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Parents' Primer: Birth & Babies


Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
KIT J612.6, NO.2 The New Baby. Kits for kids.
Kit includes eight picture books, one DVD, and one parent guide, all intended to help families and siblings welcome a new baby home.
J BOARDBK Sanschagrin, Joceline Caillou: Baby Sister
Caillou is at first jealous of, but then learns to love, his new baby sister.
J BOARDBK LOOK Fuller, Rachel Look at Me!
Growing up with younger brothers or sisters can be challenging at the best of times. But it also brings great rewards. This book helps look at everyday situations and promote discussion to help your toddler understand what being an older child is all
J BOARDBK MULDR Muldrow, Diane Mama, What's in There?
Simple flaps on the mothers' bellies reveal the babies inside.
J BOARDBK MY Fuller, Rachel (Illustrator) My New Baby
J BOARDBK WAITI Fuller, Rachel (Illustrator) Waiting for Baby
The arrival of a new sibling can be a confusing and frustrating time for a toddler. This book offers help to prepare them for the downfalls and delights of having a younger brother or
J BOARDBK WAITI Kubler, Anne (Illustrator) Waiting for Baby
Full-color illustrations show a child helping his parents get ready to welcome a new baby.
J ZALBE Zalben, Jane Breskin Baby Babka: The Gorgeous Genius
Unhappy when her baby sister turns out to be a brother, Beryl schemes with her brother Sam to make the newborn disappear, but Uncle Morty helps by telling stories of the love his big sisters had for him, even when he squirted one with pickle juice and ruined another's doll.
J306.875 Hewitt, Sally Our New Baby
Case studies and helpful advice for kids about how to welcome a new baby brother or sister into their family
J306.8753 Barber, Nicola A New Baby Arrives
Contents: Mom is having a baby -- Getting ready -- Meeting the baby -- Welcoming the baby -- Sharing -- Helping with the baby -- Bath time -- Naming the baby -- First birthday -- Baby words.
J649.10245 DANZI Danzig, Dianne Babies Don't Eat Pizza
J649.122 MURKO Murkoff, Heidi What to Expect When the New Baby Comes Home
Heidi Murkoff, co-author of What to Expect When You're Expecting, explains to a sibling what to expect when the new baby comes home.
JE AMADE Amadeo, Diana M. My Baby Sister Is a Preemie
When her baby sister is born too soon, Sarah does not understand what is going on until a nurse explains the tubes and wires and her mother reminds her that God is with tiny Amy, even in the hospital.
JE ANDRE Andreae, Giles There's a House Inside My Mommy
A young boy eagerly awaits the birth of his brother or sister, while imagining that the baby is in a house inside his mother.
JE ANHOL Anholt, Catherine Sophie and the New Baby
Sophie waits through the seasons of the year for her sibling to be born and then experiences mixed feelings about the new baby.
JE APPEL Appelt, Kathi Brand-New Baby Blues
When a new baby wears her old pajamas, sleeps in her old bed, and seems to get all her parents' attention, a girl's bound to sing the blues.
JE ASHMA Ashman, Linda When I Was King
A young boy describes how he is no longer "king" now that there is a new baby in the house, but then his family helps him enjoy the change.
JE BARON Baronian, Jean-Baptiste Will You Still Love Me?
Polo the polar bear wonders if his parents no longer love him because their attention is focused on his mother's new pregnancy.
JE BERCU Bercun, Brenda I'm Going to Be a Big Brother
Sam's mommy is pregnant and Sam is going to be a big brother. In this story Sam learns about preparing for the new baby's arrival and what it truly means to be a big brother.
JE BERCU Bercun, Brenda I'm Going to Be a Big Sister
Amanda's mommy is pregnant and Amanda is going to be a big sister. In this story Amanda learns about preparing for the new baby's arrival and what it truly means to be a big sister.
JE BONNE Bonnett-Rampersaud, Louise Bubble and Squeak
Bubble helps her mother practice bedtime rituals, such as checking for monsters and reading a favorite book, that Bubble proclaims she has outgrown, but that her baby sister, Squeak, will need when she gets a little older.
JE BOURG Bourgeois, Paulette Franklin's Baby Sister
After what seems like a long wait, the new baby arrives on the same day a seed Franklin planted in school sprouts.
JE BOYD Boyd, Lizi Sam Is My Half Brother
A young girl, fearful that her newborn half brother will get all the attention, is reassured of her father's love.
JE BRADM Bradman, Tony Billy and the Baby
A little boy has plans of his own for a special present for the new baby.
JE BROAC Broach, Elise What the No-Good Baby is Good For
Tired of all the trouble his no-good baby sister causes, John tells his mother the baby has to go and she agrees, but as John packs the baby's suitcase, he realizes there are some things he likes about his sister, too.
JE BUNTI Bunting, Eve Will It Be a Baby Brother?
A little boy is certain that his expectant mother will give birth to a baby brother.
JE BURNI Burningham, John There's Going to Be a Baby
A boy and his mother imagine what their new baby will be like.
JE CARTE Carter, Alden R. Big Brother Dustin
A boy with Down's syndrome helps his parents and grandparents get ready for the birth of his baby sister and chooses the perfect name for her.
