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Cut Paper Illustrations


NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Aaron, Jane When I'm Afraid Jane Aaron 1998 J152.46
Akass, Susan Number Nine Duckling Alex Ayliffe 1993 JE
Appelt, Kathi Where, Where Is Swamp Bear? Megan Halsey 2002 JE
Arnold, Caroline A Kangaroo's World Caroline Arnold 2008 J599.222 ARNOL
Arnold, Caroline A Killer Whale's World Caroline Arnold 2006 J599.536 ARNOL
Arnold, Caroline A Koala's World Caroline Arnold 2008 J599.25 ARNOL
Arnold, Caroline A Panda's World Caroline Arnold 2006 J599.789 ARNOL
Arnold, Caroline A Platypus' World Caroline Arnold 2008 J599.29 ARNOL
Arnold, Caroline A Wombat's World Caroline Arnold 2008 J599.24 ARNOL
Arnold, Caroline A Zebra's World Caroline Arnold 2006 J599.6657 ARNOL
Badoe, Adwoa Nana's Cold Days Bushra Junaid 2002 JE BADOE
Bailer, Darice ABC Animals: A Bedtime Story Judith Moffatt 2005 JE BAILE
Baker, Keith Little Green Keith Baker 2001 JE
Baker, Keith Quack and Count Keith Baker 1999 JE
Bang, Molly The Paper Crane Molly Bang 1985 JE
Barner, Bob Dinosaur Bones Bob Barner 2001 J567.9
Barner, Bob Fish Wish Bob Barner 2000 JE BARNE
Bauer, Marion Dane If Frogs Made the Weather Dorothy Donohue 2005 JE BAUER
Baumgartner, Barbara Crocodile! Crocodile! Stories Told Around the World Judith Moffatt 1994 J398.24
Belafonte, Harry Island in the Sun Alex Ayliffe 1999 J782.42
Biebow, Natascha Eleonora Britta Teckentrup 1995 JE
Birney, Betty G. Pie's in the Oven Holly Meade 1996 JE
Bowman, Crystal See the Country, See the City Pam Thomson 2000 JE
Brenner, Barbara Good Morning, Garden Denise Ortakales 2004 JE
Brewer, Caroline Kara and Friends Meet Abraham Lincoln Fort Wayne Area School Children 2003 J BREWE
Brisson, Pat Benny's Pennies Bob Barner 1993 JE
Bruchac, Joseph The Great Ball Game: A Muskogee Story Susan L. Roth 1994 JE
Bryan, Ashley Beautiful Blackbird Ashley Bryan 2003 J398.2096
Bunting, Eve Ducky David Wisniewski 1997 JE
Burrowes, Adjoa J. Grandma's Purple Flowers Adjoa J. Burrowes 2000 JE
Cain, Shaeridan Look Out for the Big Bad Fish! Tanya Linch 1998 JE
Carle, Eric Dream Snow Eric Carle 2000 JE
Carlow, Emma Kitty Princess and the Newspaper Dress Emma Carlow & Trevor Dickinson 2003 JE CARLO
Carr, Jan Dappled Apples Dorothy Donohue 2001 JE
Carr, Jan Frozen Noses Dorothy Donohue 1999 JE
Carr, Jan Splish, Splash, Spring Dorothy Donohue 2001 JE
Carr, Jan Sweet Hearts Dorothy Donohue 2003 JE
Chang, Monica Story of the Chinese Zodiac=Dab Neeg Txog Suav Lub Cim Hnub Nyoog [English/Hmong] Arthur Lee 1994 HM J398.24
Chang, Monica Story of the Chinese Zodiac=Muời Hai Con Giáp Theo truyền thuyết Trung Hoa [English/Vietnamese] Arthur Lee 1994 VI J398.24
Chang, Monica Story of the Chinese Zodiac=Ang Kuwento ng Kalendaryong Tsina [English/Tagalog] Arthur Lee 1994 TA J398.24
Chapman, Cheryl Pass the Fritters, Critters Susan L. Roth 1993 JE
Charles, Faustin A Caribbean Counting Book Roberta Arenson 1996 J398.8 CHARL
Clements, Andrew Workshop David Wisniewski 1998 J621.9
Collard, Sneed B. III Animal Dads Steve Jenkins 1997 J591.56
Collard, Sneed B. III Beaks! Robin Brickman 2002 J598 COLLA
Collard, Sneed B. III Making Animal Babies Steve Jenkins 2000 J571.81
Collard, Sneed B. III Wings Robin Brickman 2008 J591.479 COLLA
