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NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Basman, Michael Chess for Kids
This book presents the beginner with the rules, skills, and techniques of the game.
Bloss, F. Donald Sammy Seahorse Teaches Chess
Bott, R. Chess -- First Steps
Brady, Frank Chess -- How to Improve Your Technique
A shortcut to successful playing for the beginning or occasional chess player explaining, among other things, the idea behind a move and why certain positions are more favorable than others.
Brussel-Smith, The Royal Game -- Chess for Young People
Caldwell, Susan Beginner's Guide to Playing Chess
Colorfully illustrated activity books with step-by-step instructions and tips.
Cardo, Horacio Story of Chess
Through an illustrated story of the creation of chess, this book provides narrative and visual devices for learning the game and remembering the moves.
Carroll, David Make Your Own Chess Set
Introduces the history of chess and chess pieces and gives instructions for making twenty-five different chess sets out of easily available materials.
Castor, Harriet Starting Chess
Lively illustrations of snooty queens, cheeky pawns and wise old kings bring the game to life, while simple diagrams make examples and puzzles clear and easy to follow.
Evans, Larry How Good Is Your Chess?
Readers test their skills against 100 fascinating positions from actual games and must choose the best move among three choices.
Fenton, Robert Chess for You
An introduction to chess explaining the rules, the moves and relative values of the various pieces, and basic game strategy.
Fine, Reuben Teenage Chess Book
Fischer, Bobby Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
Hertan, Charles Power Chess for Kids: Learn How to Think Ahead and Become One of the Best Players in Your School
Learn how to weed out silly moves and just consider a few important ones. Learn the two easiest ways to think one and a half moves ahead.
J794.12 HERTA
Hochberg, Burt Chess Braintwisters
The author...warns the reader from the start anything goes--especially joke creations that flout or even stomp on the laws of chess....
Horowitz, I. A. Chess for Beginners
In this book, I. A. Horowitz, Chess Editor of the "New York Times" and former U.S. Open Champion, applies some of the ideas and convictions acquired from thirty-five years of playing, teaching and analyzing the royal game.
Horowitz, I. A. First Book of Chess
Horowitz, I. A. Picture Guide to Beginner's Chess
In concise language and with clear pictures, Al Horowitz provides all the information the beginner needs to know to play an intelligent chess game.
James, Richard Chess for Kids: How to Play and Win
J794.12 JAMES
Kane, George Frances Chess and Children
Kane, George Frances What's the Next Move?
Presents eighty chess problems, in large diagrams, which represent critical points in a game and challenge the reader to deduce the next move.
Katz, Rosalyn B. Play Better Chess
An introduction to chess strategy, covering basic rules and moves, the strengths and weakness of each piece, open and closed board positions, and advice on getting to checkmate.
Keene, Raymond D. Chess for Absolute Beginners
Keene, Raymond D. Learn Chess Fast!: The Fun Way to Start Smart and Master the Game
Provides instruction in the basics of playing chess, using illustrated explanations, diagrams, stories, and quotations, as well as examples of elementary games and strategies.
Keene, Raymond D. Simon & Schuster Pocket Book of Chess
Describes the game of chess, from the basic moves to strategies for attack and defense, with chapters on the history of the game, great champions, competitions, and computer chess.
Kidder, Harvey Illustrated Chess for Children
Traces the history of chess, describes the pieces and how they move, and discusses the strategy of the game.
Kidder, Harvey Kids' Book of Chess
A direct, lively introduction to the game that's inspired passion and challenge for over 900 years.
King, Daniel Chess: From First Moves to Checkmate
Introduces the rules and strategies of chess, as well as its history and some of the great players and matches.
J794.1 KING, 2010
Langfield, Paul A Picture Guide to Chess
Text and illustrations introduce the principles and strategies of chess.
Leeming, Joseph First Book of Chess
Levin, David H. Chess Puzzles for Children
MacEnulty, David The Chess Kid's Book of Checkmate
Chess teacher MacEnulty relays the rules of checkmate to beginners and young players. Includes step-by-step instructions, with more than 100 diagrams.
Mantell, Paul Chess in Action: From First Attack to Checkmate
In fun and fresh language, this guide helps young chess players imagine themselves as generals of their own armies, warriors geared for the fight. At the same time, it conveys all the basic rules and strategies of the chess game in a clear, straightforward way.
J794.1 MANTE
McLeod, William T. Chess for Young Beginners
Norwood, David Advanced Chess
Colorfully illustrated activity books with step-by-step instructions and tips Chess books cater to all levels of competence
Norwood, David Chess Puzzles
Nottingham, Ted Chess for Children
Uses the revolutionary Lincolnshire system to explain how to play, enjoy, and master chess and recounts anecdotes about notable players in the history of the game.
Nottingham, Ted Winning Chess Piece by Piece
Presents a series of chess puzzles organized around the pieces involved, covering knight, rook, bishop, and queen moves, forks, pins, and sacrifices, and surveying some of the game's grandmasters.
Nottingham, Ted Winning Chess: Tactics & Strategies
Presents tactics and techniques for playing chess, including openings, middlegame and endgame strategies, forks, pins, skewers, and examples from the games of world champions.
Pandolfini, Bruce Square One: The Best Chess Drill Book for Beginners of All Ages
Reinfeld, Fred 101 Chess Problems for Beginners
Reinfeld, Fred Chess for Children
Text, photographs, and diagrams outline the essentials of chess, including basic moves, openings, and game strategies.
Reinfeld, Fred Chess for Young People
Reinfeld, Fred Chess is an Easy Game
Richardson, Martin J. Chess for Children
Explains the aims, rules, tactics and winning moves of chess through simple text, diagrams and illustrations.
Roberts, J.I. White King, Black King
Introduces the fundamentals and game strategies of chess with emphasis on territorial conflict between the two kings.
Root, Alexey W. Children and Chess: A Guide for Educators
Root provides interesting and informative lesson plans but also gives educators the reasons and methods for including chess in their grade 3-8 classrooms.
J794.12 ROOT (Parent Teacher Collection)
Root, Alexey W. Science, Math, Checkmate: 32 Chess Activities for Inquiry and Problem Solving
J794.1 ROOT (Parent Teacher Collection)
Rosenberg, Arthur Chess for Children and the Young at Heart
A step-by-step explanation of the basic principles and strategy of chess.
Sarnoff, Jane The Chess Book
Scharff, Paul Two Kings
Schiller, Eric Whiz Kids Teach Chess
Today's most promising young chess players present a fascinating look at learning chess--complete with a step-by-step primer on basic chess play, large diagrams, and easy-to-understand explanations targeted toward novices under age sixteen.
Seirawan, Yasser Competitive Chess for Kids
Teaches the player of this popular game how to swiftly deliver checkmate.
Smith, Kelvin Chess for Kids
A beautifully illustrated instruction book that teaches the basics of Chess with stories and characters that make learning the game as much fun as playing it.
Snyder, Robert M. Chess for Juniors
Introduces the pieces, rules, opening moves, and basic strategy of chess.
Summerscale, Claire Chess
A chess guide for the 21st century, this book uses computer-generated 3-D illustrations to bring the game to life, teaching readers everything from the strengths and weaknesses of individual pieces to more advanced strategies and techniques.
J794.1 SUMME
Wilson, Fred 202 Checkmates for Children
Provides challenging puzzles intended to sharpen children's chess play and problem solving skills.

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

This list was created and is maintained by Mary Voors.
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