JE COLE Cole, Joanna I'm A Big Sister
A girl with a new baby in the house discovers how she can help her parents with the baby.
JE COLE Cole, Joanna I'm a Big Brother
A child eagerly welcomes home his new baby brother.
JE COUSI Cousins, Lucy Za-Za's Baby Brother
Za-Za the zebra must adjust to the arrival of a baby brother.
JE COVIL Coville, Bruce The Lapsnatcher
After he talks with an adult who was once a lapsnatcher, Jacob begins to feel differently about his new baby sister.
JE DAHL Dahl, Michael Another Mouth to Feed
In this humorous story Harvey hears his father refer to the new baby mommy is expecting as "another mouth to feed" and imagines his new silbing as a mouth with deadly sharp teeth who can destroy anything in his path.
JE DANA Dana, Martha No Talk! No Baby!
Ricky Rhinoceros is afraid his mother will no longer love him or have time for him once she has a new baby.
JE DYER Dyer, Jane Little Brown Bear and the Bundle of Joy
When Little Brown Bear learns that his parents are expecting a "bundle of joy", he sets out to discover what that means and is not at all happy with what he learns.
JE ELKIN Elkin, Mark Samuel's Baby
Samuel announces during show-and-tell that he is having a baby and soon his kindergarten classmates are expecting everything from twins to puppies, but while Samuel teaches them how to hold and diaper a newborn, he has some qualms about becoming a big brother.
JE FAGAN Fagan, Cary Book of Big Brothers
A story of a boy who is the youngest of three brothers, who has adventure, fun, mischief and mishaps.
JE FEARN Fearnley, Jan Billy Tibbles Moves Out!
When his little brother Eric moves into his room, Billy Tibbles the cat and his family learn some of the good and bad things about sharing.
JE FEIFF Feiffer, Kate But I Wanted a Baby Brother!
When Oliver gets a baby sister instead of the brother he wanted he tries to figure out how to trade her in for a boy.
JE FRENC French, Vivian Tiger and the New Baby
Tiger cannot understand why everyone is making such a fuss over his new baby sister.
JE GAYDO Gaydos, Nora I'm a New Big Brother
A little birl learns the joys and responsibilities of being big brother for the new baby in her family.
JE GAYDO Gaydos, Nora I'm a New Big Sister
A little girl learns the joys and responsibilities of being big sister for the new baby in her family.
JE GOODM Goodman, Joan Elizabeth Bernard Wants a Baby
Bernard the young elephant hopes for a baby brother and gets more than he wished for.
JE GRAY Gray, Kes Baby on Board
Preparing to be an older sister, a girl reports on the changes in her mother and the developing baby over nine months.
JE HARRI Harris, Robie Mail Harry to the Moon
Harry's older brother, unhappy that the new baby seems to have taken over, dreams up imaginative ways to get rid of him.
JE HARRI Harris, Robie H. Hi, New Baby!
A father recalls his young daughter's first reactions to her new baby brother.
JE HILL Hill, Eric Spot's Baby Sister
Spot is excited to have a new baby sister, Susie, and young readers can see all the things they do together by lifting the flaps.
JE HINES Hines, Anna Grossnickle Big Like Me
A boy tells his baby sister all the things he will show her as she grows, from snow and bouncing high to making faces and blowing out candles.
JE HOLUB Holub, Joan What Can Our New Baby Do?
Future siblings ask lighthearted, interactive questions about what the new baby can do.
JE INCHE Inches, Allison Big Sister Dora!
Adapted from the video. Dora has some really exciting news to tell us: someone new is joining her family! Someone who sleeps in a cradle, drinks from a bottle, wears diapers, and likes to be rocked to sleep. Can you guess who it is? That's right! A baby!
JE JOHNS Johnson, Mo Noah's Garden: When Someone You Love is in the Hospital
In a garden near a hospital, young Noah has imaginary adventures while waiting anxiously with his family for his new baby sister, who has a serious medical condition, to be released.
JE LAING Laing, Kate Best Kind of Baby
When her parents tell her that her mother is expecting a baby, Sophie imagines that she will have a baby mouse or puppy or monkey or dolphin.
JE LANDO Landolf, Diane Wright What a Good Big Brother!
Cameron is always ready to help when his baby sister cries…
JE LANGR Langreuter, Jutta Little Bear Is a Big Brother
Little Bear is excited about the new baby his family is expecting, until his friends at Bear Kindergarten tell him all the bad changes that the baby will make in his life.
JE LONDO London, Jonathan Froggy's Baby Sister
Froggy hoped for a brother to play with so he is disappointed with his new baby sister, Pollywogilina, but only until she is old enough to start learning from her big brother.
JE LOOK Look, Lenore Henry's First-Moon Birthday
A young girl helps her grandmother for the traditional Chinese celebration to welcome her new baby brother.
JE MICHE Michels-Gualtieri, Zaydek G. I Was Born to Be a Brother
A boy who is "born to be a brother" describes how he likes to teach his sister what he knows and how, though he sometimes loses patience with her, he realizes that she is the "best sister in the whole wide world."
JE MORRI Morris, Richard T. Bye-Bye, Baby!