Collis, Annabel You Can't Catch Me! Annabel Collis 1993 JE
Cooper, Kay Too Many Rabbits and Other Fingerplays Judith Moffatt 1995 J793.4
Compestine, Ying Chang The Story of Chopsticks YongSheng Xuan 2001 JE
Crimi, Carolyn Outside, Inside Linnea Asplind Riley 1995 JE
Crum, Shutta The House in the Meadow Paige Billin-Frye 2003 JE
Crummel, Susan Stevens Ten-Gallon Bart Dorothy Donohue 2005 JE CRUMM
Davol, Marguerite W. The Paper Dragon Robert Sabuda 1997 JE
Derby, Sally Mi escalera Adjoa J. Burrowes 1996 S JE
Derby, Sally My Steps Adjoa J. Burrowes 1996 JE
Dodds, Dayle Ann The Color Box Giles Laroche 1992 JE
Dodds, Dayle Ann The Shape of Things Julie Lacome 1994 J516.15
Donohue, Dorothy Big and Little on the Farm Dorothy Donohue 1999 JE
Donohue, Dorothy Veggie Soup Dorothy Donohue 2000 JE
Dorros, Arthur Por fin es Carnaval Arthur Dorros 1991 S J468
Downing, Johnette Chef Creole Deborah Ousley Kadair 2009 J782.42 DOWNI
Downing, Johnette There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Bugs Johnette Downing 2010 JE DOWNI
Downing, Johnette Today is Monday in New York Deborah Ousley Kadair 2011 J782.42 DOWNI
Downing, Johnette Today is Monday in Louisiana Deborah Ousley Kadair 2006 JE DOWNI
Driscoll, Laura Frogs Judith Moffatt 1998 J594.89
Ehlert, Lois Cuckoo=Cucú Lois Ehlert 1997 S J398.2
Ehlert, Lois Market Day: A Story Told with Folk Art Lois Ehlert 2000 JE
Ehlert, Lois Wag a Tail Lois Ehlert 2007 JE EHLER
Ehlert, Lois Waiting for Wings Lois Ehlert 2001 J595.789
Emberley, Rebecca City Sounds Rebecca Emberley 1989 JE
Emberley, Rebecca Jungle Sounds Rebecca Emberley 1989 JE
Emberley, Rebecca My Mother's Secret Life Rebecca Emberley 1998 JE
Emberley, Rebecca My Toys=Mis juguetes Rebecca Emberley 2002 S J BOARDBK
English, Karen Hot Day on Abbott Avenue Javaka Steptoe 2004 JE
Falwell, Cathryn Butterflies for Kiri Cathryn Falwell 2003 JE
Falwell, Cathryn Dragon Tooth Cathryn Falwell 1996 JE
Falwell, Cathryn Feast for 10 Cathryn Falwell 1993 JE
Falwell, Cathryn PJ & Puppy Cathryn Falwell 1997 JE
Falwell, Cathryn Scoot! Cathryn Falwell 2008 JE FALWE
Falwell, Cathryn Shape Space Cathryn Falwell 1992 JE
Falwell, Cathryn Turtle Splash!: Countdown at the Pond Cathryn Falwell 2001 JE
Fearrington, Ann Who Sees the Lighthouse? Giles Laroche 2002 JE FEARR
Field, Rachel A Road Might Lead to Anywhere Giles Laroche 1990 JE
Finch, Mary The Three Billy Goats Gruff Roberta Arenson 2001 J398.2
Fleming, Denise Time to Sleep Denise Fleming 1997 JE
Fox, Mem Hello Baby! Steve Jenkins 2009 JE FOX
French, Vivian Not Again, Anna! Alex Ayliffe 1998 JE
Gershator, Phillis Only One Cowry: A Dahomean Tale David Soman 2000 J398.20966
Girmay, Aracelis Changing, Changing Aracelis Girmay 2005 JE GIRMA
Glaser, Linda It's Fall! Susan Swan 2001 JE
Glaser, Linda It's Spring! Susan Swan 2002 JE
Glaser, Linda It's Winter! Susan Swan 2002 JE
Gray, Libba Moore Small Green Snake Holly Meade 1994 JE
Grimes, Nikki A Pocketful of Poems Javaka Steptoe 2001 J811.54
Guiberson, Brenda Z. The Emperor Lays an Egg Joan Paley 2001 J598.47
Guiberson, Brenda Z. Rain, Rain, Rain Forest Steve Jenkins 2004 J577.34
Haan, Linda de and Stern Nijland King & King Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland 2000 JE DEHAA
Hall, Zoe Fall Leaves Fall! Shari Halpern 2000 JE
