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Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J BOARDBK PITZE Pitzer, Marjorie I Can, Can You?
J BOARDBK PITZE Pitzer, Marjorie W. My Up & Down & All Around Book
J BOARDBK RONAY Ronay, Laura Kids Like Me-- Learn ABC's
S J BOARDBK RONAY Ronay, Laura Kids Like Me… Learn Colors
J FOX Fox, Paula Radiance Descending
When he sees all the attention which his parents and people in the neighborhood give to Jacob, eleven-year-old Paul struggles with his feelings toward this younger brother who has Down syndrome.
J HUBLE Hubler, Marsha Skye's Final Test
One of the special-needs children riding horses at Keystone Stables during the summer has Down-syndrome and when his affection for Skye embarrasses her, she begins to treat him harshly.
J362.196 ROYST Royston, Angela Down Syndrome
J362.19892 POWEL Powell, Jillian Luke Has Down's Syndrome
J362.4 DWIGH Dwight, Laura We Can Do It
J372.216 CAMPO Campos, Maria de Fatima Victoria's Day
J616.858842 BRILL Brill, Marlene Targ Down Syndrome
J618.92858842 BRYAN Bryan, Jenny I Have Down Syndrome
Meet Stacey, Richie, Maria, and Jack -- What is Down syndrome? -- Treatment for Down syndrome -- Stacey's day -- Jack's day -- Richie faces the bullies -- Maria's day -- Growing up -- Maria's outing -- Everyone is different -- Aiming high -- Making life easier -- Getting help.
J618.92858842 ROYST Royston, Angela Expaining Down Syndrome
J628.9 RICKE Rickert, Janet Elizabeth Russ and the Firehouse
JB B917I Italia, Robert Chris Burke
JB B917L Lee, Gregory Chris Burke: He Overcame Down Syndrome
JE BOUWK Bouwkamp, Julie Hi, I'm Ben!...And I've Got a Secret!
JE CARTE Carter, Alden R. Big Brother Dustin
A boy with Down Syndrome helps his parents and grandparents get ready for the birth of his baby sister and chooses the perfect name for her.
JE CARTE Carter, Alden R. Dustin's Big School Day
Second-grader Dustin, who has Down syndrome, anticipates the arrival of two very special guests at his school one day.
JE DEBEA DeBear, Kirsten Be Quiet, Marina
A noisy little girl with cerebral palsy and a quiet little girl with Down Syndrome learn to play together and eventually become best friends.
JE FLEMI Fleming, Virginia Be Good to Eddie Lee
Although Christy considered him a pest, when Eddie Lee, a boy with Down's Syndrome, follows her into the woods, he shares several special discoveries with her.
JE GIRNI Girnis, Meg 1 2 3 for You and Me
Photographs show children with Down syndrome in activities with objects corresponding to numbers one through twenty.
JE GIRNI Girnis, Meg A B C for You and Me
Photographs show children with Down syndrome in activities with objects corresponding to the letters of the alphabet.
JE MOORE Moore-Mallinos, Jennifer My Friend Has Down Syndrome
Part of the "Let's Talk About It" series.
JE RHEIN Rheingrover, Jean Sasso Veronica's First Year
Nine-year-old Nathan helps welcome his baby sister, who has Down's syndrome, into the family and eagerly anticipates the day when she will be able to ride his tricycle.
JE RICKE Rickert, Janet Elizabeth Russ and the Almost Perfect Day
Russ, a student with Down syndrome, is having a perfect day until he realizes that the five-dollar bill he has found probably belongs to a classmate.
JE RICKE Rickert, Janet Elizabeth Russ and the Apple Tree Surprise
After Russ, a five-year-old with Down syndrome, picks a basket of apples and helps his mother and grandmother make a pie, his grandfather invites him into the backyard for a surprise.
JE ROTEL Rotella, Louis The Little King and His Marshmallow Kingdom
A story about a child with Down Syndrome, Louie IV, who loves to use his imagination...But he also loves to do kid stuff like: play games and sports, help his dad with yard work, listen to music- (and make it), get into mischief, and help his friends! Most of all, he loves his family, and likes to show everyone that it is good to be unique and different, even though unique can mean many different things.
JE STUVE Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie The Best Worst Brother
Older sister Emma tries to be patient while teaching three-year-old Isaac, who has Down syndrome, how to communicate using sign language. Includes questions and answers about sign language.
JE STUVE Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie We'll Paint the Octopus Red
Emma and her father discuss what they will do when the new baby arrives, but they adjust their expectations when he is born with Down syndrome.
JE TESTA Testa, Maria Thumbs up, Rico!
In three separate stories, a boy with Down syndrome makes a new friend, helps his sister with a difficult decision, and finally draws a picture he likes.
JE TUPPE Ling, Nancy Tupper My Sister, Alicia May
JE WOLOS Woloson, Eliza My Friend Isabelle
A young boy named Charlie describes the activities he shares with his friend Isabelle, a girl with Down Syndrome.
PTC J371.928 KUMIN Kumin, Libby Classroom Language Skills for Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
PTC J371.928 OELWE Oelwein, Patricia L. Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
PTC J618.9285884 BRUNI, 2006 Bruni, Maryanne Fine Motor Skills for Children with Down Syndrome
PTC J618.9285884 KUMIN, 2003 Kumin, Libby Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome
PTC DVD J618.9285884 DOWN Schermerhorn, Will Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months
PTC J649.15 BABIE, 1995 Babies with Down Syndrome: A New Parents' Guide


Down Syndrome Facts - March of Dimes
A quick reference fact sheet about Down syndrome provided by the March of Dimes.

Down Syndrome Indiana
Down Syndrome Indiana (DSI) is a not-for-profit organization serving the needs of individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

Down Syndrome - Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
An article discussing the definition, symptoms, causes, risk factors, complications, tests, treatments, and coping and support options associated with Down syndrome.

Facts About Down Syndrome - National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Information, questions and answers, and additional resources about Down syndrome.

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

This list was created and is maintained by Children's Services Librarians.
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