Felix does not like his new baby sister and thinks his parents should take her back, until a trip to the zoo makes him realize that she might not be as bad as he thought.
JE RHEIN Rheingrover, Jean Sasso Veronica's First Year
Nine-year-old Nathan helps welcome his baby sister, who has Down's syndrome, into the family and eagerly anticipates the day when she will be able to ride his tricycle.
JE ROSEN Rosenberry, Vera Vera's Baby Sister
The arrival of Vera's new baby sister makes her feel displaced, so her grandfather helps create a special spot, just for her.
JE ROUSS Rouss, Sylvia My Baby Brother: What a Miracle!
Sarah does not understand why everyone says that her new baby brother is a miracle, but then, on the day of his bris (circumcision), she takes another look at him.
JE RUSSO Russo, Marisabina Hannah's Baby Sister
Hannah, who is sure that the new baby in her family is going to be a girl, eagerly looks forward to having a little sister.
JE SALTZ Saltzberg, Barney Cornelius P. Mud, Are You Ready for Baby?
"There's a new baby in the house. Is Cornelius P. Mud ready…?"--front flap.
JE SCHEI Scheidl, Gerda Marie Tommy's New Sister
Tommy is unhappy about the arrival of his new baby sister Wendy and tries to find a way to get rid of her, but eventually he changes his mind.
JE SCHIN Schindel, John Frog Face: My Little Sister & Me
A girl describes the joys and frustrations of living with her little sister.
JE SCHOT Schotter, Roni The House of Joyful Living
A young girl loves her busy, crowded apartment building where neighbors enjoy spending time together in the roof garden, but she becomes very jealous when the new baby her mother is expecting takes attention away from herself.
JE SHELD Sheldon, Annette Big Brother Now: A Story about Me and Our New Baby
JE SHELD Sheldon, Annette Big Sister Now: A Story about Me and Our New Baby
"A little girl gets used to sharing her parents with her baby brother and realizes there are some benefits to being a big sister now. Includes a note to parents."--Provided by publisher.
JE SHIEL Shields, Brooke Welcome to Your World, Baby
A little girl welcomes her new baby sister home from the hospital and takes joy in telling and showing her all the activities and experiences they will share.
JE SHIPT Shipton, Jonathan Baby Baby Blah Blah Blah!
When her parents tell her that they are expecting a baby, Emily sets to work on a list of pros and cons.
JE SNYDE Snyder, Carol One Up, One Down
Katie is so busy helping to take care of her new twin brothers, she does not notice she has grown as well.
JE SULLI Sullivan, Sarah Dear Baby, Letters From Your Big Brother
Starting before she is even born, Mike writes letters to his baby sister telling her what it is like to be her older brother.
JE SULLI Sullivan, Sarah Once Upon a Baby Brother
Lizzie, who loves to tell and write stories, is surprised to discover that much of her storytelling inspiration comes from her messy baby brother.
JE THIEL Thiel, Annie Chloe's New Baby Brother
"Chloe's new baby brother is coming home from the hospital! Until today, Chloe didn't have any brothers or sisters, so she doesn't know what to expect..."--Back cover.
JE WEEKS Weeks, Sarah Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth!
A disgruntled big sister reveals unpleasant facts about babies.
JE WENIN Weninger, Brigitte Will You Mind the Baby, Davy?
Davy, formerly the youngest in the Rabbit family, is not happy about the arrival of a new baby, but he is surprised at what happens when he holds her for the first time.
JE WHYBR Whybrow, Ian A Baby for Grace
When her parents bring home their new baby, Grace must adjust to a new presence in the household.
JE WIGER Wigersma, Tanneke Baby Brother
Mia writes a letter to her grandmother with all the details of her dog having puppies and, by the way, her mother also had a baby brother.
JE WOJTO Wojtowycz, David Claude's Big Surprise
After Claude's snowy vacation, his parents have promised him a surprise. But he has a surprise for them, too!
JE WOODS Woodson, Jacqueline Pecan Pie Baby
Gia is tired of everyone making a fuss over the "ding-dang baby" in mommy's belly. Appropriate for single moms as there is no mention of a father.
JE YORK York, Sarah Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of, 1959- Michael and His New Baby Brother
Michael meets his baby brother and finds that he enjoys the new addition to the family. Includes note to parents.
JER HOOKS Hooks, William H. Mr. Big Brother
Eli is disappointed when the new baby in his family is a little sister rather than the brother he had expected.
JER HILLE Hillert, Margaret I Need You, Dear Dragon
Dear Dragon feels somewhat rejected when his master's new baby sister comes home from the hospital, but love and reassurance put things right.
S JE LEMAS Le Masne, Christophe La Hermanita de Tom
Tom learns to love his new baby sister. (En español.)
S JE STUVE Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie La muñeca de Elizabeti
When a young Tanzanian girl gets a new baby brother, she finds a rock, which she names Eva, and makes it her baby doll. (En español.)
S JE WENIN Weninger, Brigitte Dany, ¿quieres cuidar a tu hermanita?
Davy, formerly the youngest in the Rabbit family, is not happy about the arrival of a new baby, but he is surprised at what happens when he holds her for the first time. (En español.)