Harness, Cheryl Midnight in the Cemetery: A Spooky Search-and-Find Alphabet Book Robin Brickman 1999 JE
Ho, Mingfong Hush! Holly Meade 1996 J811.54
Ho, Mingfong Peek!: A Thai Hide-and-Seek Holly Meade 2004 JE HO
Hol, Coby The Birth of the Moon Coby Hol 2000 JE
Hooper, Patricia How the Sky's Housekeeper Wore Her Scarves Susan L. Roth 1995 JE
Horowitz, Dave Twenty-six Princesses Dave Horowitz 2008 JE HOROW
Hort, Lenny Tie Your Socks and Clap Your Feet: Mixed-up Poems Stephen Kroninger 2000 J811.54
Howell, Will C. Zooflakes ABC Will C. Howell 2002 J736.98
Hughes, Langston The Block Romare Bearden 1995 J811.52
Hurd, Edith Thacher Starfish Robin Brickman 2000 J593.93 HURD
Isadora, Rachel Rapunzel Rachel Isadora 2008 JE ISADO
James, J. Alison The Drums of Noto Hanto Tsukushi 1999 JE
Jenkins, Steve & Robin Page Animals in Flight Steve Jenkins & Robin Page 2001 J573.798
Jenkins, Steve Big & Little Steve Jenkins 1996 J591.4
Jenkins, Steve Biggest, Strongest, Fastest Steve Jenkins 1995 J591
Jenkins, Steve Down Down Down: A Journey to the Bottom of the Sea Steve Jenkins 2009 J591.779 JENKI
Jenkins, Steve Duck's Breath and Mouse Pie: A Collection of Animal Superstitions Steve Jenkins 1994 J398.24
Jenkins, Steve Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest Steve Jenkins 1998 J910
Jenkins, Steve How Many Ways Can You Catch a Fly? Steve Jenkins & Robin Page 2008 J591.53 JENKI
Jenkins, Steve I See a Kookaburra!: Discovering Animal Habitats Around the World Steve Jenkins 2005 J591.7 JENKI
Jenkins, Steve Life on Earth: The Story of Evolution Steve Jenkins 2002 J576.8
Jenkins, Steve Looking Down Steve Jenkins 1995 JE
Jenkins, Steve & Robin Page Move! Steve Jenkins 2006 J573.79 JENKI
Jenkins, Steve Slap, Squeak & Scatter: How Animals Communicate Steve Jenkins 2001 J591.59
Jenkins, Steve The Top of the World: Climbing Mount Everest Steve Jenkins 1999 J796.52
Jenkins, Steve What Do You Do When Something Wants to Eat You? Steve Jenkins 1997 J591.47
Jenkins, Steve What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? Steve Jenkins 2003 J573.87
Jocelyn, Marthe Mayfly Marthe Jocelyn 2004 JE JOCEL
Kadair, Deborah Ousley There Was An Ol' Cajun Deborah Ousley Kadair 2002 JE KADAI
Knutson, Kimberley Ska-tat! Kimberley Knutson 1993 JE
Kolar, Bob Do You Want to Play?: A Book About Being Friends Bob Kolar 1999 JE
Krebs, Laurie We're Sailing to Galapagos: A Week in the Pacific Grazia Restelli 2005 J591.98665
Kroll, Virginia L. Hands! Cathryn Falwell 1997 JE
Kroninger, Stephen If I Crossed the Road Stephen Kroninger 1997 JE
Laufer, Peter Made in Mexico Susan L. Roth 2000 J787.87
Lee, Huy Voun In the Leaves Huy Voun Lee 2005 JE LEE
Linscott, Jody Once Upon A to Z Claudia Porges Holland 1991 JE
Lionni, Leo Six Crows: A Fable Leo Lionni 1988 JE
Loomis, Christine One Cow Coughs Pat Dypold 1994 JE
Luxbacher, Irene 1 2 3 I Can Collage Irene Luxbacher 2009 J702.812 LUXBA
MacDonald, Suse Look Whooo's Counting Suse MacDonald 2000 JE
MacDonald, Suse Peck, Slither and Slide Suse MacDonald 1997 JE
MacDonald, Suse Sea Shapes Suse MacDonald 1994 JE
Maconie, Robin Alice and Her Fabulous Teeth! Catherine Myler Fruisen 1999 JE
Mandelbaum, Pili You Be Me, I'll Be You Pili Mandelbaum 1990 JE
Marzollo, Jean I Am Planet Earth Judith Moffatt 2001 J525
