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Parents' Primer: Dental, Medical and Hospital Visits


Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
KIT J616 DOCTO Kits for Kids Doctor and Hospital Visits. Kits for Kids
Explains what happens if you must go to the hospital or a doctor's office.
J610 Johnston, Marianne Let's Talk About Going to the Doctor
Explains what happens during a typical visit to the doctor, covering such activities as having your temperature taken, having your blood pressure measured, and getting a shot.
J610.69 KAWA Kawa, Katie My First Trip to the Doctor
Follows a young girl on a trip to the doctor's office where she has a checkup.
J610.69 Murkoff, Heidi What to Expect When You Go to the Doctor
This book will help answer many of the questions your child may have about doctors and checkups.
J610.69 SINGE Singer, Marilyn I'm Getting A Check-up
Explains in rhyme what happens at the doctor's office, with explanations of the doctor's various instruments.
J610.92 LOCK Lock, Deborah A Trip to the Doctor
J610.92 SMITH Smith, Ian Going to the Doctor
Shows children the common experience of going to the doctor and explains in simple, everyday terms and pictures exactly what happens.
J616 ROCKW Rockwell, Harlow My Doctor
Describes a young child's visit to the doctor's office.
J617.15 Weitzman, Elizabeth Let's Talk About Having a Broken Bone
Describes what happens when you break a bone and how this kind of injury is treated.
J618.92 Brazelton, T. Berry Going to the Doctor
Dr. Berry Brazelton tells what happens when a child goes to the doctor for a check-up, with explanations of the instruments and procedures that will be encountered.
J618.92 MURPH Murphy, Liz ABC Doctor
Going to the doctor's office for a checkup can be scary, but it's easier if you know what to expect. This book goes over the ABCs of visiting the doctor.
JE BEINS Beinstein, Phoebe Say Ahhh! Dora Goes to the Doctor
Dora and her Mami are going to the doctor for a check-up. doctor.
JE BENEN Benenfeld, Rikki I Go to the Doctor
A story to familiarize young children with a visit to the doctor. Every child will be glad to know that Hashem is the One who really makes people get well.
JE BENNE Bennett, Howard J. Lions Aren't Scared of Shots: A Story for Children About Visiting the Doctor
"Molly is worried. It's time for her doctor visit and she doesn't want to go..."--back cover. Includes tips for parents.
JE BEREN Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor
It's time for a routine check-up with Dr. Gert Grizzly. Sister Bear is brave about her booster shot, and Brother Bear is fine, but--achoo!--is that Papa Bear sneezing?
JE COLE Cole, Joanna My Friend the Doctor
A reassuring, cheery book about going to the doctor by the highly successful team that gave us I'm a Big Brother and I'm a Big Sister
JE DAVID David, Luke Chuckie Visits the Eye Doctor
Chuckie visits the eye doctor and gets glasses so he can see better.
JE DOOLE Dooley, Virginia I Need Glasses: My Visit to the Optometrist
Nick shares about his first visit to the eye doctor.
JE LONDO London, Jonathan Froggy Goes to the Doctor
Froggy isn't looking forward to his check-up because he might get a shot but when it's over and he's pronounced a very healthy frog, Dr. Mugwort is the one who dreads Froggy's next visit.
JE ROBBI Robbins, Beth Tom and Ally Visit the Doctor
When cat siblings Tom and Ally visit the doctor for a check-up, Tom is scared of receiving a shot, but soon realizes that there is nothing to fear.
JE SARAH Sarah, Duchess of York Jacob Goes to the Doctor and Sophie Visits the Dentist
Two young friends share their experiences, one of a visit to the doctor for an injection, and the other of a trip to the dentist for a check-up.
JE SLEGE Slegers, Liesbet Katie Goes to the Doctor
When Katie doesn't feel well, her mother explains that she has a fever and takes Katie to see the doctor, with her favorite toy in tow--using simple language and vivid illustrations, this soothing tale is an ideal way to prepare children for their first visit to a medical practitioner.
JE SMEE Smee, Nicolas Freddie Visits the Doctor
Freddie Visits the Doctor is written especially for toddlers.
JE ZONTA Zonta, Pat Jessica's X-Ray
When Jessica goes to the hospital after she breaks her arm, she learns about different x-ray techniques. Includes six actual x-ray images printed on film.
JER COWLE Cowley, Joy A Visit to Doctor Jane
JER HILLE Hillert, Margaret Help for Dear Dragon
When "Dear Dragon" feels sick, he receives help from a friendly doctor.
JER JENSE Jensen, Patricia I Am Sick
A sick child is afraid of going to the doctor, but when her father takes her and she takes her medicine, she begins to feel better quickly.
JER KLEIN Klein, Adria F. Max Goes to the Doctor
When it is time for his yearly checkup, Max goes to the doctor and gets very good news.
JER SATER Sateren, Shelley Swanson Max and Zoe at the Doctor
While practicing gymnastics with his friend Zoe, Max cuts his leg and must get stitches.
J BOARDBK SANSC Sanschagrin, Joceline Caillou: The Doctor
Mommy has been taking good care of Caillou, but he still has a fever. It's time to see the doctor and Caillou is very frightened.
J BOARDBK SIRET Sirett, Dawn Visiting the Doctor
Helps youngsters with the nervousness they may feel in visiting the doctor for the first time.
DVD JE BEAR Visiting the Doctor with Bear
Bear learns that visiting the doctor can be fun.
DVD JE SESAM Sesame Street Elmo Visits the Doctor
Elmo has an earache, a fever, and a stuffy nose to boot. That's got him singing the blues. Elmo soon learns that going to the doctor can help make aches and pains feel better.
DVD JE YO Yo Gabba Gabba: Let's Visit the Doctor
When Todee becomes sick, she gets a check-up from the doctor.


  • KidsHealth: Going to the Doctor for Kids
    Information for kids on going to the doctor.

  • KidsHealth for Parents
    Information to help parents prepare their child for a doctor visit.

  • We Are Children's: The Blog of Children's Hospital Los Angeles
    Information to help parents prepare their child for a doctor visit in which they will get a shot.

  • If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

    This list was created and is maintained by Children's Services Librarians.
    Comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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