DVD J155.443 HEY Hey, What about Me?
Shows what to expect with a baby at home by watching three children and their baby brothers and sisters. Demonstrates games, lullabies, and bouncing rhymes that can be done with a baby.
DVD J306.85 THREE Sesame Street: Three Bears and a New Baby
Everyone knows the story of the Three Bears, so what happens when Mama, Papa and Baby Bear are expecting a new cub in the family?
DVD JE ARTHU Arthur's Baby
Arthur isn't sure he is happy about the new baby in the family, but when his sister asks for his help in handling the baby, Arthur feels much better. Also includes the stories D.W.'s Baby and Arthur Babysits.
DVD JE CAILL Big Brother Caillou
DVD JE CLIFF Clifford: The New Baby on the Block
There's a new baby on the block, and Clifford is looking for ways to make the fun bigger, better, and redder than ever before!
DVD JE DORA Dora the Explorer: Big Sister Dora
Dora has some really exciting news to tell us: someone new is joining her family! Someone who sleeps in a cradle, drinks from a bottle, wears diapers, and likes to be rocked to sleep. Can you guess who it is? That's right! A baby!
DVD JE THAT That New Animal
The lives of two dogs change after a new animal, a baby, comes to their house.
SFTW J372.21 MEET Meet Blue's Baby Brother
Explore Puppyville with Blue & his baby brother.


  • University of Michigan Health System: YourChild Development and Behavior Resources
    Resource to help parents prepare their child for the birth of a sibling.

  • Bright Futures Tool for Families: Helping Siblings Adjust to the New Baby
    Resource to help parents prepare their child for the birth of a sibling.

  • KidsHealth: Preparing Your Child for a New Sibling
    Resource to help parents prepare their child for the birth of a sibling.

  • KidsHealth: Welcoming a New Baby into Your Family
    Information for kids about welcoming home a new sibling.

  • If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

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