Marzollo, Jean I Am a Star Judith Moffatt 2000 J523.8
Marzollo, Jean I'm a Caterpillar Judith Moffatt 1997 S J595.78
Marzollo, Jean Soy el agua Judith Moffatt 1996 S JER
Marzollo, Jean Soy una oruga Judith Moffatt 1997 S JER
Marzollo, Jean Soy una semilla Judith Moffatt 1996 S JER
Masurel, Claire No, No, Titus! Shari Halpern 1997 JE
Meade, Holly A Place to Sleep Holly Meade 2001 JE
Mercier, Deirdre McLaughlin Yesterday We Had a Hurricane / Ayer tuvimos un huracán Deirdre McLaughlin Mercier 2006 S JE MERCI
Miller, David Just Like You and Me David Miller 1999 J156
Moffatt, Judith Bugs: A Read-And-Do Book Judith Moffatt 2000 J736.98 MOFFA
Moffatt, Judith The Pumpkin Man Judith Moffatt 1998 JER
Moffatt, Judith Snow Shapes: A Read-and-Do Book Judith Moffatt 2000 J745.5
Moffatt, Judith Who Stole the Cookies? Judith Moffatt 1996 JER
Montanari, Donata Children Around the World Donata Montanari 1998 J390
Mora, Pat A Birthday Basket for Tía Cecily Lang 1992 JE
Mora, Pat This Big Sky Steve Jenkins 1998 J811
Napoli, Donna Jo Flamingo Dream Cathie Felstead 2002 JE NAPOL
Napoli, Donna Jo How Hungry Are You? Amy Walrod 2001 JE
Noda, Takayo Song of the Flowers Takayo Noda 2006 J811 NODA
Oakes, Bill Puzzlers Bill Oakes 1989 JE
Partridge, Elizabeth Kogi's Mysterious Journey Aki Sogabe 2003 JE
Partridge, Elizabeth Moon Glowing Joan Paley 2002 JE
Payne, Nina Four in All Adam Payne 2001 JE
Pfeffer, Wendy A Log's Life Robin Brickman 1997 J577.3
Pfeffer, Wendy Wiggling Worms at Work Steve Jenkins 2004 J592.64
Prince, April Jones Meet Our Flag, Old Glory Joan Paley 2004 J929.92
Reibstein, Mark Wabi Sabi Ed Young 2008 JE REIBS
Riley, Linda Capus Elephants Swim Steve Jenkins 1995 JE
Roberts, Michael The Jungle ABC Michael Roberts 1998 J428.1
Roberts, Michael Mumbo Jumbo Michael Roberts 2000 J811 ROBER
Robinson, Marc Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!: What Does It Sound Like to You? Steve Jenkins 1993 J418
Rockwell, Anne Becoming Butterflies Megan Halsey 2002 J595.789
Rockwell, Anne Bugs Are Insects Steve Jenkins 2001 J595.7
Rodriguez, Rachel Through Georgia's Eyes Julie Paschkis 2006 JB OK2R
Rose, Deborah Lee Into the A, B, Sea: An Ocean Alphabet Steve Jenkins 2000 J591.77
Rose, Deborah Lee One Nighttime Sea Steve Jenkins 2003 JE
Roth, Susan L. The Biggest Frog in Australia Susan L. Roth 1996 JE
Roth, Susan L. Buddha Susan L. Roth 1994 J294.3
Roth, Susan L. Creak, Thump, Bonk! Susan L. Roth 1995 JE
Roth, Susan L. Cinnamon's Day Out: A Gerbil Adventure Susan L. Roth 1998 JE
Roth, Susan L. Grandpa Blows His Pennywhistle Until the Angels Sing Susan L. Roth 2001 JE
Roth, Susan L. Great Big Guinea Pigs Susan L. Roth 2006 JE ROTH
Roth, Susan L. Happy Birthday Mr. Kang Susan L. Roth 2001 J
Roth, Susan L. Hard Hat Area Susan L. Roth 2004 JE ROTH
Roth, Susan L. It's a Dog's New York Susan L. Roth 2001 JE
Roth, Susan L. It's Still a Dog's New York Susan L. Roth 2001 JE ROTH
Roth, Susan L. Kanahéna: A Cherokee Story Susan L. Roth 1988 J398.2
Roth, Susan L. Mi amor por ti=My Love for You Susan L. Roth 2003 S J BOARDBK
Roth, Susan L. My Love for You All Year Round Susan L. Roth 2003 JE
Roth, Susan L. Night-Time Numbers: A Scary Counting Book Susan L. Roth 1999 JE
Ruurs, Margriet In My Backyard Ron Broda 2006 J577.56 RUURS
