his bed
JE FERRE Ferreri, Della Ross How Will I Ever Sleep in This Bed?
A child's new bed feels big and lonely until it gets filled up with stuffed animals.
JE FORE Fore, S.J. Tiger Can't Sleep
A young boy is kept awake by the noisy, "talented" tiger in his closet that is busy dancing, eating, and making music.
JE Garrison, Christian The Dream Eater
Yukio spares the other villagers from recurring nightmares when he rescues a baku.
JE GEISE Geisert, Arthur Lights Out
Told by his parents that his light must be out at eight o'clock, a young piglet who is afraid of the dark devises an ingenious solution to the problem.
JE GORBA Gorbachev, Valeri When Someone Is Afraid
Suggests some of the ways that animals react to fear, but when a small boy wakes from a bad dream he calls for his mommy and daddy.
JE Hayes, Geoffrey A Night-Light for Bunny
When it is too dark for Bunny to sleep, Papa suggests using light like that of stars and fireflies, but Mama finds the right light in their own burrow.
JE HEMIN Hemingway, Edward Bump in the Night
After Billy goes to bed one night he hears a scary noise, which upon investigation turns out to be nothing but a sweet little monster named Bump.
JE Higgs, Liz Curtis Go Away, Dark Night
Griffin is afraid of the dark. Find out what he learns about trusting God.
JE Hines, Anna Grossnickle My Own Big Bed
A child proudly shows off her very own brand new big bed while also telling herself that she can deal with fears about sleeping in it for the first time.
JE Impey, Rose The Flat Man
At bedtime as he tries to fall asleep, a young boy has fun scaring himself by imaging the noises he hears are coming from the Flat Man, who is creeping up to get into bed with him.
JE Joerg, Donna When Dawn Stole the Dark
Six-year-old Hannah's mother helps her overcome her fear of the night.
JE JUNGLE Junge, Alexandra A Night-time Tale
A carousel of words and pictures, this touching tale puts a playful spin on the common childhood fear of the nighttime. A little girl who has always been afraid of the dark embarks upon an amazing adventure that explains why the night follows the day and
JE KLISE Klise, Kate Little Rabbit and the Night Mare
Little Rabbit is so worried about his first school report that his sleep is troubled by a terrifying Night Mare.
JE Lobby, Ted Jessica and the Wolf: A Story for Children Who Have Bad Dreams
With her parents' support, Jessica finds the strength and self-reliance to conquer a bad dream.
JE LONG Long, Ethan Duck's Not Afraid of the Dark!
Duck is having a hard time deciding whether he is really afraid of the dark or not. A switch to turn the light on and off is attached to the book.
JE Mayer, Mercer There's a Nightmare in My Closet
At bedtime a boy confronts the nightmare in his closet and finds him not so terrifying after all.
JE Mayer, Mercer There's an Alligator Under My Bed
The alligator under his bed makes a boy's bedtime a hazardous operation, until he lures it out of the house and into the garage.
JE Mayer, Mercer You're the Scaredy-Cat
A scary story followed by strange noises drives the campers inside during their night in the backyard.
JE MCKAY McKay, Hilary There's a Dragon Downstairs
Although she is afraid, Sophie is determined to confront the dragon that she thinks she hears downstairs at night
JE McQueen, John Troy A World Full of Monsters
A little boy explains away the noise of the night by telling himself a story about a world full of friendly monsters.
JE MICHEL Michelson, Richard Oh No, Not Ghosts!
An older brother "reassures" his younger sister about all the creatures that she imagines lurking in the dark bedroom, but his words only scare her more.
JE Morris, Winifred What If the Shark Wears Tennis Shoes?
Stephen's nighttime fear materializes, a shark that gets all the way upstairs and into his room to try to eat him, but Stephen has an alternative suggestion.
JE Norville, Deborah I Don't Want to Sleep Tonight
It's hard to go to sleep at night when monsters are lurking about in the dark! But this little child makes an exciting discovery when she realizes that television and movies are often the reason she sees bad monsters... and that reading books brings her m
JE OTTOL Ottolenghi, Carol Tip the Mouse Can't Sleep
Tip the mouse gets all ready for bed but becomes afraid after his mother leaves the room.
JE PIEPE Pieper, Martha Heineman Mommy, I Had a Bad Dream!
When Joey, a bouncy kangaroo, has a series of bad dreams, his parents lovingly help him understand them.
JE REUTE Reuterstrand, Siri Ellis Is Scared of the Dark
Ellis is excited to be spending the night at his grandfather's house for the first time but after waking up in the middle of the night to strange noises, he begins to think that sleepovers are no fun.
JE Robbins, Beth Tom's Afraid of the Dark!
Tom, a young cat, overcomes his fear of the dark by using his imagination to think about good things rather than bad ones.
JE ROSS Ross, Tony I Want My Light On!
Everyone says there are no such things as ghosts that live under beds, but the little princess knows better.
JE Senshu, Noriko Sonny's Dream
Sonny, a young grizzly bear, lives happily in Alaska with his mother, but he has bad dreams - giant red "Monster Fish" swim through his sleep. Sonny's mother teaches him that there is no reason to be afraid.
JE Stevenson, Harvey Big, Scary Wolf
Rose is too scared to sleep at night because she knows there's a big, scary wolf in her room, so she tells Papa about it and he helps dispel her fears.
JE Stevenson, James What's Under My Bed?
Grandpa tells his two young houseguests a story about his own childhood when he was scared at bedtime.
JE TESSL Tessler, Manya Yuki's Ride Home
After an enjoyable day at her grandmother's house, Yuki tries to gather all her courage to ride her bicycle home in the evening fog.
JE WADDE Waddell, Martin Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?
When bedtime comes Little Bear is afraid of the dark, until Big Bear brings him lights and love.
JE WALTO Walton, Rick A Very Hairy Scary Story
Upon realizing that she has stayed at her friend's house longer than she should have, Sarah decides to sneak home rather than call her father and finds herself in a night filled with hairy, scary animals.
JE Williams, Linda The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
A little old lady who is not afraid of anything must deal with a pumpkin head, a tall black hat, and other spooky objects that follow her through the dark woods trying to scare her.
JE Ziefert, Harriet Good Night, Lewis!
Mama finally figures out that Lewis doesn't like to go to bed because he's afraid of the dark.
JE Ziefert, Harriet I Want to Sleep in Your Bed!
When all the lights are out, Susan goes to her parents' door and says, "I want to sleep in your bed!
JER Bonsall, Crosby Newell Who's Afraid of the Dark?
A small boy projects his fear of the dark onto his dog.
JER Cosby, Bill One Dark and Scary Night
One night, little Bill is positive there are mean things in his dark closet and that they are just dying to get him. Only when Alice the great performs a magical tucking-in trick do the mean things go away for good.
JER Shebar, Sharon Sigmond Night Monsters
The frightening sounds heard at bedtime turn out not to be monsters.
JER Smith, Susan Mathias The Night Light
Although he is the biggest, bravest, and greenest bug in town, William Green is afraid of the dark.
S JE Le Masne, Christophe Tom tiene una pesadilla
Tom is comforted by his parents after having nightmares. (En español.)
S JE VILLA Villaseñor, Victor Goodnight, Papito Dios / Buenas noches, Papito Dios
A father comforts his son at bedtime by singing the turtledove song his own mother once sang to him, in hopes that the child will wake up in the morning refreshed and secure in the knowledge that he is loved.
S JE Waddell, Martin ¿No duermes, Osito?
When bedtime comes, Little Bear is afraid of the dark, until Big Bear brings him lights and love. (En español.)

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

This list was created and is maintained by Children's Services Librarians.
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