Sabuda, Robert Saint Valentine Robert Sabuda 1992 JB V234S
Sage, James Coyote Makes Man Britta Teckentrup 1994 J398.2
Sanger, Amy Wilson First Book of Sushi Amy Wilson Sanger 2001 J BOARDBK SANGE
Sanger, Amy Wilson ¡Hola! Jalapeño Amy Wilson Sanger 2002 S J BOARDBK
Sanger, Amy Wilson Let's Nosh! Amy Wilson Sanger 2002 J BOARDBK SANGE
Sanger, Amy Wilson A Little Bit of Soul Food Amy Wilson Sanger 2004 J BOARDBK
Sanger, Amy Wilson Mangia! Mangia! Amy Wilson Sanger 2005 J BOARDBK SANGE
Sanger, Amy Wilson Yum Yum Dim Sum Amy Wilson Sanger 2003 J BOARDBK
Savage, Stephen Making Tracks: A Slide-and-See Book Stephen Savage 1992 J591
Schaefer, Lola M. An Island Grows Cathie Felstead 2006 JE SCHAE
Seeber, Dorothea P. A Pup Just for Me; A Boy Just for Me Ed Young 2000 JE
Shapiro, Jody Fickes Up, Up, Up!: It's Apple Picking Time Kitty Harvill 2003 JE SHAPI
Shepard, Aaron Master Man: A Tall Tale of Nigeria David Wisniewski 2001 J398.20966
Showers, Paul Sleep Is for Everyone Wendy Watson 1997 J612.821
Siddals, Mary McKenna I'll Play with You David Wisniewski 2000 JE
Sidman, Joyce Just Us Two: Poems About Animal Dads Susan Swan 2000 J811
Souhami, Jessica Mrs. McCool and the Giant Cuhullin Jessica Souhami 2002 J398.209415
Spinner, Stephanie Monster in the Maze: The Story of the Minotaur Susan Swan 2000 J398.2
Spinner, Stephanie Snake Hair: The Story of Medusa Susan Swan 1999 JER
Stafford, William The Animal That Drank Up Sound Debra Frasier 1992 J811
Steggall, Susan On the Road Susan Steggall 2005 JE STEGG
Stenson, Lila and Anna Daddy, Up and Down: Sisters Grieve the Loss of their Daddy Cheryl Biddix 2002 J155.9 STENS
Sturges, Philemon Bridges Are to Cross Giles Laroche 1998 J624.2
Sturges, Philemon The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza Amy Walrod 1999 J398.2
  The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars: Poems Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 2003 J811 SUN
Swinburne, Stephen R. Swallows in the Birdhouse Robin Brickman 1996 J598.826 SWINB
Sykes, Julie This and That Tanya Linch 1996 JE
Tabor, Nancy María Grande Albertina anda arriba: El abecedario=Albertina Goes Up: An Alphabet Book Nancy María Grande Tabor 1992 S J468.3
Tabor, Nancy María Grande We Are a Rainbow Nancy María Grande Tabor 1997 JE
Tarpley, Natasha Destiny's Gift Burrowes, Adjoa J. 2004 JE TARPL
van der Meer, Mara Can We Play? Mara van der Meer 2001 JE
Van Laan, Nancy Sleep, Sleep, Sleep: A Lullaby for Little Ones Around the World Holly Meade 1995 JE
Wadsworth, Olive A. Over in the Meadow: An Old Counting Rhyme David A. Carter 1992 JE
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth Alphabet House Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 2005 JE WALLA
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth Baby Day! Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 2003 JE
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth Count Down to Cleanup Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 2001 JE
Wallace, Nancy Fly, Monarch! Fly! Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 2008 J595.789 WALLA
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth The Kindness Quilt Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 2006 JE WALLA
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth Look! Look! Look! Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 2006 JE WALLA
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth Pond Walk Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 2011 JE WALLA
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth Pumpkin Day! Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 2002 JE
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth Recycle Every Day! Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 2003 JE
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth Valentine Express Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 2004 JE WALLA
Walsh, Ellen Stoll Dot & Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery Ellen Stoll Walsh 2001 JE
Walsh, Ellen Stoll For Pete's Sake Ellen Stoll Walsh 1998 JE
Walsh, Ellen Stoll Hop Jump Ellen Stoll Walsh 1993 JE
Walsh, Ellen Stoll Jack's Tale Ellen Stoll Walsh 1997 JE
Walsh, Ellen Stoll Mouse Count Ellen Stoll Walsh 1991 JE
Walsh, Ellen Stoll Mouse Paint Ellen Stoll Walsh 1989 JE
Walsh, Ellen Stoll Pinta ratones Ellen Stoll Walsh 1992 S JE
Walsh, Ellen Stoll Pip's Magic Ellen Stoll Walsh 1994 JE
Walsh, Ellen Stoll Salta y brinca Ellen Stoll Walsh 1996 S JE
Walsh, Ellen Stoll Samantha Ellen Stoll Walsh 1996 JE
Walsh, Ellen Stoll You Silly Goose Ellen Stoll Walsh 1992 JE
Whippo, Walt Little White Duck Joan Paley 2000 J782.42
Whitman, Candace Bring on the Blue Candace Whitman 1998 JE
Whitman, Walt Nothing but Miracles Susan L. Roth 2003 J811 WHITM
Wiley, Thom Big Earth, Little Me Kate Endle 2009 JE WILEY
Willard, Nancy The Moon & Riddles Diner and the Sunnyside Café Chris Butler 2001 J811
Williams, Laura E. The Long Silk Strand Grayce Bochak 1995 JE
Wisniewski, David Golem David Wisniewski 1996 J398.2
Wisniewski, David Rain Player David Wisniewski 1991 JE
Wisniewski, David The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups David Wisniewski 1998 J818
Wisniewski, David The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups: The Second File David Wisniewski 2001 J818.54
Wisniewski, David Sundiata: Lion King of Mali David Wisniewski 1992 JB K26w
Wisniewski, David Sumo Mouse David Wisniewski 2002 JE
Wisniewski, David Tough Cookie David Wisniewski 1999 JE
Wisniewski, David The Warrior and the Wise Man David Wisniewski 1989 JE
Wundrow, Deanna Jungle Drum Susan Swan 1999 JE
Young, Ed Monkey King Ed Young 2001 JE
Young, Ed What About Me? Ed Young 2002 JE
Yume, Hajime Psyduck's Tongue Twisters Kagemaru Himeno 1999 JE


Check out the following websites to find out more about how cut paper illustrations are made.

Denise Fleming
Read about Denise Fleming's books, find fun activities, and learn about how she makes her own paper.

Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Nancy Elizabeth Wallace's website includes activities for children to create their own cut-paper art.

Steve Jenkins
Steve Jenkins writes and illustrates many non-fiction books for children. Click here to learn about how some of his books were made.

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

This list was created and is maintained by Children's Services Librarians.
General comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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